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The Editorial I Wrote When Speaker Pelosi Bungled On Presidential “Signing Statement”

      Error-prone Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s innocence [oops! I bungled … “innocence” is the misspelled word of ignorance – or is it spelled innuendo?] -- on the latest CIA waterboarding report, jet log  and “Signing Statement” are wet and damp. 

      Let’s forget waterboarding and her military jumbo jet ride from Congress to California and back.  These slip-ups are too wet with lies and too damp and soggy with acrobatic excuses!  It makes readers yawn; it humidifies the spirit to sleep because such sweaty and clammy reading materials are so stupidly boring!

      Here’s the editorial exposing Pelosi’s greatest fear of presidential “signing statements”. I call it her booboo brand of speakership.

      Conservablogs NN&V considered this editorial “signing statement” piece “excellent”.  But americanchronicle.com removed it when a new radical left-leaning liberal staff took over the publication’s editorial management. The Democrats’ agenda on political correctness received too much strong adverse criticisms and one more devastating flak created a gaping hole on the side of Pelosi’s sinking boat in Congress.


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