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When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong; The Yuma Pastor Anderson Debacle

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it. Voltaire

August 7th, 2009

Two days ago, I received an extremely distressed phone call from my friend Chuck. At the time, his RV was surrounded by five Yuma police cruisers.  That's always a shitty spot to be in for sure.  He and several other members of the no-name leaderless activism group I belong to had made the three hour journey from Phoenix to Yuma with the intention of sticking it to the man at Pastor Steven Anderson's dismissal hearing for his refusal to provide information at a warrantless immigration checkpoint; a Border Patrol checkpoint situated 50 miles north of the border.

For refusing to allow his rights to be violated and for refusing to acquiesce to the Border Patrol Agents’ repeated demands, not only was the Pastor criminally charged with Failure to Obey and Blocking the Roadway (minor misdemeanor infractions), the Highway Patrol smashed in both front windows of his SUV, forced his head into the broken shards of glass, and proceeded to Taser him for 30 seconds straight as he screamed bloody murder for them to stop.  But that’s another story for another day.

When the hearing began, there were numerous delays, mostly to the effect that none of the judges wanted to be the one to hear the case.  Someone, I forget who, told me that one judge had offered another to take his entire docket for the day and pay for a “rub and tug” at an Algodones massage parlor if the other would hear the case.  Why?  Because everyone knows you can’t jump in a bucket of shit and come out smelling like a rose.

Here’s where things get sketchy; I’ve heard a few different versions of the same scenario from people who were there, so I’ll stick to what I know.  What everyone I spoke to mentioned was that at lunch time, the group went to Round Table pizza with Pastor Anderson and they were seated in a private room with a closeable door.  At some point during lunch, 4409 (Shelton) noticed two Border Patrol agents having lunch.  With camera in hand, Shelton “confronted” the agents in a friendly manner as they were leaving.  Noticing the exchange, the manager became incensed over the fact that 4409 was accosting customers on camera in the restaurant, and in my estimation, she was fully within her rights to a) become pissed off, and b) call the cops; she happened to do both.

I mean really, what the hell?

Confronting government officials or anyone else on the street is a wildly different proposition than confronting them in someone’s place of business.  If you’re going to go around acting like the paparazzi, you’ve got to play the game right; the street is the stage.  The libertarian stance on personal property dictates that if you screw around with someone’s property or business, no matter how innocently, they have the right to defend themselves against your intrusion. 

Ultimately, what was the point?  What was there to gain? How many minds were freed by taping two Border Patrol agents at lunch?

As activists, we must play the game with our heads, not our hearts.  We must be smart and ever vigilant of our intentions and actions and how they are perceived by the minds we are trying to free.  At this point, we’re holding a pair of aces and the government has the rest of the friggin’ deck.  Our only trump card is that the founders cared about Natural law, and for the time being, we remain under the societal façade that we are freely able to act within the confines the rights which were given to us by our Creator.  Because the Creator is free, and we are created in his image, we are born and remain free individuals. 

That is the essence of why I do this; because those rights are non-fucking-negotiable.

The cops didn’t arrive before the group left, but there was little doubt as to why they were in Yuma or where they were headed when they left the restaurant.  That is what brings us full circle to the frantic phone call I received.  To me, this whole thing reads like a comedy of errors; a waste of time, energy, and resources.  As activists, we must ask ourselves these questions; what was the intended outcome vs. the real outcome?  Was the freedom movement or Pastor Anderson’s cause or case helped in any way? 

I hope those of you who were involved take what I say for what it is and nothing more.




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Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Jet you really know how to stir the pot  arrr, arrr, arrr! Love you man!

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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 I CAN'T WAIT to be the first kid on my block to get the H1N1 vaccine and stand in line at Obummer's 'Commie-Care-doctors-for-free’ smack-down. “They really CARE about us…don't they Daddy??...' ‘They SURE DO, Lil’ Cleatus…they sure do!”

(ps. for the 'thick-headed' you might be smellin' sumpin' wafting around your computer's called 'sarcasm', ENJOY!)

