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Re: Damnit Stop The Looting Now

As you may have surmised I like The Market Ticker columns. I have posted many of them. I see Denningers work as speaking truth to power. There is one thing however he never seems to address as is the case in the above referenced article I just posted. I left a comment over at the ticker forum and hopefully he will address it. If not I think there is something being left out of this story and that is the LOOTING of Fannie/Freddie by the Left. When you have time I suggest you read this it is a bit old but shows another part of the story. HOW THE DEMOCRATS CREATED THE FINANCIAL CRISIS

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Comment by Lola Flores
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The corporations looting America?  Wow!  I'm appaled, speechless, dumbfounded...imagine that! 

And, of course, it's all the Democrats' fault...all of it because, as we all know, things before that were...well, perfect, wouldn't ya say?  Nothing like this could ever happen on the Republican watch...

I think somebody needs a reality check and to get a life.  It's the Republicans' fault that we are where we are.  They loot, they plunder, they pillage and then conveniently forget and blame the Democrats for...well...essentially doing the same thing.  Hypocrits on top of everything else that's wrong with them!


Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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Could you please stop blaming the Democrats and liberals?  The Republicans/conservatives are not blameless and probably deserve a greater share of the blame for our financial crises.   It was Republican Phil Gramm who snuck in the repeal of Glass-Steagall and allowed companies to turn themselves into a new Enron.

Comment by Found Zero
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It's a point well made, I have seen (and remember) footage of democratic senators going tooth and nail to deregulate Fannie ande Freddie (a purtid display if every there was one) but I am a little tired of the "by the left" when the right was part and parcel of this process.

Funny thing, I was going back and forth with a pen-pal of mine, you'd know her name, a regular name-brand, household leftist, and I hope I don't steal her fire, but she referred to congressional democrats as "socalist pragmatists".

Mind you, this is a household liberal. "Socialist pragmatists". I thought HFS, that would certainly apply to all congressional republicans (save the usual one).

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