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They hate us because we want to be free?

The case can be made for both left and right that we don't take our positions because we hate each other or America. Conservatives aren't conservatives because we hate poor and black people, there are many of same among us.
Similarly liberals aren't liberal because they hate freedom and America. But the rhetoric employed by both sides would have one believe so.

No matter how opposed one's ideology, it doesn't take too much thinking to see good intentions in people.
Liberals react to a system they see as corrupt and unfair to the "disadvantaged" and one could interpret that as human kindness as easily as a plot to undermine republican values. And for our part, many liberals do find value in our message as evidenced by our off-and-on company with author Noami Wolfe, activist Cindy Sheehan and journalist Amy Goodman. Each of these are without doubt about as liberal as they come and yet the friendly encounters continue. Add to the fact that many liberal voters joined us in the campaign for Ron Paul, and many of these went right back to being liberals when the campaign was over.

The fact that they weren't entirely converted doesn't mean they aren't open minded. Being open minded doesn't include changing one's position, it's about appreciating somebody else's.

As the MSM is quick to point out the confrontational and rowdy nature of recent town hall meetings, and as we in the grassroots start to piece together how this phenomenon came about, we and our leftist counterparts were quick to point out the establishment roots which seem to have catalyzed these events. I consider my hypothesis confirmed at this point: this thing really is about as grassroots as astro-turf. Although in our case, the astroturf is covering over the real thing. I'll get back to that later.

Because we were as quick to point out the democratic establishment response from top to the very street-level-bottom in a flash. They started rolling out muscle and things started to get ugly street-side.

So the secret seems to be out but nobody is listening. Everybody is crying fowl and pointing the finger but everybody is standing in the outhouse while they do it.

In a tactical sense, it might seem like a great idea. "When the government fears the people there is freedom". Well, the democratic response to date has been to close down public access, retreat behind closed doors and work things out with friendly parties. This describes every political party or activity I have ever seen. But in a strategic sense, all that's really been accomplished is "they" have "us" fighting each other.
In a strategic sense, for "us", it's a one-hit-wonder. We yell at them, they close the process down so uh....I guess we don't get to pull that trick again. For them, they score. Because "we" end up more polarized and intransigent than ever.

Now the issue has at one level become a massive game of tit-for-tat. Libs say we can't protest. Cons are fascists. Everybody is somebody's fascist these days. We should everybody in America just wear Swastika t-shirts one day and get it over with. Just to piss the real neo-nazis off because nothing makes something more meaningless than applying it to everything.

When the accusation and the retort are the very same word, we're set up for a simple escalation we all know from childhood: "your another" and "your a bigger one". It becomes so boring to both parties that they have to resort to "your momma" jokes.

Meanwhile, the people in charge of the game, the "adults" are laughing while they count their money. Their attack dogs are wondering when they get to use some of their cool new cop gear.


You know this wasn't grassroots because any nationally coordinated action has to be argued to death, dissected, multiple email blasts full of ALL CAPS and EVERYBODY MUST DO THIS NOW and at least 20 pages of forum threads. There would have been networking between cities and our many broadcast channels arranging live, continuous, all day coverage with simultaneous video feeds from everyplace. Endorsements from OUR groups would have been all over the place and way way better signs. That's a dead give-away. Our signs always rule.

Yeah, this little number was put on by the GOP establishment and it seems the liberal establishment was just waiting for it.

This little dance is the literal and real result of the "teabagger takeover". See when the boys at FoxNews saw how easily Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Limbaugh and the masters of hate could co-opt our movement in rhetorical terms and not only duplicate our ability to mobilize on the street but in many ways OUT MOBILIZE US, that got them thinking.

They realized we were onto something, and they asked themselves if they could do it, if they could just hop into the driver's seat, with their superior MSM capability, could they out-revolution the R3VOlUTION?

Yes they can, yes they can. They did. They did it once and they just did it again with the Townhall Beating affair. That was the GOP taking over our territory. Now what do you suppose they will do with this new territory? This new resource? This new power?

We were waiting for a backlash from infiltrating them with the RP campaign. Well here it is as our worst nightmare. Worse than repudiating and resisting us, they just BECAME US IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Make no mistake in their new rhetoric. They are not "converted" and while Glenn Beck is undoubtably "seeing the light", I think it's a combination of stage lights and hallucinogens.

Welcome to astro turf. We're still here, we're still us but they lie over us like a blanket. And what to do about it for us as a movement is going to be tough. With Napolitano we're joined at the hip with FoxNews/Rupert Murdock and with Ron Paul we're joined at the hip to the GOP. It's what I would call "sand in the craw"; something we can't really digest but we can't spit out. Ideologically we're distinct but perceptually we're just a faction now.