Comment by Renee Houlihan
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Jordan, come on now, don't you know??  We should just shut up and be good slaves.  We must understand that they are our helpers/protectors and worship them.  They are our masters shame on Shelton for daring to ask questions of these peace keepers.



Comment by Jordan Piergros
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I don't get it. BP agents, cops, may get asked questions in a restaurant, on or off camera. I don't see why we would consider these occasions the low road? The officers were't even offended, according to Charles, what is the 'unintended consequences' we need to worry about here? An uptight staff member calling the cops? Sure, worry about breaking the law, but not about innocently asking a few questions. He didn't jump on the table, no harm was done, no consequences came back to bite him in the ass but maybe this story.. Ernest said these occasions are predicted and expected, is that the low road? And what should he have done instead?

Comment by Jet Lacey
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It just keeps rolling.......sweet. 


If you want to speak in absolutes, it's those who see the world in purely black and white that are the most dangerous people in the world.  It is those types of people who have the capacity to release a chemical or biologic weapon or commit acts of unspeakable genocide.  Your pixelated argument on absolutes has absolutely zero to do with what I'm talking about.


It's not about berating anyone and it's not crap.  I was making a point which your leafy tendrils quite obviously failed to grasp.  If you knew me, you'd know it's not my tendency to give two shits about what Shelton or anyone else does.  My point is about the R3VOLution, taking the high road until you just can't any more, and understanding that our actions, more often than not, have unintended consequences.


You sir, ROCK!




Comment by Charles Gillespie
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I feel as though I have a cosmic dilemma here. I’m reminded of Jimmy Durante’s ‘Should I stay or should I go’, or the more timely version performed by The Clash. As I weigh in on this subject I may sustain some risk of criticism or even challenge my friendship, but after some of these comments I’m obligated to bring forth MY familiarity without prejudice.

First of all, let me just say this about YUMA, AZ, which is Native American for ‘where the dogs defecate and then seek to lie down and sleep in it”. If there WAS a place in the United States of America that the Illuminati had to secretly perform they’re mass extermination of our civil rights, than YOU MUH (Their Folker’s are all in bed with the govt.) is ground zero for Satan’s stash of pent up pandemonium just waiting to be unleashed on the rest of us.  I find no coincidence in the fact that the entire population is comprised of BP, Military, Fed, State, County and City…(am I missing anyone?) A-U-T-H-O-R-I-T-I-E-S and all of the ugliness that goes along with that PRIVLIDGE of the shiny badge. Clearly, we were in the belly of the Beast on this one, and although my ‘Oh Shit’ O-meter was going off, I felt that everything we did as individuals that day was FAR, FARRRRR above reproach in consideration of the Arizona Revised Statutes. As for ‘taste’, well a pizza parlor buffet ran by an over-nourished freedom hater deserves NO PATRONS in my opinion, but her food kinda already spelled that out, (I dined from the salad bar after seeing everyone’s disgusting, crusty-looking pizza. Later I noticed the sneeze-protector-thingy needed some serious cleaning and felt ill just thinking about it. Enough said).

I know this Shelton dude pretty well, and I know that Jet dude pretty well too and I feel honored to be counted amongst the ranks that some will call ‘the movement’ and others will call ‘a huge pain in the ass’ to the man. If my amazingly intrinsic ability to “sniff and see” an audience completely under government control was not active that day, I would have felt worse about what happened. Trouble with having my God-given empathic powers is that I can’t shut them off, even in a crises situation. What I notice the most was F.E.A.R. in the eyes of every YOU MUHS (comply) citizen, with exception of the friendly court officers, helpful cops and dutiful BP’s. Everyone else, (cashiers, mechanics, lodge members and auto parts salesmen) that I came in contact with had the same Orwellian, or “HOrrorwellian” comments about the abuse of authority going on in that town. How do I know this?? Because I ASKED lots of folks questions like; “Is it just my imagination, or is there an over abundance of police activity in this town” (in a store with cops feasting on some poor motorist a few feet away). To believe how over-the-top things are with the HEAT there, (and I don’t mean the 116 degrees Morpheus and hiked around in to find auto parts for the RV-dubbed ‘Freedom One’) a person could go personally, but I would strongly recommend against it. Better yet, don’t go there...I MEAN EVER, unless you are on a mission to save something of value such as a “fallen comrade imprisoned against their will” (*see note below). You could trust that we have done the dirty work for you, google some stats on who runs the town and make an informed decision.

