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An American Heroine’s Letter to America’s Patriots

Submitted by Greg Dixon
It is my pleasure to devote my space today to one of the great unsung heroine patriots of America, Barbara Ketay, who labors in the trenches day after day to warn her fellow Americans of the New World Order despots that are slowly, inch by inch and now by leaps and bounds, taking over our nation. 
Barbara rises every morning at 5 am Monday through Friday to get ready for her live radio program Liberty And You, which can be heard at 8 am over two radio stations in Rochester, NY that blanket the Western part of the state WASD-1590 AM and WRSB-1310.  She can also be heard over the internet live at:
She is the President of the United States Bar Association.  Also as the Legal Associate of the Biblical Law Center, she works tirelessly with little pay to help churches become free from the 501(c)(3) trap that is keeping them from preaching the whole counsel of God.
She is the author of many outstanding books, essays and pamphlets including Liberty and You and Church in Chains.  Her web site is:  --follow the link to Liberty and You website. 
The following challenge needs to be circulated far and wide.
Dear Fellow Patriots:
I have written so many letters, articles, books, etc., in my life, I long ago lost count. Everything I have written pales in importance to this one letter.
America, my Country, your Country, our Country is dying. We are witnessing the death throes of a once great and powerful nation. If we called the paramedics, America would be a "Code Blue" patient: observation shows America is hemorrhaging and gasping for a breath of original intent from the Founding Fathers; her eyes are fixed and glazed over at seeing the constant abuse of her citizens; her arms, which held and protected her citizens via the Bill of Rights, have been ripped from the sockets and now hang limp; her legs, which once represented her military might, are broken with compound factures from her military being sold to the United Nations and turned on her own citizens; she has many bruises and deep gashes on her body where her life blood, the Constitution, has been beaten up, cut out and drained from her; her pulse and respiration are almost undetectable; and, the most serious injury, her heart is broken.
Can this patient be saved? Only you, the American citizen, can determine the outcome. This patient needs an immediate transfusion of the blood of Christians and patriots, who will step forward and revive her. She needs to breathe the air of freedom and to have her wounds treated and bandaged. She needs to recuperate with loving care and concern from her citizens.
There are wonderful, caring and concerned people who want to treat America’s various bleeding wounds, i.e. abortion, gun control, illegal immigration, government lawlessness, our tax system, a corrupt judicial system, illegal laws, Federal Reserve fraud, treason, incompetent congressional members, hate laws, illegal wars, United Nations corruption, grand jury actions, religious persecution, profiling, veterans’ rights, nationalization of our industries, lies, fraud, corruption, the advancement of a one world order, global warming fraud, and other assaults on our Country. The list goes on and on and on. These works, and many other efforts, are honorable and noble. But they have not been successful, and they will not be successful, because they are treating the symptoms of the problem. So we could say that perhaps, "these operations had some success, but the patient died."
Divide and conquer! It worked for the Romans, the Greeks, the Muslims, Alexander the Great, and, it is working for the New World Order gang right here in America. They want us to believe that patriotism, honor, courage, morality, leadership, loyalty, and integrity are all dead and it is every man for himself. This is not true. Americans are splintered in their concern for their particular group. They believe if they have 5,000, 10,000 or 500,000 members that they are making a difference. They are not, and they have not. We must set aside our specific concerns and come together to save the whole patient…America.
I love my Country with a passion so deep that sometimes I can’t even verbalize it. America the beautiful, the bountiful and the blessed; the great experiment; the city on the hill; the home of the brave and the land of the free; refuge to all who seek her; her symbol, Old Glory, the red, white and blue; melting pot of the world; and, most importantly, she was founded on the word of God

Our Country was the only country ever established by Christians. God has had His hand on her since her inception. The Founding Fathers "with firm reliance on divine providence" mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish the foundations of American independence, law and civil government, in order to secure our rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness as inalienable rights endowed by our Creator. They were guilty of treason, sedition against the King, once they signed the Declaration of Independence.

