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Now is a good time for conservative activists to THINK.

For years the neocon faction has ratcheted up violent and threatening words against the far left. They have called war-opposers terrorists, they have called political demonstrators terrorists, the insisted that anyone criticizing their beloved GWB was a traitor and they hurled all manner of filthy names.
And was their GWB ever beloved. Idolized. Worshipped as the savior of Western Civilization. Remind you of anyone today?
All I see now are leftists employing the same tactics.
But consider these recent town hall meeting actions. Who called for them? Who is funding them? It's not the R3VOlUTION, it's the same neoconservative mouth-pieces who have eliminated civil discourse in this nation, namely Michelle Malking, Sean Hannity and our latest credibility-crasher, none other than the manic and irresponsible Glenn Beck. And let's not forget the king of kreeps, Rush Limbaugh, who will say or do anything to maintain his ratings, nation be damned.
I've said this before, I'm saying it again now. As a movement, we loose ALL crediblity allowing types like these to represent us and now this is our bitter reward. Because now we are tarred with the same brush.
We are now vilified along with those who vilified us. Who could think these people in FoxNews who did everything in their power to destroy our RP campaign and discredit all of us can suddenly represent us now?
Who could think these war-hawks, these 24-hour pumpers of false war intel, these cheerleaders for American imperialism and American exceptionalism could speak for us?
Apparently more than half the movement and including EVERY SINGLE ONE of our prominent scholars and activists. FOR NOT ONE of us on the top-shelf said PEEP about this travesty upon the truth.
Neocons are more our enemy than the leftists because Neocons are the ultimate expression of social fascism. Now the R3VOlUTION has lied down with snakes and now we're getting bit.

Cached page attacking Beck when it would have made a difference.

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Comment by Edwin Sumcad
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    I cannot ignore the central topic of these exchanges because freedom of expression is important to me. Without taking any side yet, I think you guys are brilliant and deep – this I must honestly say to all of you -- starting from  Oyate’s versatile writing that I cannot help but commend, Psychictaxi’s command of logic, and those observed input coming from the empirical reactions of Ducatijeanne, Lucky Red, Don Wills and Chip Saunders. I guess the public is as interested as I am in what we are reading, and I think a silent audience is also watching. But I feel left out from this lively discussion because I am neither a neocon nor a lib.  I am just a floating butterfly – a friend once told me – that when disquieted by any threat to freedom, or hurt by something not fair or when injustice is done to others, stings like a bee.

     Be considerate in hammering on personalities because to the other side you cannot be less worse than they are and what you are doing to them will also be done unto you. And please watch the language used.  I might take a long vacation to Alaska if it’s going to get worse.  #


Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah, as you know, Brock put a more fine point on it in his editorial that followed mine (chronologically).

So we've done this before and we (the general movement) are great at thinking and responding creatively. It's just that we gotta get over this hump.

I continue this whole thread on the Brock post.


Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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A change in strategy, I like that.  Do know this: I hold Hannity, Beck and their cronies in complete contempt. I do have a long memory.  Ditto for our elected representatives....

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Conservative activits think?  Ain't that an oxymoron!  If there's one thing that bunch can't do to save their lives is think.

Comment by Found Zero
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Sorry to bum you out Jean, cheer up. This just calls for a change in strategy.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
Entered on:

 Amidst all the news articles of the day  I find this brilliant piece by Oyate.  I sit here now with feelings of despair. A heaviness in my chest, fighting back tears of frustration.

 I have given the last two and a half years of heart and soul, energy and spirit fighting for this Country, for Freedom, Liberty and the RON PAUL R3VOLUTION.  Only now to find there are insidious intentions to subvert all the beautiful things we have been fighting for?  How does one stand up to  that evil?

Of course, my present thoughts are just what is a certain faction wants me to feel. 

Give me liberty........



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