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Request for RV couple for summer adventure coast to coast of 2009

Dear RV folks,

Join us in a unique coast to coast adventure this summer in your RV.

RE:  Bicycle Coast to Coast for Sustainable Population Ride Summer 2009, San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC.  Instead of reading the news; become the news! Start June 3rd to August 23, 2009

Do you want to see 100 million people added to this country in 26 years?

We have our bicycle team in place. Two women and three men! We have our website being readied.  We have our funds to make it happen.  We have our itinerary being set. 

We will interview on 100 TV stations and 100 newspapers to bring into focus that the USA, if it continues on its current path, will add 100 million people to this country in the next 26 years.

We expect to alert the nation as to the ramifications of adding 100 million people: water shortages, energy crisis, climate destabilization, gridlock, crowding, quality of life issues, species extinctions, resource decline and more.

However, we need you to become the media RV team single or couple.

We need an RV, any size that sleeps 2 to 4. The cyclists will camp out.  We will pay fuel, tires, oil changes, tune up and insurance for 3 months. We would like one driver we pay $20.00 food expenses daily or a couple $40.00 for food that want to experience this amazing trip across the USA.  Retired folks, retired military, or anyone who would donate the vehicle for the summer.  We have a driver if no folks can drive, but we need the RV.  It’s the linchpin for the ride.

Please inquire with all your friends, neighbors or anyone who might like to be a part of this ride or donate their RV for three months.  Please contact:   Frosty Wooldridge, Denver,CO Ph. 303 666 6186

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