Now I can understand where some might say that ‘shouldn’t mess with folks when they are eatin’, I for one wouldn’t dig it and might take offense to that sort of thing and let you know to ‘leave me alone’, something we DIDN’T hear that day. I also feel that it is our DUTY to “uncover the secrets and expose the lies” and to be ready to do it in a seconds notice, but what happened that day was plainly a RAT calling the CATS to exterminate some MICE.

The God-forbidden video that this is all about only lasted all of 30 seconds. 30 SECONDS!!  5 harmless questions asked with a disarming tone and polite demeanor. The whole while the subject-BP’s were smiling, but apparently had been given a for-warned order from control to “not engage, I repeat..DO NOT ENGAGE” and quickly fled the ‘scene of the crime’. You would have thought that 4409 was pointing an UNLICENCED, FULLY AUTOMATIC camcorder, with NIGHT VISION, a SHOT-GUN microphone and a FULL battery CLIP, right at the soft melon of those BP punk-asses!!! (Wait a minute, disregard that).

I see both sides of the argument here and I side with neither. I was caught up in the soirée due to my lack of experience dealing with the exceedingly CUNNING and CLEVOR police who accosted me while exiting the courtroom to re-arm ourselves with our camera after the ‘stink session’ let out of the kangaroo court. I wanted to ensure that we were able to have the Kodak moment for everyone, after all…that’s why you pay us the ‘Big Money’. I did not know the cops had other plans for me nor that I would be caught without the backside of Marc Victors business card to refer to. Exactly WHAT was ‘My Crime”, (or cry-me) you might ask?? I WAS AT THE PIZZA PLACE WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENED WITH A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shit can get you jammed up real good apparently in the ‘Land of YUM uhh’.

 I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone over this experience and only wished I had hung out with Powell a little more beforehand; who apparently has dealt with the shenanigans of sneaky cops and knows how to ‘handle’ them. The secret is apparently ‘hidden’ on the backside of Marc Victors card. DAMN!! If I’d only had one of those on me before those dogmatic dogs sucked me into their web! Now I have to go back to “Yer Mah”, but this time I will bring additional firepower. Perhaps it’s time to bring out the heavy stuff, you know…FILM!

(note, I refer to our Beloved 4th Amendment Rights as a prisoner illegally held in captivity by a Luciferian mob who seeks to betray her!!)

We are coming for you, Our Beloved 4th Amendment R I G H T AGAINST  ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE!!!

We will NOT forget your illegal captivity and corrupt deployment of continuous harassment by a lack-luster crowd of thugs who suckle their government jobs like baby Jackal pups leeching on a diseased mother.

We will NOT stand down and comply while a “legion of goons” seeks to shackle your tender and supple GIFT with their tyrannical worship of cronyism.

We will gladly DIE for you, our beloved 4th Amendment R I G H T, and will seek to ignite the pure fuel of righteousness that lies dormant in every American, EVEN if they don't want us to.


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

Comment by Jordan Piergros
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4409 has his own way of doing things, and TRYING to do things. He's done a lot more (output and effort) than I've seen out of most young "activists" around here. He's still learning, and growing, and figuring things out, just like you and me. JET if he is doing it wrong he will figure that out on his own. I don't know if that's libertarian or not, but I feel natural consequences are good medicine, and Shelton is up there with most true patriots and he can learn from history just as well as you can. I think this little public berating is crap, reading it sounds like you have a personal issue with him that should be taken up privately. Are too many BP officers getting confronted in restaurants? There's other ways to make a point. I agree with Ernie and CameraFraud.

Comment by Found Zero
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We could yet devolve into insults. It's what people really come here to see.

