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Celebrate "Human Achievement Hour"

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has launched a campaign in response to the Earth Hour.
The event is called Human Achievement Hour which the institute has deemed to take place between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 28th.
In an effort to pay tribute to the people who keep our lights on and produce the energy that helps make human achievement possible, C.E.I. urges people to keep their lights on when governments, corporations, and individuals will turn their lights off for Earth Hour.
I have no problem with private conservation efforts nor do I have a problem with people who want to sit in the dark or participate in events like Earth Hour or Earth Day.
What I do have a problem with are organizations and individuals who subscribe to the anti-life efforts of environmental groups to the point where they wish to influence government policy with world-wide campaigns, like Earth Hour, in hopes of influencing public policy geared to curb natural occurrences, such as greenhouse gases, at the point of a gun.
Environmental groups have the right to conduct their activities but they have no moral right to force their views down my throat anymore than I have the right to force my views down theirs.
However, it is not individuals, like myself, nor groups, like C.E.I., who are looking to force our views on anyone. We cannot since capitalism and individual rights are the result of spontaneous efforts of people to further their own lives free from the coercion of others and government would be limited to protecting innocent individuals from force or fraud.
We wish to restrain government so it is limited to activities that will protect and preserve the rights of an individual. Every individual.
It is the environmentalists who look to government and other forms of force and fraud, like burning houses down, so that people submit to their collective will.
I also equally have the right to participate in events, like Human Achievement Hour, to demonstrate my rejection of their causes and philosophy.
Kudos to the Competitive Enterprise Institute for Human Achievement Hour and I especially applaud the efforts of Christopher Horner for his tireless efforts in rebutting the science and activities of environmental groups and their allies, like Al Gore.
I am reading Chris Horner's book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism and, so far, it is very good!
Meantime, I hope that you will join me in participating in this effort.
I can think of no better occasion than Human Achievement Hour to celebrate the achievements of mankind and the progress we have made to make civilization as we know it in the west and, simultaneously, openly reject the anti-life, anti-human efforts of the environmentalist movement.