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Part 1: Biologically unworkable


Former Vice President Dan Quayle once said, “Diversity is our strength.”


After an angry black/white confrontation last July in Cambridge, Massachusetts—Professor Henry Louis Gates and Police Officer James Crowley sipped beers at the White House to iron out their differences.  They did not succeed.


John Kenneth Galbraith said, "Once the visitor was told rather repetitively that this city was the melting pot; never before in history had so many people of such varied languages, customs, colors and culinary habits lived so amicably together. Although New York remains peaceful by most standards, this self-congratulation is now less often heard, since it was discovered some years ago that racial harmony depended unduly on the willingness of the blacks and  the Puerto Ricans to do for the other races the meanest jobs at the lowest wages and then to return to live by themselves in the worst slums."


Manhattan Institute journalist Heather McDonald wrote, “Blacks commit 82 percent of the shootings in New York City.”


Since the signing of the U.S. Constitution, race remains the most contentious predicament facing Americans—and, it worsens by the day.


After 40 years of relentless immigration from the third world’s poorest nations, and an additional 100 million people added to America from all over the planet: White, Black, Hispanic and Muslims now battle for positioning within the United States.  The fantasy of a human bouquet of civility degrades into harsher realities of a fast-Balkanizing civilization.  In reality, each ethnic group finds comfort, solace and identity, not in America, but within its own tribe and language.


If the sheer addition of 100 million people doesn’t finish this nation in the next 30 years, multiculturalism will become the ultimate disintegration of America.  New York City explodes as ‘ground zero’.  On the West Coast, Los Angeles represents the next great racial incident.


In a brilliant expose’, writer Matthew Richer, Escape from New York—Into America, said, “I remember watching Escape from New York on television as a boy and thinking the plot was preposterous. Now, after living in New York City for several years as an adult, the film is actually starting to look plausible to me. That is because I have decided not just to leave New York City, but to escape it—and all that it has come to represent.”  


Richer continued, “One of the socially approved causes that Manhattanites love to prattle on about is “diversity”. They are all for diversity—they just prefer to celebrate it from a distance.


“Perhaps my most memorable experience with this racial doublethink began on Sunday June 11, 2000. On that morning, I rode my bike into Central Park, as I often do on Sundays. Except this time, I encountered hundreds of Hispanic youth waving Puerto Rican flags, swarming about me like an invading army. I suddenly realized that I had chosen to enter Central Park on the morning of the Puerto Rican Day Parade. I quickly turned around and rode my bike home.”


In my own town of Denver, we experience the same phenomenon with Cinco de Mayo on Federal Boulevard. Few speak English, no one sports Old Glory and no one shows any concern for personal responsibility. A sea of Mexican flags dominates the scene.  If you are a Black or White American, you find yourself unwelcome.   In the morning, trash everywhere! It’s a cultural thing!


As in the New York Puerto Rican Parade, Richer said, “Others, unfortunately, were not so lucky. Later that afternoon, gangs of black and Hispanic youth attacked a number of white women in Central Park. They doused them with beer, tore off their clothes, and sexually assaulted them—all the while laughing and shouting in jubilation.  An 18 year old British female tourist was stripped naked and digitally raped for 30 minutes. A French female tourist was also stripped naked while her husband was held down and forced to watch as his wife was similarly assaulted.”


The media aired little of the footage and buried the racial nature of the assaults.


 “The elites only return home after the city has cleaned up the trash-littered streets and arrested all the “celebrants” who committed physical and sexual assaults that day,” said Richer. “If living in New York has taught me anything, then, it is the myth of Hispanic assimilation Puerto Ricans, many of whom have lived in New York for generations, plant their Puerto Rican flags on everything—front lawns, cars, clothing, luggage—you name it. They do this not out of love for the land they left, but out of contempt for the white America they live within. Displaying the Puerto Rican flag is an act of ethnic intimidation, pure and simple.”


The same instances occur in Houston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Miami and other immigrant ‘diversity’ cities. 


“So why should we expect all these Hispanic immigrants from other countries to peacefully assimilate when the American citizens from Puerto Rico can’t even do it? Reality is not a topic they prefer to discuss,” said Richer. “For example, New Yorkers frequently complain about congestion: overcrowded schools, traffic jams, and cramped public transit. But few will dare suggest that we might not have these problems if the city didn’t have over one million illegal immigrants, not to mention their children.”