Comment by Ed Price
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It's interesting to note that the "grey area" is what Quantum Mechanics is really all about. What it boils down to is that there really isn't any grey area at all. The so-called grey area in question is made up of lots and lots of tiny black and white dots that nobody can see because they are so small. They are even colored, yet their tiny size makes them all blur into grey. 

People are not made in such a way that they are qualified to look at the grey areas. Rather, they are qualified to look at the big black and white areas. Like, "Love God above all things." And, "Love your neighbor as yourself." And, "Thou shalt not kill, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness, covet." 

The MAN is the one who exercises the "eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life" things. So when the MAN disobeys the "Thou shalt not's," he is the one who should receive the "eye for eye , tooth for tooth, life for life" retribution. Just ask your local church minister. 


Comment by Jet Lacey
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I am duly impressed by the comments I received on this "story."  I want to thank everyone who made an intelligent and well thought out comment. 

Having been a former ICU nurse for 12 years, one of the most important things I learned was, more often than not, there is no "right" answer, and that life in and of itself is one gargantuan grey area.

It's days like this I feel blessed that I have this outlet to spew my caustic and molten verbiage (it's not ashy due to the fact that I'm Caucasian), and that there are many readers of this site who will take the time to respond so thoughtfully and eloquently.  

All I can say that comes to mind right now is:

"Right on you dirty, rotten motherfuckers!" 






Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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I was charged with a "crime"

Who was the "victim" that was so viciously attacked?

Who did I harm?

What did I harm?

Their feelings? You sound like raging liberal.

Can the so called "victim" show any real damage?

In as much, the agents work for me. I think the employer has every right to ask his employees a question correct?

Jet.... is making someone unconfortable a crime now? If so, you may be charged the next time you ask me a stupid question I don't like at the shop.

Remember kids NEVER ask anyone a question at any establishment because you may be arrested for disorderly conduct and there are people out there (Jet) that will defend that arrest...lmao.....we're livng in the twilite zone.


Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

These sorts of confrontations are like "Mine Canaries".

Miners would bring a Canary into the mines with them so that when the Canary kealed over dead they would know that the air was bad and it was time to leave.

Direct confrontations with "The Man" and the resulting use of overwhelming force (being surrounded with cop cars) for asking a few questions that they ask hundreds of people a day, is a sign of 'things to come'.


These 'Canary Events' are very informative and a sign of what's coming. You are not allowed to make those in uniforms 'feel your pain'. Soooo, the pain will increase,... until...


Until the Agents of Government feel our displeasure at the grocery checkout line and their child's youth soccer game and at church and while pumping their own gas, they won't even know that they are percieved as being part of something that will result in a full blown revolution with them first on the menu.

So, did Shelton do these particular agents a favor by planting a little kernal of doubt into their minds about their immunity from public sentiment? Maybe. But I do think he should not be surprised by what happened.


Charles was also charged with 'Disorderly Conduct' for nothing so that one will get some interesting attention from us. Shelton (4409) can make some very interesting arguments himself, but the water is less clear on that.


But what I do know is that this just another level of interaction that was certain to be reached,... and there will be other levels of escalation all over the world that can be expected to continue until the people are convinced that their governments are their to protect their rights and are no longer the main violators of them...just the way it is. 

It's a predictable cycle that we are in. That's why it's called 'revolution', it just keeps coming around and around.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

Libertarian or no, it all comes down to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Could Shelton have 'covered his ass' and asked the property owner permission to film in their establishment?  Of course, but the current standard amongst the "unnamed, leaderless" action groups out there doing what they can is "It's easier to ask forgivness than to ask permission".

We all roll the dice and take our chances when we feel moved to do so - and we all pay the piper when we have called the tune.

I see where you are coming from Jet, and I agree with you - when it's YOUR time to call the tune.  I can't see you acting the same way as Shelton in this case - mainly because of the differences between the two of you's personalities.

But this is 'Classic 4409' and I applaud your actions sir, and I bet everyone involved got the excitement they sought when they embarked on the journey.

