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The Immorality of the "Two State Solution"

President Obama is not only increasing the U.S.'s meddling in Afghanistan but also is vying to expand his interference in middle eastern affairs.
The President is making moves to convince Israel to accept the so-called Two State Solution where Jews and Palestinian arabs would territorially co-exist.
While the details have to be worked out, what could develop is a situation similar to the 1947 U.N. partition plan that existed prior to Jewish leaders declaring the State of Israel and won the 1948 war that lead to Israel's present-day territorial boundaries.
Prior to the official declaration by Jews of the formation of Israel and their going to war with Palestinian Muslim arabs backed by Muslim-dominated countries in the region, its a well known fact that the Muslim arabs in the area made it publicly known they were going to exterminate the Jews.
Ever since the Arab-Israeli War, Israel has had to fight numerous wars of self defense against her enemies who have the backing of 21 arab dictatorships hostile to the country's existence and Israel has been constantly attacked by terrorists trained by Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad who are funded by surrounding Muslim countries such as Iran.
The land Israel is occupying was captured in a war that its Muslim dominated neighbors initiated and she has the moral right to control the land acquired since Israel has a right to defend herself against attack.
The Arab-Israeli conflict is really a philosophical and moral battle between those who value individual freedom and those who do not.
On the arab side are forces that subscribe to mysticism, medieval tribalism, terrorism and dictatorship. On the other are those who side with reason, individualism, and capitalism if not outright civilization itself.
Unlike its neighbors who are made up of theocracies and dictatorships, Israel has a market economy with a vibrant trade sector, a parliamentary democracy with free elections, an independent court system along with institutional protections for private property rights.
Only a state based on political and economic freedom has any semblance of moral legitmacy. The established dictatorships surrounding Israel or anywhwere have no legal or moral right to exist.
Nor does a dictatorship's citizens (in this case Palestinian Muslims) have any legitimate right to the land that encompasses Israel since many Muslim arabs who lived there gave up their land in order to join the fight against Israel and, therefore, have given up any claim to it.
The rightful owners of the land in question are those that have developed it. A standard that was used for homesteaders when the western United States was being settled.
In this case, those who have a legitimate claim to the land are the Israelis (Jewish or arab) who remained to developed it and help industrialize the country.
By continuing to give in to pressures exterted by the U.S. to make concessions to groups who support the Palestinian cause Israel continues down a path to jeopardize its moral right to exist.
Simultaneously, Israeli-Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu should reject any concessions toward recognizing any Palestinian state.
The moral bankruptcy of the Obama Administration and the left's capitulation to so-called human rights concerns for Palestinian Muslims turns a blind eye to the true intent of Palestinian groups like Hamas: the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of Israel.
President Barack Obama should keep his nose out of middle eastern affairs and it is wrong for him to side with Israel's enemies who want nothing more than the destruction of Israel and the western values it and the United States stand for.
His support the so-called plight of Palestinian Muslims is grounded in the left's self-sacrificial ethic of the concern for the welfare of others at the expense of individual rights and the ability to live.
The affairs of the middle east are complex but, ultimately, come down to which country has the moral and ethical right to exist.
In this case, it is clearly Israel.
Israel wants to be left alone while her autocratic neighbors work for the country's demise.

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
Entered on:

Finally, someone who understands that a so-called two-state solution isn**Q**t a solution. When Israel was created, the U.N. also set aside a huge territory meant for the Palestinians--it**Q**s called Jordan. The U.N. left two small tracts **QQ**unassigned.**QQ** Funny how no Arab country wants either Gaza or the West Bank. Or that Palestinians, when given the opportunity, never can agree on a separate country...because what they want is the country of Israel. After all, why go to the trouble of properly establishing a functioning country and government when you can take over someone else**Q**s?

Comment by Mike Renzulli
Entered on:
I doubt the IDF would take me due to my age. However, I have not seen any credible evidence that Israel is a **QQ**terrorist state**QQ**. However, if you would present it I would be interested in reading it.

The claims made about Israel**Q**s human rights abuses are coming from their critics who are mainly radical Islamists and their sympathizers (some of whom are Jewish - go figure) who have a vested interest in destroying the country**Q**s credibility with the end goal of killing the Jews.

However, am I to take your comments that you are a potential candidate to fight with Hamas or Hezbollah?

If not, I would suggest you or Stephen Lendman go live there for a while and see how they trat Jews and non-Muslims. If you survive, then live in Israel and decide which of the two places you would rather live.

Comment by Freed Radical
Entered on:
You are right--The US should stay out of Israel**Q**s affairs. Israel is a terrorist state, and the US taxpayers should stop sending them money or weapons. Let all those psychos in the Middle East fight it out for themselves. If you are so gung ho for one side or the other, the IDF will be happy to sign you up on their side where you can terrorize innocent civilians to your heart**Q**s content.


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