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There is something horribly wrong here.

This is going to be hard and fast.
Without love in  your heart, without the 3VOl,  you are nothing. You are less than nothing.
Without the 3VOl in our hearts, you are worse than nothing, you are my enemy. And I will call you out and resist you in every way possible.
Pastor Steven Anderson, I convict you among men, let the message of goodness and love be in your heart or otherwise I will convict you with the words of the unbelievers: man of God, I say unto you, come down.
Man Of God I say unto you, keep you feet on the ground. We need you.
Put thoughts of vengeance far from your mind, hide your eyes of what you hear, watch your feet where they step, there is no room for hate in our father's house.
My father's house is a really big mansion and in this house there are many rooms.

Here's Father up above looking down upon us, watch your feet  where they steep, hide your eyes to evil, watch your lips what they speak
I adjure you brothers to LOVE.
Let thoughts of goodness govern our actions and our feet to walk in the way.

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