So what purpose might you ask that once-thriving countries like Great Britain, Australia, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Norway and Sweden—decided to ‘multiculturalize’ themselves?  Today, they suffer separation, ethnic violence, rapes, linguistic confusion and cultural disintegration!


Richer said, “For all of these reasons and more, my wife and I have decided to escape from New York and move to a distant New England town. There, crime is low, traffic is light, and the shop clerks all speak perfect English.  Our plan, however, is to begin a new life in our peaceful small town, and enjoy it while it lasts.  Moreover, the prospect of starting a family in New York City is simply unthinkable to us.”


Richer expects to escape over the Queensboro Bridge, “It is also the same bridge I will drive over, in bumper to bumper traffic, when I make my own escape from New York.  And all the while I’ll be looking in the rear view mirror, hoping and praying that it is not following behind me.”


Every country deserves its own culture, language and identity.  The further America, Canada, Great Britain, France and all other successful countries sink into the destructive forces of multiculturalism—the faster they ride the train to ultimate disintegration. 


Multiculturalism evolves into ethnic enclaving, cultural antagonisms, linguistic chaos and violence.   You witness it happening around the world in Iraq, Sweden, France, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Lebanon and America.


How do we stop it?   


It’s up to American citizens to push this issue to the forefront.  Write to the papers below and other media outlets to bring the immigration issue to the media to make them deal with it. We need a 10 year moratorium on all immigration and a maximum of 100,000 annually after the moratorium from compatible cultures and languages.  Can you imagine the following addresses receiving 100,000 emails tomorrow and another 50,000 this week!  Let’s get busy!


Email addresses of top media: ; ; ;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


President Teddy Roosevelt said, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of  its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.  We have but one flag. We have one language, English.”


 To take action:  First and foremost, join and become one of nearly a million Americans making impact with pre-written faxes and phone calls to change immigration policies toward a stable future. Bi-partisan and highly effective!


Second, join for up to date information via the Social Contract Quarterly. Exceptional publication to keep you informed. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans by Frosty Wooldridge. This book covers all the ramifications of adding 100 million people to the USA in the next 26 years by 2035. 

Visit this site for a rendition of Colorado Governor Lamm’s speech: “How to Destroy America”

Must see DVD:  “Blind Spot”

This movie illustrates America’s future without oil, water and other resources to keep this civilization functioning. It’s a brilliant educational movie!


In Canada: Tim Murray,

Director Immigration Watch Canada

Vice President Biodiversity First


Watch the DVD movie: “Blind Spot”—Exceptional movie with top scientists candidly discussion what we face as a civilization if we continue on our hyper-population growth path.

Please visit Annie Leonard at for a compelling and highly interesting 20 minute video concerning our high consumption, highly wasteful and unsustainable society.  She educates and provides avenues for you to make a difference.

Visit this web site by Chris Martenson: 

In Colorado: visit for information how you can network with like-minded folks to create a more sustainable future for Colorado and other states. 


View CNN’s “Planet in Peril” with Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling:

Ghost of Thomas Paine—compelling video of common sense



BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA:  D.C.:  (202)224-2854

Books to read:  “The Long Emergency” by James Howard Kunstler

                         “Peak Everything” by Richard Heinberg

                         “Too Many People” by Lindsey Grant

Become a member of “Frosty’s Press Agent Corps” whereby you volunteer a few hours to send out emails to top TV and radio hosts to offer top speakers on America’s overpopulation crisis driven by unending immigration.  Email and receive two informational letters showing you exactly what to do.


Roy Beck's "IMMIGRATION BY THE NUMBERS" is the single best educational appreciation of America's future if we allow ourselves to add another 100 million people. Just click on this site for the most sobering experience of your children's future.


Roy Beck gives a graphic presentation of our fate if we continue to allow legal and illegal immigration to swamp this country. If you have children, you will be particular unnerved at their fate. I know Roy Beck personally and his integrity and knowledge stand at the top. Pass this web site 14 minute video far and wide across America to educate everyone you know. We either stop this human tsunami or the future of this country will be much like Rome's. We must, as a nation and a civilization, move to secure our country from this massive, unrelenting population overload from a line that never ends. This will be the most compelling 14 minute video of your life.


Once you see it, go to my web site for action items and join to become a weekly faxer of pre written letters and join the phone calling teams.


