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War were declared.

Sorry  to put things in hyperbolic terms, but I had to get some attention. The young leaders in the movement are temporarily freaking out. And they  are doing it for the exact same reasons we did when we were young activists.
Guys, you tell me right or wrong, any of you that know me know not to tell me I'm wrong to my face because you know you have a fight coming. But I ain't here to fight this time. So put down the chairs. I ain't gonna hurt you this time, I promise.
See there's just a couple of things. Many of you young leaders got brought into the movement when we were at a hight point. We were unified around Ron Paul, we were all pulling in the same direction.
Kids, it took us 30 years to reach that point. It's not always this love-fest. In fact it's not usually this love fest. In fact it's practically never like this.
In fact, it's never happened before. Ever. Ask any O.G. in the movement. It's really never been better than this.
If you think there is acrimony in the movement now, you should have just seen us back in the day. Children, we couldn't agree upon where to have lunch. You wonder why they called us "paleoconservatives" back in the day? It wasn't ideology. We used clubs to beat each other senseless.
Kids, this is the bad news. You want to be an activist? I mean you truly want to be an activist? Can we talk you out of it?
Because you stand to loose everything and get mocked by the people you love. You want money? This isn't the place to get it. You want acclaim or love without sacrifice? Run kittens. Run a mile and don't look back.
If  you desire punishment for about 5 or 10 years and if you can take it and you can look back and see who is still standing and holding your hand, then kittens, you know what it is like to be an activist.
For our mission is to run and not be tired. No big deal right? How far do we have to run?
However far it takes.
This is something I'm gonna tell you young people. Some of us elders have been running for so long it's all we remember. So if we every actually get there, you are going to have to slap us across the face and say "you can stop running now pop, we're home". You might have to tie us down with ropes.
Hey, what I see is you kids are so hard on each other and yourselves. Hey man, all we had to deal with was a trans-generational enemy of almost unlimited power.This is pretty small stuff compared to what you have to deal with.
So I'm gonna share with you one of our ultimate secret weapons. Truth is I wanted to share this with you for a long time but you had to grow up a bit.
Our ultimate weapon is love and understanding.
Our nuclear option is forgiveness.
Never underestimate yourself, your power and never underestimate the power of forgiveness.
-Oyate miyelo.

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Kick ass Man!  When we fall into hate and fear we become no better than the overlords.  This is what they preach Fear, Fear, Fear.  without Fear the overlords have no power at all.

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