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This past week in Denver and cities across America, men and women walked, marched, biked and hiked to cure cancer.  Cancer survivors spoke, cheered and prayed.  Supporters waved banners and held pink ribbons.  Last weekend in Frisco, Colorado, countless women marched 15 miles to Breckenridge, Colorado to raise money to find a cure for cancer. Americans run triathlons to stop cancer.  Lance Armstrong rides in the Tour de France next month to bring more attention to the ravages of cancer.


Worldwide, in excess of 12 million humans contract cancer annually with seven million dying. Experts expect those figures to double by 2030.  Lung cancer, caused by tobacco, killed 100 million people in the last century and experts expect it to kill 1.0 billion humans in the 21st century.


All forms of cancer remain the second leading cause of death within the USA.


Unfortunately, no amount of marching or raising money to stop cancer will ever prevent the disease. It stems from aberrant cell behavior--cancer cells--overpowering the immune system within the body, to feed off and finally kill off the host organism.


Not a major factor in human deaths before 1950 in the United States, cancer began its methodical march toward dominating the death charts in the last half of the 20th century. While the death rates rose, experts never made the connection.


Cigarette companies downplayed and suppressed studies showing their products, both smoking and chewing, caused lung and throat cancers.  Highly addictive, a pack of Marlboros today pack a heck of a death wallop! But 50 million Americans continue smoking and chewing.  Nearly a half million of them die annually.  Such self-carnage cannot be explained.


As to breast and other cancers, most people and experts ignore the obvious: our nation poisons the air, water and land with 72,000 chemicals 24/7.  Additionally, we create another 2,000 chemicals annually.  Scientists inspect only two percent of those chemicals for long term toxicity. 


We spray deadly chemicals on our foods, into our water systems and dump it into our oceans. Note that a 10,000 square mile ‘dead zone’ at the mouth of the Mississippi River grows with so many chemicals that vertebrate marine life cannot survive.   No fish from our lakes, streams or oceans can be considered safe to eat.  We inject or include, according to the FDA, nine different chemicals into beef, pork and chickens. 

Those growth hormones, anti-fungal products, anti-bacterials and other arrays of chemicals create havoc within the human body when eaten along with that succulent steak or burger!


Additionally, processed foods in cans, boxes and bags include a cesspool of chemicals, food dyes, false sugars like aspartame, MSG and worse.  Many food products contain preservatives that keep them on the shelves for months. Think what those chemicals do to your stomach and tissue.


Millions breath toxic air with every breath in our overloaded, overpopulated and gridlocked cities.  Experts show that the average tap water carries three to five different chemicals from acid rain.  Additionally, our production of hormones and other unnatural chemicals cannot be filtered out of water.  When you drink it, you injest whatever consequences. All of it un-natural to Mother Nature.


In a brilliant book by Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., LIVING DOWNSTREAM, she chronicles how the chemical companies created Agent Orange and other chemicals for war, but decided to use them for civilian application.  Most Americans trusted the chemical companies with pesticides, insecticides and poisons like Dawn dishwashing soap, Lysol or Clorox, but those chemicals not only absorb through your skin when washing dishes or clothes, they absorb into your lung tissue when you breathe the fumes.


Dow Chemical poisoned the lakes and rivers along with paper companies like Kimberly-Clark with a Pandora’s Box of chemicals for 40 years without allowing the public to notice. In not for Greenpeace and other activists, those companies would consider all of us collateral damage.


Another aspect of cancer little noticed among Americans stems from their massive and growing obesity. Over 150 million Americans register too much poundage on the scales. Chemicals collect  and ‘simmer’ in the adipose tissue. Those chemicals play on the body chemistry. Again, cancer cells love a weakened body and they love ‘acidic ph’ levels which most Americans register because of their horrible eating practices of fast foods and processed junk in cans, boxes and jars. 


Another book by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson, EMPTY HARVEST, illustrates the ‘cotton candy’ content of the foods we eat from factory farming.  The USDA presented a study whereby a plate of spinach in 1949 now needs 72 plates of spinach to equal the same micro-nutrient value.  Oil based fertilizers coerce crops to grow, but they grow without the micro-nutrients of a century ago when top soil contained all the nutrients for a healthy life.  No wonder people keep eating so much because their bodies starve for those micro-nutrients.


Thus, will we ever discover a cure for cancer?  If we continue on our poisonous path, not a chance!  Will we return to organic farming, no chemicals, clean air and pure foods?  Doubtful! 


This new and highly disastrous food paradigm, or you might call it a ‘culture’, grips the throat of America like a cancer cell and won’t let loose.  Most Americans prove too lazy, too unaware and too stupid to change toward a healthy lifestyle and eating paradigm.


Therefore, cancer continues its march into the 21st century with millions and even a billion being sacrificed along the path.  For the few, the smart and the resourceful, country living, fresh air, clean water and organic food may allow a healthy lifespan.






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Comment by Mark Pickens
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Mr. Wooldridge's article makes sense if we assume technology will never change.  This is not the case.  Cancer has zero chance against technology that can repair cells molecule by molecule.  I would refer him to  "Engines of Creation," by Eric Drexler.

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