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Dear Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain
Ron Paul and the American people are desperately in need of another friend in Capitol Hill in a time when our way of life, our fortunes, and our even our safety hangs in the balance. Your distant past suggests that you could be that additional Capitol Hill friend that America needs to rally around as we dig in to fight the dark culture that has come to characterize Washington. Please allow me to explain.   
The early years of your adult life were marked by a selfless spirit of service to your country and a profound sense of heroism that any young American boy would aspire to. On October 26, 1967, as a Lieutenant Commander, you were shot down during your 23rd mission in an A-4 Skyhawk. You were on that perilous mission as part of your long service to the people of the United States which began with your graduation from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1958. Amazingly, you remained on active duty, the year in which you were taken prisoner, despite having your plane shot out from under you in an accidental missile discharge from another plane on the deck of the USS Forrestal. There were clearly no sick days in your service to your country.
When you were shot down over Hanoi, I agonized as I learned about how you suffered very serious injuries as you broke both arms, one leg, and landed in a lake. Most Americans can recall the story that tells us when you reached shore after being shot down, you were brutally attacked and severely beaten by North Vietnamese soldiers. You were denied medical treatment for four days, during which time you continued to be beaten and tortured. Yet, you bravely refused to give information beyond your name, rank, and serial number. When I learned of your strength and bravery, it made me ashamed for ever having complained about any physical hardship that I have ever endured in my life.
I am so impressed with the fact that even as a POW, you continued to serve your country from the inside of prison as you memorized the names of all 335 men that you knew to be prisoners in North Vietnam as you were determined to leave no POW behind. In mid-1968, the North Vietnamese wanted to release you for publicity reasons when they discovered that your father was a high ranking Admiral in the United States Navy. However, you bravely refused to be released until every man who was held prisoner, as long as yourself, was also released.  
Senator McCain, I cannot even fathom the depths of your bravery and the strength of your personal conviction as well as the unyielding service to your country that you have displayed in a nation where most view the simple act of voting as a major chore and an act of patriotism. You were a man’s man. At one time, you were someone who I would have pointed out to my eight year old son and said “Son, that is what a hero looks like and it is because of men like John McCain that we have the great country that we do!”
You were obviously a man of your word when you raised your right hand and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. You were clearly prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your country. But something happened to you after you reached Washington as your original “maverick style” slowly gave way to a go along to get along attitude which served to benefit the corporate masters and the global elite on this planet. With each election cycle, you grew more distant from the needs of the people who elected you.
Sir, you are now in your seventies, and at some near date, your public service will come to an end. I often wonder what you think about when you ponder your legacy of service to your country. Your service in the Senate, no matter what my personal opinion, cannot erase your previously heroic service to your country. However, legacies often rest upon the notion of what have you done for me lately?
As you are aware, the fortunes of life can turn on a dime and the same is true for personal and professional legacies. Your defeat in the previous presidential election does not have to encapsulate your public service career. You still possess great charisma, intelligence and leadership abilities. But you have lost your way as, under your watch, the American citizens who counted on you to defend their rights and interests were forsaken by you as a senator. Any truly patriotic public representative would have said NO to the following:
No Amnesty for illegal aliens
No national health care with the genocidal implications for rationed elderly care
 No to gun control legislation and gun treaties
 No to food control legislation
 No to cap and trade under the false flag of global warming
 No to the Clean Water Restoration Act
 No to anymore environmental insanity
 No to the sovereignty snatching North American Union
 No to bail out legislation and stimulus plans
 No to international trade agreements that cost millions of American jobs  
 No to RFID chips in our documents
 No to the Military Commissions Act
 No to the Patriot Acts
 No to the REAL ID CARD
 No the continuing theft by the Federal Reserve Board
 No to the existence of the Federal Reserve Board

Everyone one of the above legislative acts is an act which helped to plunge this republic form of government into the depths of fascism where one cannot distinguish where government begins and corporate interests end. And, sir, you have had a major role in this betrayal of the public trust.


As you move towards your final years in office, you have a decision to make. How do you want to be remembered by those who supported you and who counted on you to serve them? Will your final legislative acts resemble the fearless and brave young Navy officer, or will your final legislative acts be characterized by the politician that we have come to know as the one who was drawn into the dirty politics which have wrecked our country?


You have a choice to make and you still have the power to make a major difference in lives of your countrymen in the same manner that you brought aid and comfort to your fellow POW’s when you could have taken the easy way out.


Senator McCain, your country waits for you to truly serve her again.


For Your Approbation,


Dave Hodges

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