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What was the success of the armed dozen (and the brazen Chris)?

First, Obama's promotion of universal compulsory health care to military Veterans in Phoenix was sidelined for a distracting story about armed people showing up to his extravaganza. Even though there were zero news people in attendance of a massive 2,000 people protest/ supporters outside, except for the local ABC affiliate Ch. 15.  Everyone else was inside.  The AP camera man showed up around 10AM on one of the Obama staff buses that pulled up out front.  But there were plenty of other cameras present.  And the news media wasted no time sniffing that these armed bastards deliberately posted their exploit on Youtube!  The nerve of them.

Worse for the media, the behavior of all the armed citizenry was low key.  We were there to protest Obama's and frankly government's various agendas including socialized medicine, not to show off our guns.  But we were there to either establish and affirm our Right to bear arms or be arrested for exercising that Right. 

Two, in at least four written national stories published by the lamestream media four separate spokesmen for the Phoenix Police Dept. made it absolutely clear that the dozen had a Right to be there bearing firearms! Bravo Phoenix PD. 

The leftist bloggers who support Obama are trying to portray the Phoenix PD as collaborating with the gun bearers in a publicity stunt.  Not so.  On Friday the 14th their "Confrontation Prevention Squad" was informed by Ernest Hancock that he would be there bearing a gun along with anyone who wanted to join him.  Would they be there to protect his Rights, or to serve the Secret Service?  They showed up and professionally protected everybody's (all 2,000) Right to assemble, be heard, be seen and be armed.  Bravo!

Third, later that day the Secret Service (!!!!)  was quoted by the AP acknowledging the Right of those outside the venue (as well as in New Hampshire) to be armed.

And finally, the next day on the front page of the Washington Post the White House acknowledges that the gun bearing dozen -- including Chris -- not only had a Right to be there, but the White House had no problem with it.

Yet besides the anti-gun left's expected rants over this issue, many of the the overtly pro-gun pundits have rushed to the fore to denounce the irresponsible exercise of a fundamental Right that they ostensibly claim to support first and foremost.  And that is just fine by me.  We always knew you were rats.  Now we have the proof from your own lips and can ignore you.

More was done for establishing and affirming the Rights of Arizonans to openly carry any firearm in a morning than has been performed in a long time in this state.  And a President's taxpayer funded publicity tour has had a few farts delivered initiated by one brave individual named William Kostric --- who hopefully has inspired a pissed off nation.  All without a shot being fired.

For those that can, carry your raised middle finger on your hip to greet all politicians.  Some of them might welcome you.

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Comment by Don Cline
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 Oh, there's Lucky Red again!  The boiler-room operative who's being paid by the Progressive bunch to heap bile and ridicule on anyone who posts in favor of the United States Constitution, in favor of a President proving that he is eligible by birth and citizenship to be President, and in favor of our inherited and unalienable right to keep and bear arms -- ultimately for the purpose of protecting us from Progressives who consistently demand that we give up all rights and let them take care of us ... THEIR way.  Sorry, Lucky Red -- you have been outed.  (Check that; I am not sorry.)

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Oh, joy!  He packs, he votes and now he thinks he can write too...

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