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Final exam questions about immigration, multiculturalism, diversity, anarchy, and gun bans

Final exam questions about immigration, multiculturalism, diversity, anarchy, and
gun bans


By Craig J. Cantoni

April 3, 2009


Below is a final exam for liberals, conservatives, and libertarians that will test their core beliefs about immigration, multiculturalism, diversity, anarchy, and gun bans.  Warning:  This is very politically incorrect.  It’s also factual.  In other words, it meets the mainstream media’s two conditions for keeping the information from the American public.


1. What part of the world has the highest incidence of polygamy, of men raping underage girls without being punished, and of men forcing their rape victims to marry them?


a. Colorado City, Ariz.

b. Catholic seminaries

c. Countries with Islamic fundamentalism

d. The Sierra Madre Mountains, which begin near the Ariz. border and extend 900 miles into Mexico


Correct answer:  d


2. Where is the homicide rate the highest, where are humans hunted for sport, where do women far outnumber men because so many men have been killed, and where do men walk around with AK-47 rifles and even sell grenade launchers, although the government has a strict ban on firearms?


a. Detroit

b. Newark

c. Sarah Palin’s Alaska, as imagined by Upper Eastside Democrats

d. The Sierra Madre Mountains


Correct answer:  d


3.  Before evil Europeans invaded the place, where did the natives practice cannibalism, and where, even today, are the natives barbaric, uncivilized, and uninterested in becoming educated?


a. Wall Street

b. Martha’s Vineyard

c. The US Congress

d. The Sierra Madre Mountains


Correct answer:  d


4. Where are drug lords in control, where are the police non-existent or totally corrupt, where did the US War on Drugs make things worse, where did misguided US policy under George W. Bush result in arming the corrupt police with even more firepower, and where is there anarchy -- that is, the absence of government that the anarchist wing of the Libertarian Party thinks is so great?


a. South Los Angeles

b. Afghanistan

c. A Grateful Dead concert

d. The Sierra Madre Mountains


Correct answer:  d


5. Where do many people emigrate from and sneak across the US border to get to Phoenix, where they arrive with their disdain for education, violent ways, lack of skills, and misogynous views?


a. Canada

b. Ireland

c. China

d. The Sierra Madre Mountains


Correct answer:  d


6. What culture is honored by American multiculturalists, and what people are put on a pedestal in diversity classes and given special consideration in college admissions and government contracts?


a. The culture and people of Florence

b. The culture and people of France

c. The culture and people of Iowa

d. The culture and people of Mexico, including the Sierra Madre Mountains


Correct answer:  d


How’d you do on the test?  If you liked the test, more information can be found in God’s Middle Finger, a great read by Richard Grant, an award-winning travel writer from Tucson, Ariz., who traveled the length of the Sierra Madre and almost didn’t live to write about it.


He began his journey full of compassion and respect for other cultures.  After journeying into a real-life dystopia and being hunted like an animal by barbarians, he ends the book as follows:


I drove out of the [southern end of the Sierra Madre] mountains and then north across the plains and deserts and I didn’t stop driving for fifteen hours until I was in striking distance of the U.S. border.  I was ready to write about celebrity bathroom fixtures for a living, designer footwear, what your window treatments say about you.  Some other fool could go into Sinaloa [ Mexico].  I never wanted to set foot in the Sierra Madre again.  The mean drunken hillbillies who lived up there could all feud themselves into extinction and burn in hell.  I was out of courage, out of patience, out of compassion.  They were sons of their whoring mothers, who had been fornicating with dogs.  [The last sentence is a popular insult in the Sierra Madre.]


The author didn’t end with a comment about US immigration policy, so I will.  US immigration policy was developed by sons of their whoring mothers, who had been fornicating with dogs.



An author and columnist, Mr. Cantoni can be reached at ccan2@aol.com.


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Comment by Brock Lorber (11655)
Entered on:
Wow. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Drug cartels, corrupt cops, conditions created by or otherwise unpreventable by government, militarization of government police, individuals escaping those conditions unchecked by two governments, and a disastrous drug war is somehow a creation of anarchy?

The answer is, what? More government? More and tougher law enforcement and stiffer penalties? Genocide?

The authoritarian sociopath Party's answer to routing a perceived barbarian collective is to become more of a barbaric collective?

Good luck with that.

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
Entered on:

I think these questions were plagiarized from the Sinaloa Tourism Authority brochure. ;-) lol