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Pre-game words to activists greeting POTUS in Phoenix.

Brothers and sisters in freedom, tomorrow you go to greet our president as is your habit and custom. We know this time is not like other times because of the new dynamic on the streets: all the sudden there are many factions out there where there used to be just a few (or just us). All the sudden there's this amped-up energy due to the MSM hype and all the MIAC crap. Stakes are high, chances of confrontation just went vertical on the charts.

You veterans are in charge down there. Younger activists, stay close to the vets. Do NOT be drawn into hostility. Do NOT engage in violence unless your defense absolutely requires it. Do NOT antagonize opposition. Rather, defend the right of ALL citizens to speak. Diffuse violence and if you cannot, evacuate the elderly and the children to safety no matter who's "side" they on on as a priority if you cannot. Have your exit strategy planned with your group if TSHTF. Your streets, your people.
One word above all to young activists: stick with your group. Don't be out there alone. Stay by the vets. And video everything of import you see.
You young ones considering coming armed, we can't assume you are fully trained. Do NOT unholster your firearm, don't "present it" by turning your hip, don't even rest your hand on the back-strap. Don't handle clips or ammo and don't be tempted by the news media to get you to do any of the above.

I tried to make a way to come down but as it is, I'll be thinking about you, following the feeds when I can and I'll be praying for you all day long. I pray for your safety and well being, and the safety and well being of all people there. I pray that you have wisdom and 3VOl first in your hearts and our ancestors look down on you with favour.



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Comment by Paul Zimmerman
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Nice piece of writing.

Good luck to all you freedom activists in Phoenix.  Even though we're separated by nearly two thousand miles I'll be with you in spirit and so will lots of others. 


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