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July 11, 2009

Vuelto loco del calor:  Going crazy from the heat

Phoenix, Arizona is an infernal nightmare; 114.6 degrees Fahrenheit, no shit.   On days like this, I feel even more like the proverbial frog in the pot that Alex Jones and Gerald Celente opine about.  You know, if you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly increase the heat he will just sit there until he boils to death; but if you put it in hot water right away, the frog will jump right back out.  I must admit; the frank aberration of it all is beginning to erode my central cortex.  I fear that the day is coming when I will fully short-circuit; and trust me, nobody wants to be around when I terminally unhinge.  Cut to an exciting montage of my rampage that fades to a shot of me, staring blankly through rabid eyes, wearing a necklace of human ears.       

What I do know is that we are here, a select few standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the front lines of the Infowar; the 2nd war for American Independence.  I thank the Creator every day that we are still at the “sending letters to King George” stage.  In other words, we’re still able to largely ignore the powers that be. 

But the question begs to be asked; “Where the hell are the other 299 million people in America?”  Can’t every Joe-Bag-of-Donuts and Mary Jane Rottencrotch see what’s going on?  How long will the dumbed-down and distracted American collective just lie there and take it?  Has the fight-or-flight reflex been chemically eviscerated and operantly conditioned, verily torn from the genesis fiber of our reptilian brains?  Even a bull-whipped dog will ultimately rise up and defend itself against its abuser.

Whenever I leave the house, I can’t help but feel like I am surrounded by doomed, flailing-armed sissies who coarsely navigate through this world with papier-mâché strength and saccharine bravado. Of course I’m not talking about everybody, just most people.  My father used to refer to them as “a man with a paper asshole.”  It’s a strange and obtuse idiom, but it works.  There are literally millions of Americans who desperately need a slap-up-side-the-head wake-up call, but it’s not worth the serious charge and legal fees for the dubious honor of schooling someone.  You could say that too is a part of the problem.  I guess they’ll figure it out or they won’t.  C’est la vie!                

In case you’ve been completely self-absorbed or living in a Ted Kaczynski-style, booby-trapped cabin deep in the woods for the last few years, the entire world is being hijacked by the banks and corporations.  You may occasionally hear in the news that we are becoming a socialist-democratic nation, but that is not a correct assessment; no, it’s far worse than that. The merger of corporation and state (government) is called fascism, ala Hitler and Mussolini, which is considered to be an extreme right-wing ideology.  The abysm we are careening toward is a mixed-bag of socialism, communism and fascism.  Notice that none of these ideologies have anything to do with the preservation of individual liberties. 

The plan of the elite bankers is for every single aspect of everyone’s daily life to be documented, surveilled, and managed to the nth degree.  No cash, no guns, no free will, no free speech, no wire hangers, ever, Mommie Dearest.  And then, once you are enslaved like livestock, you are only as valuable as what you are able to produce; when the day comes that you are no longer capable of performing to the satisfaction of your ‘shepherd’, you will be unceremoniously culled from the herd. 

For those of you lazy, sub-mediocre vermin who believe that following the “left-hand path” to collectivism is the right way to go, or those that have sold their souls for some inane, shiny badge, you knuckle-heads will be in for quite a shock if and when all of it comes to pass.  If recent history is any indicator, you will be the first to have your oily throats slit in the ensuing machination.  If you don’t believe me, look up Night of the Long Knives.  You meat curtains really know how to make friends and influence people, don’t-cha?

Welcome to the New World Order, or Global Governance, if you’re a dick politician like Al Gore and Gordon Brown.  Imagine the entire world being run by a small group of bankers who believe with all their tiny desiccated hearts that you are a plague; a pestilence upon their earth.  Every breath you take makes them hate you just a little bit more.  Sure, they needed us when their ancestors began amassing their ridiculous fortunes, but now they own our government, and computers and automation have made 90-95 % of us unnecessary, so they’re going to see to it that all of the worthless breeders and eaters aren’t shitting up their world and fouling up their air for much longer.  This means you.  What they came up with was nothing short of brilliant; Cap and Trade.  They created and sensationalized a pseudo-science in order to tax you into slavery for the crime of breathing.  And if you don’t like that fact, they’ve got NORTHCOM and SWAT teams that you’ve paid for with your taxes, locked, loaded, and ready to “peel a cap back.”  I guess it’s nice work if you can get it.    

Did you know that FEMA is holding a National Level Exercise with every level of law enforcement, the military, and troops from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia at the end of July with the focus being the aftermath of a terrorist event inside the United States?   We are going to be “mock” invaded, Red Dawn-style, by the militaries of 4 sovereign nations who will then “pretend” to declare martial-fucking- law.  I don’t know about you kids but that makes me wildly and fantastically uncomfortable.  Especially since, when both 9/11 and the 7/7 bombing occurred, the governments were holding drills that exactly mirrored those events at the time of the “attacks.”  How do ya like them apples?

You may be wondering how they are going to bring about all of this “change” we’ve been promised; you know, the eradication of 90-95% of us that they planned.  Hello one world government, U.S.A.; Third-world nation!  Hello lab-created pandemics followed by multiple series of worldwide mercury-laden vaccinations! Hello mercury in the corn syrup, even though there is no mercury used in the manufacturing process!  Hello Cap and Trade induced famine!  These are the just a few of the hard facts of the soft kill.

