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How many SSNs did Obama use?

When I heard of our own Mark Yannone's untimely passing, I immediately went to his blog to see what he had been posting. Among the last entries was one dealing with the issue of whether Obama has proved his eligibility for the presidency before attaining the office. It cites the superhuman work of Dr. Orly Taitz, who represents many individuals in pending cases disputing Obama's legitimacy.   
The one tidbit of info that really caught my eye was the list provided by a private investigator of prior addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, etc., that had been associated with Obama's name (or variants thereof). The key point that was pressed by the authors was that the one SSN mostly used by Obama while he was in Illinois building his political career was one that records show belongs to an individual who is 119 years old.   That's a stopper, eh?  
Now, I want to make it clear that there are many explanations for the fact that multiple SSNs might be associated with Obama's name. The easiest one might be that, as a public figure involved in a high-profile national campaign for the presidency, his name might have been chosen by any number of people who didn't want to use their own names for whatever reason -- or who wanted to associate Obama's name with something potentially embarrassing, perhaps. I saw a number of entries on the PI's list that probably got there that way.
But the really worrisome thing was that other entries looked like they really were supposed to be Obama, and they had different SSNs. That really adds smoke to the already smoldering issue of his qualification to be president. If he is indeed an illegal alien of Indonesian nationality (as many think), stolen or faked SSNs would be required to masquerade as native-born.
Nothing in the PI's list constitutes proof of anything. What it does is point out specific questions that can be investigated in detail: Which SSNs has Obama used, and how many were there? If only one, and it's clearly his own, then a lot of toxic distrust can be disspelled. Otherwise, SSN trouble on top of the birth certificate mystery could be the beginning of the end for Obama's career.

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Comment by Dave Hyland
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I heard this 119 SSN Issue when Maj. Cook US Army, refused to deploy to his duty station. He sited the Commanader in Cheif was not legally eligible to hold office. Suddenly the DOD issued orders resending his orders, "so he would not bring the challenge to the courts". A little too convenient I think!?. Maj Cooks attorney hired an attorney that came across SEVERAL SSNs used by Barack H Obama and variants. One of them was the 119 year old number. Hmmmm

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It is not you Sam.  Kent put his editorial in the introductory comment space, and not the normal work processing space, so it cut him off after 1,000 characters.  While you cannot see that, it is a problem that the writers do see because their intro area was duplicated from the writer's word processor so visually there is no difference.  So they make this error.  I have contacted KVC to correct.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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So, how do we get to the story? Maybe it's my lack of puter skill, but I cannot get the whole story here. Please somne one tell me how to access it. 

Would some one at Frredom's Phoenix send me an e mail on how to access the stroty? THANK YOU!!



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