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Chris & his AR-15 vs. Goliath Media actions speak louder than lies

The Goliath Media stopped dead in its tracks by its own lies and distaste for Freedom loving and peaceful gun toting Americans defending the 2nd Amendment!  No matter how hard the media tries to spin their propaganda it seems to be blowing up in their faces.  Maybe its because the news keeps spinning their same lies with out missing a beat even when caught.  It is indeed to hard to paint Chris as a "racist" when he is young black man himself, but the Media doesn't want to confuse you with the facts and so they continue with the lies!  It seems the Media is on a witch hunt to demonize gun owners for public open carry of firearms, but I don't think that the public will really fall for it anymore.  This year gun sales are at a all time high and it is no longer a conservative vs. liberal or right vs. left subject for gun rights in America and that's what scares the Elite who control both political parties by playing them off each other. 
It is our Actions that speak louder than their Lies!  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn author of the book Gulag Archipelago once said "one word of truth out ways the whole world" And the picture of Chris with his AR-15 and friendly pose represents the Truth about gun owners not the negative government spin and lies.  The Elitist and their Media propagandist are afraid of people like Chris because he inspires people with his actions to take a stand and free themselves from tyranny and enslavement. 

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Comment by Ed Hubbard
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 Chris is a Patriot, I agree with his ideals completly, I do not leave my home without my gun. If our gov. passes health care and cap and trade, that will be theft and the American people will not stand for it, those 2 bills alone will justify armed resistance. I would like to meet Chris and his group of friends I think we all will stand up against this government theft and curruption.

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