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Why is the New Jersey corruption case even news?

Well, the big story for the last few days is how the FBI and IRS, those noble crusaders for truth and justice, have busted a bunch of New Jersey Mayors, and other crooks, in a money-laundering operation (among other things). So you can all sleep tonight with a feeling of security, knowing that the federal government is out there protecting you! Incidentally, here is the rather impressive list of the people accused and the charges filed against them:


However, even though the New Jersey example is a big one, a headline along the lines of "Politician Caught Breaking the Law!" is about as surprising as "Sun Rises in the East!" And the stories always talk about "corruption." But what does that word mean? It implies something like this: "Instead of using their power and influence for the benefit of the general public, they used it for personal gain!"

Well, I guess you can call that "corruption," or you could just call it "government." (Many of the people in the New Jersey case were charged with "extortion," which basically means, "Give me money or I'll do something bad to you." But isn't that pretty much the motto of the IRS every day?) Is there anyone in the country who still believes that the politicians seek office to help us? Is anyone still really that delusional? Everything the politicians do, Republican or Democrat, is for their own benefit and nothing else. For example:

1) They're not really stupid enough to think that "gun control" reduces crime; they advocate it to protect themselves from an angry populace.

2) They're not really stupid enough to think that "welfare" helps improve the lives of the poor; they push it because it buys them votes and loyalty from the people getting the free goodies.

3) They're not really stupid enough to think that we need to start a military conflict every other week to "protect" you and me; they do it because war-mongering is a great excuse for increasing domestic tyranny.

4) They're not really stupid enough to think that the "bailouts" are going to help the economy; they're doing it to buy as much influence and wealth as they possibly can for themselves as the economy collapses.

In fact, look at whatever Congress passed yesterday, and whatever they're proposing today, and you'd have to be a colossal imbecile to not see that they don't give a damn about you and me; everything they do is for themselves. How much psychological denial does it take for anyone to avoid seeing that these days? Why is it that all the crooks have to do is call their corruption "law" or "policy," and then most people accept it as being perfectly fine?

Every time I see another crooked politician getting caught, my thought is always, "Why didn't you just make it legal?" For example, when "W" Bush, and then Obama, robbed the American public blind, to give the money to their international banker buddies, they didn't bother hiding it; they just called it something different ("bailouts"). And it's hard to get more outrageous than that: Not only armed robbery of a hundred million people or so to give huge sums of money to very wealthy, powerful people, but the promise to keep robbing us for years to come. (That's what "deficit" spending is: Government saying to those who lend money to it, "Don't worry, we plan to keep on robbing them indefinitely.") So they didn't just rob you, but your kids, and their kids.

So why wasn't that called "corruption"? Because the crooks declared it to be "legal" before they did it. What difference does that make? Well, none, in reality, but as far as the perception of millions of Americans is concerned, it makes a big difference.

Want an example of extortion? Try this: "From now on, we'll hurt you if you just go to the doctor you want, and pay for it yourself. No, now you go where we tell you to go, get the medical treatment we say you get, and you'll pay what we tell you to pay." It sounds like the Mafia, doesn't it? How is that not extortion? Well, if you call it a "national health care plan," millions of boneheads will cheer for it.

At least the "government" robbery has finally gotten so blatant that even some of the general public is starting to notice. "Let me get this straight: If I decide not to buy a car, you're going to steal my money and give it to the car companies anyway (and I still don't get a car)?" Even a lot of couch potato America saw something weird about that. But how sad is it that it had to come to this level for people to notice?

In short, everything the government does is extortion, intimidation, fraud, theft, counterfeiting, money laundering, etc. It's all corruption, even when they do it out in the open. But people don't see it that way, no matter how brazen the crooks get. If you can make people accept the largest single act of robbery in history, by calling it a "bailout," you can get away with anything. The mistake the New Jersey crooks made was hiding it, when they should have "legislated" it, like the successful tyrants do.


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Comment by Lucky Red
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"Why is it that all the crooks have to do is call their corruption "law" or "policy," and then most people accept it as being perfectly fine?"  It's the nature of the sheep to believe and swallow everything their government feeds them - whether it's bullshit or filet mignon.


Back to the original story of the crooks in NJ, the story there is not really what they're reporting and telling you but what they're not.  I'm willing to bet my big toe on this one that AIPAC and other very powerful Chosen People were behind that one and the scam goes all the way from Brooklyn to New Jersey to Tel Aviv and back.

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