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Mandatory vaccinations in Arizona? Better think twice boys.

I can tell ya about the many health-care professionals and the environmental health care professionals in my community that know these vaccinations are bullshit.
I'm not here to convince anybody. I'm here to draw a line. No means no.
No. No way. And if you dare touch a hair on my kid's head without my or momma's say so, man you got hell to pay because I am not coming after the federal government, I am not going to file a lawsuit, I am coming after YOU, THE ONE WHO PUT A WHOLE IN MY CHILD'S ARM.
My considered advice to you, as one health-care professional to another is to NOT TOUCH ONE HAIR ON THE HEADS OF MY KIDS.
Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend not crossing Oyate to preserve healthy teeth and gums. Also, floss between meals. Also, not crossing Oyate has been proven to extend your life and happiness.
No means no. No means absolutely no. No way, no how, not even on Sunday, non-negotiable, no means no, no discussion, pick up your bags and dance fast you little twinkle-toes.
No way. Keep your shit away from my kids. Or I will hold you personally to account.
Yours in dental health.

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Nice article homey.

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