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The Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic - a Demonstration by the Taliban

Consider the following scenario as it played out last week in a democratic form of government i.e. Afghanistan. Then consider the same scenario playing out here in American - not a democracy, but a republic.


Scenario 1 (Democracy):

Men everywhere in Afghanistan convince their wives that today is a good day to stay at home, take care of the kids, clean the house, do household chores etc. meanwhile the men sneak out of the house unnoticed and run down to the polls to cast their vote for a new bill that will require their wives to give up their bodies for the husband’s sexual pleasure every four days.
The men wait eagerly while the votes come in. They are filled with elation when the final tally comes in and the vote has passed. It is now become law. Not so exited, the women realize that they have been tricked and that they should have been out at the polls in full force. Unfortunately the men also voted to no longer allow women to vote. Too bad so sad. I guess we know where the women are going to be every four days from now on. If only the men wouldn’t have also voted to prevent their wives from divorcing them.

Scenario 2 (Republic):

Men in America everywhere convince their wives that today is the day to stay at home and spend time with the kids. Some buy their wives all-day passes to a local resort and spa. They try anything to keep their wives distracted. Meanwhile they sneak out of the house and run down to the polls and vote for a new law that will require women to give up their bodies every four days for their husband’s sexual pleasure.
To their dismay and glee, the votes come in; the measure passes, and becomes law. The wives have no fear, however, because they know that they live in America the only great republic in the world. As the first husband begins to enforce the new law on his wife, he quickly finds himself locked up in a jail cell while also facing criminal charges. Why? He asks himself, after all, he voted for the new law and it passed. He then realizes that it’s because this is America, a republic form of government, where no amount of voting can ever take away one’s individual liberties. In spite of the new law, he finds himself facing serious penalty because he has violated another’s personal freedom.
Women – isn’t it great to live in a republic?      
New Afghanistan law allows men to demand sex from wife every 4 days:
Are we sure we want to spill American blood to spread democracy to the world?

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