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The Mad Shepherd and the Psychology of Intent

Is it freedom when someone demands their own rights, but would deny others the same?


Whenever a serious social impasse is breached, i.e.: Chris Broughton bringing his AR-15 to the protest outside the VFW Convention three weeks ago, there is always a backlash that reverberates through society like a whip-crack.  The bigger the incident, the more powerful the resulting vacillation. 

As a self-styled “student of man,” I’ve noticed that whenever these events occur, those involved tend to display an oft-hidden glimpse into what really motivates them.  There are times when one’s inspiration for action is pure in the sense that there is no outward evidence of malice of forethought, with Chris (at the outset) being an ideal example.  Unfortunately, this is not typically the rule but rather the exception to it.  Homo sapiens, despite our relative intelligence and artistic capabilities, is largely a petty, ego-centric, and paranoid species.  We imprison ourselves in our fears and prejudices while our subconscious brain displays an amazing capacity for mental onanism that Freud aptly coined ego defense mechanisms

I wrote my last article about the mainstream media and the selectivity they display toward the protections enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  Since the AR-15 incident, I’ve started to look at some within the freedom movement in a similar light.  I’ve also become a bit more guarded, at least until I can get it figured out.  I’ve begun to notice some glaring dualities between what some people say and what their actions reflect. The Rorschach response that comes to mind is that it’s some level of hypocrisy.  You might call me naïve, and maybe you’d be right; I don’t know.     

Since I am still a rookie in the freedom movement, I wonder if I may hold a misperception that freedom fighters are universally more enlightened than the general populace.  It may be because I already believed in libertarian doctrine and Austrian economics.  I also believe that the panacea for most of society’s ills can be found in the Shambhala of individual liberty. 

But we must not forget that the world is chock-full of obtuse and judgmental individuals who mask their shortcomings behind a convincing emotional façade.  Artificially created self-esteem tends to be parasitic in nature, meaning it comes at someone else’s expense.  Also, people are usually where they are in life as a direct result of the choices they make. 

Another fact is that there are many people who will inherently fling their feces any and everywhere they eat and lie, irrespective of the place they call home.  I can attest there have been occasions when I too have been guilty of it, yet I sincerely hope this is not one of them. 

After the AR-15 publicity stunt, the sissy-fied backlash from the Obamanoid media started immediately.  Since it had been staged, and the Phoenix police were invited to the party, they couldn’t hammer us on the danger issue. Naturally, they started searching down other avenues. Unfortunately, one of those levels of attack appears to be gaining some real steam. 

The mainstream media’s mission has long been to divide-and-conquer.  They achieve this with multi-focal, partisan hyperbole surgically designed to pit man against man so the Global elite can continue about their business of enslaving us unmolested. Why do you think they call it “programming?”  In fact, whole branches of science are dedicated to perfecting mind control techniques.  One trip to Las Vegas with a different set of open eyes will prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt.        

My journey down this road began after I re-posted an article on Freedom’s Phoenix from Raw Story that linked to a gay activist blog.  The blog claimed that Steven L. Anderson, pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, the same pastor who was beaten and tased at an inland border checkpoint, has a death-wish for homosexuals, adulterers, and Barack Obama.  Prior to reading the post, I had absolutely no idea what the pastor preached about. 

My intention was to engage in social intercourse with other readers of Freedom’s Phoenix about a topic that I felt was very poignant. If proven true, it would paint a rather amphibious portrait of the pastor, and if proven false, it would turn out to be just another ridiculous smear piece from the fringes of the far left. As it turns out, the bloggers were right.  Pastor Anderson, while claiming to be an outspoken advocate for liberty, including giving speeches at two different 4th of July Tea Parties, also advocated for the stoning of homosexuals and the death penalty for adulterers and President Obama on the Alan Colmes radio show.  Since that time, Pastor Anderson frankly hasn’t shut up about it. 

