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More About: Police State

America: A Matrix Of Tyranny

By: Irish Outlaw (host of Warrior Society Radio)

Imagine you are driving to your desired destination and all of a sudden you see lights flashing in your rear view mirror. Being a good citizen you instinctively look for a good place to pull over. You are ready for the approaching officer with your registration and driver license in hand. Presenting the “officer” with your credentials he asks you if you know why you were pulled over. Again, being a good citizen you answer to the best of your ability. Then things take a turn for the worse. You feel a sinking feeling as the officer asks you to step out of the vehicle.

You now realize that the officer may not have the best of intentions as the intensity of the questions escalate and your natural instinct to explain yourself takes over. Then all of a sudden he is shouting at you to get on the ground and commands are being screamed at a pace that your brain can’t process fast enough because you are paralyzed with fear and then it happens. You feel excruciating pain as electricity races through your body and you hit the ground with the full force of your weight.

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