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Rough Seas Ahead: America’s Perfect Storms

The USS America is in serious trouble, very serious trouble as she is taking on large amounts of water and is beginning to dangerously list to the left. Precious few of the passengers have attempted to reach the lifeboats because they mistakenly believe the propaganda spewing from the chorus of six voices emanating from the Captain’s Bridge which are repeatedly urging everyone to remain calm. The repetitive message is attempting to reassure all passengers that they can bail themselves out of trouble if they would only continue to trust in the ship’s officers and crew just a little bit longer. The stark reality is that there are no lifeboats and there are only a very few lifejackets which are, unbeknownst to the passengers, safely tucked away in the officers’ quarters as the ship continues to approach the tipping point which will culminate in the capsizing of the ship thereby condemning all who remain onboard to a watery tomb.. Meanwhile, Chief Petty Officer Goldman and First Officer Sachs are going to from cabin to cabin stealing everything that is not nailed down and the passengers are expected to not notice. Despite the announcement from the Bridge to remain calm, an estimated 25% of the passengers are already underwater and, despite assurances to the contrary, nobody will be there to bail them out. By now, anyone who possesses an IQ of at least room temperature can predict the ending of this metaphor.

In the last 10 months, twenty five trillion dollars, that is $25,000,000,000,000 (2.5 times the entire annual GDP of the United States), has been stolen from the people of this country by the most organized mafia in world history and they have accomplished this feat under the so-called rule of law.

The sinking of America will not be measured in decades or even years. The capsizing of this once great ship of state can be measured in the upcoming weeks and months. Has anyone noticed that the Obamanites have postponed their budget projections and economic forecasts until after Congress adjourns in August? Why? The only answer that makes any sense is that if Congress and the people knew the truth about the coming monetary projections, health care and other schemes designed to further separate the people from their money, would never be carried out because of the collective congressional fear of a political backlash. America is in the midst of an old fashioned garage sale and all of us have unwittingly donated our fortunes to that cause.

Twenty five trillion dollars will soon seem like chump change as Americans face a series of perfect storms coming at them from several different directions. Any one of these storms could sink America’s boat as evidenced by the fact that the commercial sector is in the midst of its own devastating crash, the next wave of ARM’s is coming due this fall, and the tsunami-type force of the derivatives crash has not been yet been fully realized. America is still flushing billions of dollars down the toilets of Afghanistan and Iraq and FEMA is preparing to require you and your family to accept the untested and highly dangerous swine flu vaccine ironically filled with shark oil (i.e., squalene, an autoimmune suppressant which is responsible for the devastation visited upon the GI’s during Gulf War 1 given in the course of their Anthrax vaccinations) in Big Pharma’s last grab for your money.

The only thing holding the dollar afloat on the domestic front is public confidence. In other words, I am dumb enough to accept your dollar, because my neighbor is ignorant enough to allow me to pass the same worthless dollar on to him in what has become the largest Ponzi scheme in world history. With Obama’s popularity sinking faster than the proverbial submarine with screen doors, can the decline in the confidence in the dollar be far behind? When the Federal Reserve’s lack of transparency, which has hidden the truth about the real state of our economic health, becomes minimally translucent to the American people, how long will it be until America’s only use for the dollar bill will consist of fueling the fireplace in the upcoming and very long winter?

From Republic Broadcasting Network to FreedomsPhoenix.com, the call to abandon ship has long gone out to the masses and still the masses slumbered in their beds with the covers pulled up over their heads. For most of the passengers on the USS America the lone question remains “How long can you tread water?” For those who chose to remain trapped in this watery tomb, things are about to get very interesting as they continue their futile efforts to bail out the ocean with a teaspoon as they continue their descent towards Davy Jones’ locker.

If you are one of the few who will survive the present calamity, you may wish to think about the type of ship you that you will help to build to replace the one that you have just lost. Above all else, you may wish to strongly consider if you really need a Captain to tell you what to do. Or, are you going to trust that each of the passengers can take care of themselves? It is usually the errors of the Captain which leads to the sinking of the ship. Passengers, who are forced to take responsibility for their own safe passage, seldom run their ship aground.


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