 Bob Woodruff of ABC asked input from all citizens concerning the future of our planet.  Go to for a sobering reality check as to what we face and to what I have been writing about for the past 20 years.  Our ‘window’ to change to a balanced population and non-polluting energy diminishes every day we listen to irresponsible media and thus ignore the blatant symptoms manifesting all over America and the planet.


From: Frosty Wooldridge 


This three minute interview with Adam Schrager on “Your Show” May 4, 2008, NBC Channel 9 News, addresses the ramifications of adding 120 million people to USA in 35 years and six million people to Colorado as to water shortages, air pollution, loss of farmland, energy costs and degradation of quality of life.  In the interview, Frosty Wooldridge explains the ramifications of adding 120 million people to the USA in 35 years. He advances new concepts such as a “Colorado Carrying Capacity Policy”; “Colorado Environmental Impact Policy”; “Colorado Water Usage Policy”; “Colorado Sustainable Population Policy”.  Nationally, the USA needs a "National Sustainable Population Policy" to determine the carrying capacity of this nation for the short and long term.  Wooldridge is available for interviews on radio and TV having interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX.


Go to:  and click on “Audio/Video” tab


Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border.  In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece.  He presents “The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it” to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges.  He works to bring about sensible world population balance at


















2 Comments in Response to

Comment by Don Cordell
Entered on:

 Multi culture is exactly that, only our invaders insist they want to end the culture of their host country.  They insist we allow them to fly their flag, to burn the American flag. When the Muslims invade a nation, they insist they still have the right to continue Honor killing of family members. They are religiously driven to kill any non-believers. Is that the Multi you want for America? I want to defend America, but I'm told I'm racist if I make any negative remarks about the destruction I see in what had been a beautiful community, now trashed.

I'm not blinded by patriotism, but this nation offered citizens and immigrants the advantage of a better life. Now with the exportation of our industrial base, our nation has NO future. We are being told by those we invited to join us, to leave and turn this nation over to them. We are told we must look the other way when they are trashing American life styles.

In my community where Hispanics are 50% of the population, I'm suppose to learn Spanish to get employment, to ignore the grafitti on the walls and fences in the community, vulgar messages that my community is now divided in to gang areas, and that if asked "Where you from" that I might be shot, if I ignore them, or say the wrong thing. Is this the Multi I should accept?

When the local library throws out a 100,000 books in English, and replaces them with books in Spanish, is the the Multi of my future in America. WRONG, I will not accept that future for America. Either the immigrants accept our standards of life and behavour or they are out of here.

I will defend America, I will clean up America, I will restore our industry, I will stop the invasion of our borders, I will give illegal aliens 30 days to leave this nation peacefully, after that they are targets. I will pledge to teach our citizens to elect patriots to office to continue this nation to restore  Pride in this nation. If you don't like America my way, then leave. English is our language, actually the nation of most of the world, and I will not cave in to threats to take over our way of life. America First.

PresidentDon will do this, Obama will continue to destroy our sovereignty, and turn us over to the New World Order.

Comment by TL Winslow
Entered on:

Good job quoting Anglophile white supremacist Teddy Big Stick Rosegarden. Why don't you go even further back and quote Jefferson Davis and John C. Calhoun too? You're sick :)

You mention Balkanization. Yes, them Balkans are a bitch, because people refuse to accept each other's existence and are ready to kill each other to commit genocide at the drop of a hat. And it isn't about race or culture per se. Horrible Islam started it all, I guess there's no answer other than wiping all billion of them out, where's your article on that?

But when it comes to the U.S., hardcore fundamentalist Muslims still are practically nonexistent, so why don't we try to be better than the Balkans and learn to accept each others' existence and set an example for the world? Your article seems to call for racial-cultural war, and is counterproductive. Mexicans are not the Huns, and Mexico is our ally. So what if they speak Spanish? If Henry VIII's first wife Catherine of Aragon had been more fertile, or the weather had been fine in 1588, we all might be speaking it too. Instead, he broke with the Catholic Church and started a cultural war with Spain that you're still hepped up on 500 years later, and in the New World too boot, how sad. Big deal, you went to Cinco de Mayo in Denver and they refused to sell you a burrito or something, so what? If they knew about your incendiary articles, you might be worse off. Why not turn over a new leaf and work to end grudges and heal wounds instead of the reverse? It's like rebooting an operating system with new parameters, try it, it's never too late. War is only supposed to be the last alternative, not the first. If the Last Best Hope U.S. is devastated by race war... forget it, you know it all.

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