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Iran Today America Tomorrow - Americans it is time to awake it is time to come out of the slumber.

Hello Americans I am here to tell you that you hold your own fate and way of life in the palm of your hands. You are under the ever watchful eye of an ever increasing tyrannical government.Many of us have been told that our actions are traitorous and un-American why because we support the people because we support the Constitution. I’m here to tell you people that are asleep that you are the traitors you that stand idly by while our freedoms are stripped from us are the un-Americans.

Yet today Barack Hussein Obama and members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives and the mainstream media condemn the attacks on Iranians right of free speech the physical abuse and executions of those that speak out for freedom in Iran Yet in our own country today the mainstream media which serves as nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the Whitehouse and the globalists along with our elected representatives continue to push for legislation and various

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Well, said.  However, the problem is that the people who frequent this site are not the ones who need to be warned:  we shook the shackles and woke up from the stupor.  However, there are at least 85% out there, talking to invisible dudes in the sky, watching 'reality' TV or sports & doing their drug of choice who are too stupid, blind, complacent, apathetic and sheepish to see what's coming.  They are the ones we need to target, however, the Rush Limbaughs, Bill O'Reilly's, et al have their attention. 

The sad thing is that, while you watch people fighting back & rebeling to ascert their rights in third-world countries, the only thing Americans can do is go shopping, turn on the TV louder & stick  a Jesus fish in the back of their SUVs. 

Americans will get what Americans deserve!


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