Too bad I wasn't aware that this trip was being planned - I would have LOVED to throw an 'armed unknown' into the mix!

Keep writing Jet - I love you Brother.


Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

I see no reason not to devolve this thread into the customary insults.

Comment by Camera FRAUD
Entered on:

The owner's property rights would only have been infringed upon if 4409 and crew were asked to:

1) leave (and didn't), or
2) cease their activities (and didn't). 

Did the owner have a sign in the window which read "please don't communicate with other patrons"? 

Furthermore, if the roles were reversed and 4409 was approached by BP with the same questions, I find it laughable that the owner would have contacted police for "bothering" a patron. When the MAN comes around with his shiny badge, it's a whole different story.

Comment by Scott Bieser
Entered on:

So, what ended up happening with Chuck?

Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

Jet, your case is unassailable if the trial were in a libertarian court.  But, in Shelton's defense, you assumed something not in evidence: that Shelton is a libertarian.

To my knowledge, he doesn't claim to be a libertarian.  Additionally, while I know he has respect for property rights, his concept of property rights is  not libertarian.

Wholly aside from that, I wonder if the owner of the establishment would have called the police if the group had left because they didn't want to eat in a place that served Border Patrol?

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Jet, conflicted? I'd claim the same. My Sunday piece brought scorn. Except from Ed.

We seem, with FP, to be in a postition of telling ourselves what we don't want to hear. I don't think I've made a whole lot of new friends by railing against "NeoTeaParties" and the putrid "9/12" but it's something I feel strong enough about to stake my small voice on. I smell a rat. I smell a rat. I smell a rat.

Not to compare the crew and you guys with rats, but it's good to offer these corrections publicly now because others are learning from our examples. So it's not that I would call those like Ed and Morpheus and 4409 rats or anything either, but I would say have a caution. Have a thought. Have a mind, have a care.

I'd leave you with words. Walk softly on the Earth and be kind to children because you will depend on them when you are old.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

As one who was totally not involved, I have no opinion on the factual basis. I congratulate Jet for making this point before the community regardless of the "facts".

Disrespect for somebody's business, customers, dogs, cats, flower pots, whatever on private property is violative of the spirit of the law. And whatever the INTENT of those described, the EFFECT was to insult the peace of those on scene. In this story anyways.

Let's just treat it as a story. The rest of us anyways. To the rest of us, this is an instructive story. To Jet and the crew, well, they have to face each other on a day to day basis so let's let them work this one out on their own.

Sounds like some dust is gonna fly in the Valley.

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:


I wrote this piece for two purposes;  one of which was because, although I am conflicted like you are, I believe that activism should be done on the street.  Secondly, I wrote it because I was trying to open up some type of communication on this important subject with the Freedom's Phoenix readers. 

I guess it worked.  


Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

 While I fully understand your point Jet, and don't necessarily disagree, neither can I be harsh or condemning of 4409 for approaching the two BP agents in an open and public establishment. (I do indeed reccognize the private property angle here, and agree the manager was fully within his/her rights to object to the conduct. But conversely, a proprietor of an establishment open to all has a reasonable expectation that there will be interpersonal and cultural - even political - exchanges between patrons, and that there is an inherent risk of some minor harmless disturbances.)

Long ago, a wise mentoring libertarian activist advised me, "Never give the opposition an even break." Thusly, I shudder to think that in an attempt to be polite and respectfull of the private property rights we certainly promote and defend that we inadvertently provide a safe haven for the enemy by making the precedent that they cannot be bothered while taking a lunch break

Heck, it is during their lunch break that they have their few moments of interaction with the rest of the public. That should be PRIME TIME to interact with them, if for no other reason than to demonstrate that if they want to behave arrogantly and annoyingly toward the public while out minding their own business, they should expect the same in return.

Personally, I would be very pleased if not a single Fed was able to scarf down a burger at the local Choke-&-Puke or woof down a brat at the corner hotdog cart without someone pestering them the entire time. I find that to be a beautiful image to day-dream about.


We should be so lucky.

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