The elites know that they’re wildly outmatched; 6 billion versus a few hundred.  This is a fact they’re desperate to keep you from knowing.  In fact, it’s their entire house of cards.  If everybody fully understood what I’m telling you now, the heads of various governments and the banking and corporate elites would be swiftly brought to justice and likely spend the rest of their days deep below the ground at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, Colorado alongside the likes of Zacarias Moussaoui, Terry Nichols, and the aforementioned Ted Kaczynski. At that point we could go back to living our lives without fear of government intrusion.     

Here’s an interesting bit of history that I bet you didn’t know: In the Warsaw ghettos during WWII, most of the German guards didn’t even have a round chambered in their guns because the Jews never showed any signs of fighting back.  Many survivors of the holocaust who were interviewed afterward stated that the only thing they regretted was that they didn’t rise up and fight back.  Why?  Because for most of us, we are overall good-hearted and well-intentioned people and believing that members of our own kind could be that evil is simply unfathomable.  I believe this is why history is doomed to repeat itself.

So I say to you as my Mother used to say to me; “Why don’t you reach into your pockets and come up with some balls?” When are you going to let go of the fear of the unknown and do something about our situation?  Why aren’t you as jealous of your liberties as you are of your car, or your iPod, or your X-Box?  Just know, there are many of us here, but we’re waiting on you to join us and the hour is getting desperately late.  We simply can’t do it alone or we would have done it already. 

The only thing I fear more than the “1984 on steroids” New World Order is the thought of having to look at myself in the mirror knowing I did nothing to stop it.

I have plenty of fear on the inside (you’d be a dumb-ass not to), but on the outside it’s….

No Fear.


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Comment by hayley mckinney
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Hiiiii Jet!!! gosh you really are making me put on my thinking cap, arent you?? tell your wifey i said hello! Keep fighting the good fight brother! :)
Comment by Jim Roddick
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A good piece, but 1 point of clarification. The FEMA scenerio is an theoretical response after a terrorist attack OUTSIDE the US. A small point, but important for credibility. 

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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 You left out the part where Arizona will become a massive Dachau-meets-commerce “death-star” where millions of people that used to have protection under the Bill of Rights and Constitution are subjugated or exterminated. Phoenix has become Phil Gordon’s ‘Thunderdome’ who was “Napolitanoed” into a better job with the NWO, (as are most who sell countrymen for comfort). The ‘border patrol’ has grown 666% since the good Pasteur shed his blood for WE THE PEOPLE and employs thousands of sociopaths who have a ‘knack’ at ferreting out humans.

A friend recently told me that it’s easier to discern what is going to happen; the difficulty belies the ‘when’. Arizona has ALWAYS been a place where government practices its dark-side-of-the-force domination over the people who live here. My AZ family lineage runs several generations deep and stubbornly roots itself in the annals of history as “folks that stick together with other like-minded families” and helped settle the rough and rowdy Southwest. The fact that as of late most living here are from somewhere else makes it much harder for us to congeal as a whole; family blood after all is thicker and thereby easier for most to rally around with or without ‘a pocket full of shells’. As we all wait to see what the hell is going to happen with our time-bomb economy I would suggest everyone to mentally prepare for the very worst and implement plans for preparedness. I am grateful for my patriot family and encourage us all to embrace “Going Galt” as a community if possible before martial law and the Head of North American Mossad / House Chief of Staff  (Yes Dorothy, it’s the same guy!) seduce you deeper into a trance.

God Bless the Liberty movement and please God, crush the ‘shiny badge’ people who seek to replicate the ‘Judas kiss’.

PS: Jet, thanks for hipping the crowd to the dangerous truth!


Comment by Charzhome S.
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Hi Jet,

A few thoughts regarding your really excellent opinion piece.

It seems to me that, as a nation, we are all  waiting for "somehow."  That is,  waiting for a beautiful plan of rescue to take shape "somehow", for a fruitful exchange of ideas to take place "somehow", for wisdom and help to appear.  So that everyone then finally will know what options we have, what we might be able to do.....right?

  Leadership, guidance, planning, appraisals of our situation, reasoned thought and organization--these will all  hopefully materialize because we  need and want them to, so badly.

  But, will they?  Noooooo....!  Because that's just a dead end called 'wishful thinking', my dear friend.  (Something A. Rand would surely frown upon. ;)

Things happen, and solutions only appear, when people move with a directed purpose towards a defined end.  A scenario which *has'nt* been present here.

Also, I would enquire whether anyone thinks that, for example,  the Sons of Liberty, trying to preserve their freedom, communicated in the Village Square via megaphone....<g>?

  Well, the internet is a megaphone;  I dinna like talkin' to all those eager eavesdroppers...

So I just wanted to say I really empathize with everything you've expressed so eloquently, but any worthwhile response really isn't possible  in so public a venue as this-- it's just a more private issue... something folks discuss quietly ...out of range of possibly hostile parties.

But I wanted to answer your implicit question:  why, IMO, we're all stuck so firmly in the mud, frozen and paralyzed, and waiting .. and waiting...and waiting.  I think it *is*for the  not-really-surprising reasons noted above.

Thanks for listening. ;)





Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

So come on, Jet;...quit holding back. Tell us how you REALLY feel.



Comment by Randall Wefel
Entered on:


Well said!!

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