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Activism or Adaptation?

   The collapse of the Minneapolis I-35 Bridge in 2007 was an unfortunate but excellent metaphor for the future of the America’s economy and the impending collapse of the American way of life.

   Americans are amazingly resilient human beings. Our people have adapted to wars, natural disasters, economic recessions and depressions, the arrival of tens of millions of illegal immigrants, rampant political corruption and whole host of other problems. And still, America marched on. However, the present challenges facing the American people are unprecedented and overwhelming.

   Whether one drives through St. Louis and witnesses the massive rows of factories which are now closed, or one comes to realize that there no major retail grocery stores left in Detroit, there is no denying that severe hardship and pain lie in our present and immediate future. You can bet that the pain will not be universally felt. The bankers, the corporate CEO’s and the public union bosses won't be suffering any cuts in pay, bonuses or benefits. Neither will municipal and state administration officials because this is a wealth re-distribution scheme and these people are the beneficiaries. Oh yes, there may be symbolic cutbacks of governmental and corporate excesses for appearances sake, but nothing to significant. The people most at risk in these meaningless cuts will be the sanitation workers, librarians, custodians, teachers, secretaries and maintenance personnel. These people actually serve the public interest, but they will be the first to go.  

   To make ends meet, we are soon going to see the wholesale sell off of American infrastructure similar to what is going with the complete toll road conversion of the Texas highway system and its subsequent take over by Spain’s King, Juan Carlos, and his company, Cintra. Soon, in another desperate attempt to avoid governmental insolvency, prohibitively expensive toll roads will be in place nearly everywhere Americans travel.

   Out of economic desperation, local municipalities will begin the sell-off of their local water and power companies to foreign entities. This will be followed by dramatic rate increases which will, due to the lack of local governmental accountability, make watching television and taking showers a luxury reserved for the rich and famous.

   American streets will soon be littered with trash as the two-times-a-week trash pickup is cut to “whenever we can get to it” due to a lack of resources.

   The continued dumbing down of our public education system as cutbacks increase and this will result in fewer school days and much larger class sizes due to teacher cutbacks. If one thinks that America will educate and then “innovate” its way out of the present economic crisis, think again.

   Unemployment will rise to much greater levels than in the 1930’s. In the 1930’s, American had an economic surplus and a favorable trade balance. Most Americans, in 1929, were not wallowing in an average of $13,000 of personal credit card debt. The country was not $10 trillion dollars in debt. Debt is the antithesis to economic growth and Americans have an unwavering addiction to debt. There simply is not the available supply of liquidity to fund any kind of economic recovery.

   We are already seeing the early warning signs of a total economic collapse. Americans are eating out and vacationing far less than they did a year ago. New clothing and second car purchases are down and we are living in a time of record home foreclosures with the commercial crash just around the corner. The cosmetic economics cutbacks by the middle class can only sustain America’s newest disadvantaged group for so long. Many middle class households will be forced to sell everything and move into storage lockers or RV’s. Soon, most Americans will come to realize that all is lost

   To those readers who are familiar with the tenets of Agenda 21, we will soon see the most radical parameters of this United Nations legislation put into place. We are already witnessing President Obama giving his tacit approval to contract the geographic size of dozens of American cities through the razing of thousands of buildings and the herding of local residents into more densely populated centers. The idea emanates from Dan Kildee as he states that he will focus on the contraction of 50 cities which were identified in a recent study by the Brookings Institution as “to shrink substantially to cope with their declining fortunes.” Kildee outlined his strategy to Obama during the election campaign and he has now been approached by representatives of the President to put his plan into action. In Detroit, Michigan, the plan calls for the razing of several thousand buildings and followed by separating the city into several sections separated by large fields (i.e., biodiversity zones). The thumb print of the globalists, who are engineering this economic coup de tat, is undeniable.

   In an effort to stay afloat, local governments have already begun fleecing Americans through such revenue raising strategies as photo radar and increased parking and permitting fees. When these strategies fail to generate sufficient revenue streams, local governments will dramatically increase the size and scope of taxes. This will culminate in a massive series of tax rebellions and outright civil disobedience. NORTHCOM will finally get to put its riot suppression training to work as Homeland Security will feel compelled to implement the military controls which are already lying in wait.

   Not even martial law will be able to stem the coming hunger riots which will lead to massive violence as has happened in many smaller countries. America will soon be the largest country to have a complete economic collapse with the loss of basic services such as food delivery, medical services, police and fire protection and the delivery of power and water. The degree of suffering will be on an unprecedented scale.

   This fall of America can be likened to the famous analogy of the boiled frog in which the temperature of the water is increased slowly enough that the frog will never notice that it is being boiled alive. The American middle class might actually have become resentful and angry enough to pick up the political pitchforks as we are seeing in Iran in response to their election fraud, if the changes were swift and noticeable. However, with six corporations controlling 99+% of the media, Americans were spoon fed the messages that the purveyors of the American economic collapse want you to see and hear as they propagandized the middle class with same old messages consisting of “Things will get better, this is just another economic cycle, recovery is right around the corner, etc.,” Regardless of the excuse, America failed to act when it had the chance. Subsequently, adaptation to the impending changes may constitute the best chance for individual survival.

   The Arizona Republic is not a paper known for either journalistic objectivity or integrity. The paper is frequently out of touch with the community that it purports to serve. However, in a moment of rare insight and timely reporting, the June 23rd edition of the Republic ran a front page article in which it detailed how an increasing number of Phoenix residents are entering into a survivalist mentality due to an increasing level of fear related to America’s future. The fears are generally unfocused and nonspecific. Allow me to bring some clarity to how I believe that these calamities are going to commence.

   This fall we will undoubtedly witness history repeating itself as we begin to see a run on the banks and a resulting bank holiday in response to an ever-increasing number of bank failures. If one is going to adequately prepare for the coming train wreck, now is the time and there is not much time left.


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