America is not even a shadow of what she was intended to be. But she can be again if we put petty differences aside, and, "… come let us reason together." We need numbers! The powers that be only listen to numbers. If we come together under a unanimous umbrella of concerned citizens, we can have numbers exceeding 5, 10, 25 million people. This is how we take our Country back and demand the return to government of the people, for the people and by the people. If we don’t do it, who will? If we don’t do it now, then when will we do it? If we don’t start here and now, then where do we start?
The RELIVING 1776 INITIATIVE has two primary purposes: 1) identify the options and specific actions which have the potential to gain control of the Federal government, and 2) create the Taking America Back team needed to help in implementing these actions. It is most distressing when organizations, professing to share our goals, won't suggest their supporters 'team up' on actions of common interest, when this method assures that each group still retains their freedom to pursue their special interests. Does this mean that fear, ego, power, and money are stronger motivators than patriotism?
The most effective way to "team up" is through a common communication system. This fabulous communication system is available to us through Statewide Communications USA. Through combined communication we can leverage our work and people can come together and become one in support of the ultimate mission to "Take America Back." We must go on the offensive by uniting, not in body, but in spirit and in actions applicable to the few options through which we can Take America Back! We cannot allow the powers that be to continually keep us divided, splintered and arguing among ourselves as to who is the most important.
If you are not outraged by what is happening to your Country, you're are not paying attention!!!!! We need some righteous indignation in this Country. Jefferson said, "A Country cannot be both ignorant and free."
I'm looking for a spiritual S.W.A.T team of Scriptural Weapons And Tactics: citizens who understand the Christian heritage of our Country and are willing to defend it; citizens of faith and leaders and who will stand and fight for the Truth; men who will fight for their children, citizens who will not blink in the face of danger; men who have not sold out to the government; citizens who identify themselves as “true Americans” rather than Republicans or Democrats. We are Americans first and foremost. The Constitution makes no provision for political parties. The Founding Fathers did that deliberately.

We the people must cherish our God given freedoms. They are much too important to be stuck away in some book. Freedom must live in our hearts. Our liberties are powerful and vibrant tools. But we must exercise them regularly, with skill and precision, if they are to work effectively.
Come and let us reason together, forgetting ego, pride, power, money, and let us do what is right for America, and what is ultimately right for all Americans. It is a time of crisis in   our Country, and, we need honorable leaders to step forward and lead. We are confronted at every turn by evil, self-serving people and groups. The Bible asks the question in Psalms 94:16 “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” If not now, when? If not us, who? Great leaders see the need and consider it a privilege to serve. The hour is late and the task has fallen upon us to take our Country back.
Please consider net working with others through the RELIVING 1776 INITIATIVE. Together, we can do truly great and wonderful things for our beloved America. We owe this not only to our posterity, but to all mankind for as America goes so will go the world. May God bless you in your decision and may God bless the United States of America.
 In His service,
 Barbara Ketay, President
 United States Bar Association

Concurring with this letter: Jim Condit; Byron Dale; Carmen LTC Reynolds; Coach Dave Daubenmire; Cort Ct; Darrell Castle; David Costello; David Ewing; Dr. Ed Vieira; Dr. Greg Dixon; Dr. Orly Taitz; Gene Schroder; Jack McLamb; Jerald Finney; Joan Veon; Larry Becraft; Michael- Edwards; Michael Le Mieux;  Netty Wisbaum; Rep. Carl Wimmer; Rep. Charles Key; Rep. Jim Guest; Richard Abraham; Retired Sheriff Richard Mack; Sen. Don Rogers; Sen. Randy Brogdon; Norman Kurland.
NOTE: I am directly related to Chief Justice John Marshall, Presidents Grant, Buchanan and Lincoln, a great uncle who was a Judge in Dayton, Ohio, a great uncle was an attorney in Cincinnati, and my father who served his Country for 32 years as a Cincinnati Policeman. My father was a statesman and a visionary way beyond his years. He taught me from the time I was a child, that to love America was not enough... I must fight where I see injustice and attempts to destroy my Country's heritage and the inalienable rights of others. bk

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Comment by Dorsey Oscar
Entered on:

A simple, fast connection for national unity.....the plan exists.   Elementary in design and incredibly fast to implement, this plan has always been FREE and still is....   

Prior to World War II,  united european citizens were assisted in forming an "Underground", largely through the efforts of William Armstrong ("A Man called Intrepid").  Armstrong taught them to begin the use of code-names wherein lay the basis for long-term successful resistance. 

We are many and strong.  We can do this, and must.  My Countrymen, evil is upon us.  If we do nothing, they will destroy us one by one.....

Comment by Linda Burnett
Entered on:

With Unity we can stand against this evil Tyrant.  We must prevail and occupy until the Arrival of our King.   

Count me in. 

I have researched this thing since 1975 and have actively advocated national unity in articles and blogs.  It was what Ron Paul promised but never delivered. 

Thanks to the MOST HIGH working in all of us,  UNITED WE WILL BE.

I am available for this work. 

Comment by Paul Zimmerman
Entered on:

 Dr. Dixon,

Glad to see that you're still making a difference.

God bless you!

Paul Zimmerman

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