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When the Slaves Get “All Uppity,” the Masters Get Flummoxed

Do people get what’s going on yet?  If not now, when?  Will it be when they and their families are forcefully injected with God-knows-what and transported on some crowded cattle car to an “American Auschwitz?”  Since 9/11, the blood-sucking leeches that are the global elite have been mounting their biggest attack yet in the omnipresent battle for our bodies, minds, and souls. It is our duty, not simply as Americans but as human beings to repel these attacks with everything we have.  I say to all of you as my Mom says to me from time to time,

Reach in your pockets and come up with some balls!

This week alone has been, to quote comedic great Arte Johnson, “Veddy Interesting.”  First there was William Kostric.  He set the example bar ridiculously high for those who wish to begin asserting their 2nd Amendment rights in public.  On Hardball, Chris Matthews and his histrionic acid tongue tried to cane him like a Malaysian caught with a doobie. As each verbal volley was matter-of-factly countered with principled “libertarian logic” by Mr. Kostric, Chris Matthews began to look more and more like he was the one being caned....right in his tiny, enfeebled baby-maker.

Now we get to the good stuff.  Through sheer luck, we found out (from the Phoenix Police no less) that the President was going to make his third trip to Phoenix, Arizona on Monday to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the Phoenix Convention Center. 


After the stink that was created in the media by one man’s assertion of his individual liberties, we, as a leaderless activist collective decided to take what William Kostric started and amplify it to the nth degree.  The planets were aligned in our favor, and you just can’t pass up an opportunity this great to “Stick it to the man.”  I think it worked, don’t you?
God Bless Chris (you sir, have those balls my Mom opines about), Ernie, and everyone else who made this happen.  To me, it was a thing of splendor; something I was proud to be a very small part of.    

In my estimation, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart reflects the Zeitgeist of the moment; his show is the often hilarious, “left-handed fingers” on the carotid pulse of America.  In these dark times, when you get zinged by Jon Stewart, you’re doing something right.  That friends, is what I call a capstone example.

Keep fighting the good fight and never let the bastards get you down.  Let us never forget this is about demanding that we have the right to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.


Chris Matthews Interviews William Kostric

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Comment by Charles Gillespie
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Comment by Jet Lacey
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Who is Jett other than the rotting corpse of John Revolta's son?

Comment by Found Zero
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Flummoxed? OK wait Jett. This is an Arizona board. Nobody says "flummoxed" in Arizona, nobody ever has before, you are the first. Keep up with them $10 words and I'll have to come up with something like "your diction is geopolitically incongruous" and nobody will take us seriously ever again.

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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 I'd like to under-score your Daily Show / Milestone reference, if for nothing less than Jon Stewarts 19 seconds of serious-straight-face (1 second less than the Pastor's Tase~) as in introducing his ill-responding audience to 'a gut-wrenching moment of truth' story that took the top honors on his show. One joke prior to the clip GOT NO LAUGHS at all, not a single clap. To me, (and I guess you have to watch a couple hundred hours of Daily Show to appreciate) it smelled like death for ol' Jon, but he IS a trooper and managed to pull off the rest of it with a decent recovery...still, the TONE had been set, the SERIOUSNESS was obvious and his audience was pretty much speechless after-the-fact. The lame 'black guy at the voting booth with a Jet Lacey sized jug-o-jack D' parody went over only so, so~ (it was the dudes EYES while he was tokin' on that bottle that won the laughs)…clearly, they need to try a little harder if they are going to make fun of Citizen 'C's "cojones ferreas".

OK, let’s not forget big Ern's KILLER interview with that sniveling brat from CNN. To me, the way Mr. H. handled that punk-ass who kept trying to goad him into losing his composure was worthy of a couple more rounds of beers on US, 'Ernie, you're money is NO GOOD here!" That CNN bitch kept trying to spin the interview like he thought he was RIDING A BULL~ (he had NO IDEA, eh' kids??). In the end it was HE who was conceding to Ernest and offering up his 'blessings', for he KNEW he had been out-gunned, (pun intended) and deserved the public TASER'ing Hancock gave him for being such a sneaky lil' shit!!

To both these cats, I say 'BRAVO' and 'Mission Accomplished'!! Now, if we can just get the rest of the nation to get up off their asses and start carrying their guns with them to every Barry O'-whatever-lie-campaign-they-drum up turd-rally that comes floating down the Whitehouse sewer canal.

We will BE VICTORIOUS!! In the end the TRUTH always wins!!

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