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For the Children

WARNING! DANGER! CAUTION! Your life, and your children’s lives could be at risk! You see, there is danger lurking everywhere, behind every building, around every corner, in every cabinet. Prescription Drugs aren’t safe, your child’s toys aren’t sound, the objects you use for everyday convenience are a threat to your security and the health of your children. Legislators are working around the clock to ensure that these harmful objects are made safe, are properly labeled, and appropriately ensured for the public’s use.
This is the mantra you hear every single time you turn on the TV and tune into your local news station. People, it seems, are dangerous. The products they make, unsafe. The entrepreneurs, businessmen, and CEO’s are greedy, heartless monsters out to poison your food, give you bad medicine, and make your products as harmful as possible (this could not be further from the truth). According to the media, you and your children are not safe.  Everyone is out to get you. And, most importantly, you can’t be trusted with your own security!
The favorite target of beauracrats and regulators are the children, of course. We all love kids, they are innocent, harmless, and helpless to the ills that society emits. We must protect them from it! No, not as responsible parents and family members… but as a whole community. In other words… the benevolent State will shield them from any injury the evil citizens might bring against them.
So, the FDA regulates the drugs you take and the foods you eat. If any product is deemed unsafe, it is refused (unless of course the FDA agents are on their payroll, in which case all possible mischief is ignored). And if a product isn’t outright banned, it is highly guarded, watched, and labeled according to the warning it needs. The beauracrats are always seen as altruistic and well-intended. But the businessman, well he is branded with every stereotype from Mr. Berns to Goldeneye.
Sometimes the ridiculousness of this Nanny-Statism is far too obvious. Bags of peanuts on Airplanes display the directions: Open then Eat. Christmas lights are labeled with the oxymoronic absurdity: For Indoor or Outdoor Use Only. Halloween costumes for Batman and Superman (and Superwoman, respectively) carry the admonition: Does Not Give One the Ability to Fly. As my grandpa used to say; “anyone with half a brain would know that!”
However, as usual, the Statists and Politicians will cry for safety, if for nothing else… “For the Children”. Obviously educated adults can make proper decisions for themselves. They can decide if they want to do something unhealthy, unsafe, and socially unapproved. Even some State-advocates would accept a lassiez-faire approach to adult decisions. Any attempt to legislate morality is correctly deemed as unnecessary, and immoral in and of itself. Trying to save people from themselves, to use another one of my grandpa’s sayings, “doesn’t even make good nonsense”.
But the children, wouldn’t you know, are the main concern of our beloved politicians. They care deeply about children, and if any of them were hurt in any way, it would break their hearts (or more correctly their constituency). Parents, on the other hand, are only in it for themselves. They are neglectful, abusive, and just plain ignorant of what is best for the child.
We need Laws! Seatbelt laws, helmet laws, warning label laws, laws against drugs, laws against drinking, laws against smoking, laws against sexual promiscuity, laws against gambling, laws against guns, laws mandating safety, laws regulating products and services, licensing laws, laws, that if under any other circumstance, would have been laughed out of existence. But when you have children involved, safety is the highest priority.
While this seems to be the accepted normality for the Government, the Media, and the oh-so informed average American… I have a greater concern.
I see the greatest threat to us, and to our children. And it’s not lack of seatbelts or helmets. It’s not a deficiency of proper labeling and warnings. It’s not due to a dearth of laws mandating this and regulating that. The greatest threat to us, and our children, doesn’t come from business, drugs, or a falty product. There is a far more dangerous, and immediate threat to the lives and safety of the children we cherish more than anything else.
This product, this service, has been offered for hundreds of years. It has killed hundreds upon hundreds of million’s of people since it’s inception. It has taken more lives, injured more innocents, caused more social strife, and endangered the most individuals than any other in the history of humanity. And yet, largely, it remains unchallenged. I think it’s time we stop ignoring it. For the sake of everything we hold dear, we must not merely suffice ourselves with regulating and labeling this travesty… we must seek to ban it altogether. Those who operate and produce it are the most corrupt and vile group of malcontents to ever walk the earth and threaten our happiness, livelihood, and very existence. No matter the threat posed from other people and products, this organization’s practices tops them all.
We as a society must not tolerate it any longer.
We must abolish the State… for the children.

- Justin T. Buell

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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You can not fix the problem unless you know what the problem is.   I think that I describe the problem accurately here.   It is, basically, that you (well WE actually) are authoritarian by nature and thus stupid.   Here is the evidence to support this assertion:


I hope to start a discussion on the true nature of the problem, and it is not some conspiracy.  It is us.  --- At least I think that it is.

Orwell's Boot: our inevitable? descent into tyranny
>From the book 1984

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

To paraphrase Sun Tzu: If you do not know the nature of the problem you are dead meat.  Please go here, read and comment  I would like to start a discussion among people who agree that we do not know why more people do not want freedom, and how we may address the problem of growing government and eroding freedoms.

Here are some ideas to remember.

If (an agency of) the government can tell you what drugs not to take, it can tell what drugs you must take.

If (an agency of) the government can tell you when and where to pray, it can prohibit you from praying

If (an agency of) the government can tell you you can not have an abortion, then it can tell you that you must have an abortion.

If (an agency of) the government can tell you who you can not marry, it can tell you who you must marry.

If (an agency of) the government can tell you who you can not have sex with, then it can tell you who you must have sex with.

All of these agencies consume our resources, and produce nothing useful.



Comment by richard brown
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Abolish the STATE not only for the children, but for all of us and future children.