Right before it all unfolded, I coincidentally asked Chris B. if he knew the pastor, and whether or not he had read the article I posted.  Chris stated that, not only did he know him he was in fact a member of the congregation. He also stated that he hadn’t read the article.  I followed up with a question about the basics detailed within the blog post, to which Chris simply replied, “Pastor Anderson preaches a very literal interpretation of the King James Version Bible.  That is why I go to his church.”  To Chris, that was it; a simple yet direct explanation.  While I don’t at all agree, I can certainly live with it.  Why?  Because we had a discussion about something we both consider serious in nature, yet neither one of us apparently judged the other.    

Conversely, I have been accused of being “possessed by demons” and attacked in the comment section of the post and in private emails for the same apparent transgression.  The funniest one of all was:

I fail to garner any appreciation why you use your position with Freedoms Phoenix to do this within the ranks when knowing it is having a negative effect on others in the movement. We, like you just want to be 'left alone" in our process of waking people up.” 

In other words, my man doesn’t want me to even make a reference to his Glorious Leader’s “freedom for me and fuck you” rhetoric. In fact, this same person asked around to have the article taken down from the site.  I don’t have any more of a “position with Freedoms Phoenix” than my detractors do.  To make things clear to everyone, Freedom’s Phoenix has a saying: 

If it isn’t Ernest Hancock or Powell Gammill, it isn’t Freedom’s Phoenix.

On one level, it has been somewhat humorous to me, but overall it really hasn’t.  In reality it’s sad because people I thought were my friends have decided to “write me off for good,” all because of an article written by someone else that I re-posted on Freedom’s Phoenix.  To that I say, “auf Wiedersehen.” 

But I also want to make something else explicitly clear:  I don’t pretend for a minute to be some white-robed innocent.  I know at times I am a caustic and confrontational asshole, and I am not known as someone who suffers fools lightly.  I also have the dubious ability to “press just the right button” when I feel the situation calls for it.  These are not personality traits I am particularly proud of, but I do my best to keep them in check.  What-friggin-ever.  I take full responsibility for my words and actions and make no apologies for either.   But this is not about me.  The purpose for relating this anecdote is allegoric; I am using it to exemplify the much larger issue at hand.           

My contention with Pastor Anderson is that he has done far more damage to the cause of liberty than any help he gave it through his martyrdom at the inland checkpoint.  Not to mention, he milked that one for all it was worth as well. 

These are tough times (and going to get worse) and I won’t stand by idly while anyone openly wishes death upon another; there’s too much of that in the world already.  It also blows my mind that anyone would stand by such a megalomaniac attention-whore that preaches hatred in much the same way that James Brown espoused his blackness; loud and proud.  It’s been overused, but it really smacks of a Hitler-esque movement.      

Personally, I have no room for hate in my one man .

But I guess it’s to each their own as long as it doesn’t affect me.  I would never tell anyone how to live their lives as they see fit as long as it doesn’t affect me, and I pray that I live to see the day that everyone regains the right to be left alone; with no exceptions - even for knuckle-heads like the pastor and the Feathered Bastard.  But because I’m ultimately fighting for my own rights, I’m not going to stick around while the house burns down, from the inside or the outside.  That’s the bottom line. 

To externalize for a moment, this fringe-type thing is exactly what the mainstream media and the “powers that be” are desperately looking for.  Because the freedom movement supports the pastor in his fight against warrantless checkpoints, does his hate speech put us at a higher level of magnification in the government’s cross-hairs?  Could it cost our loose collective the hard-fought gains many have spent years working on, serving it up in much the same way that John the Baptist’s head was served to Herod Antipas; on a silver platter?

They shall be known by their deeds alone

Major General John Shirley Wood, US Army 4th Armored Division.

If only it was that simple. 

I ask each one of you; in the practical sense, what does freedom mean to you?  Can we not find it within ourselves to put religion’s inarguable philosophies aside in order to fight for the one earthly thing worth fighting for; true individual liberty?  As for me, I’m going to worry about what happens in the afterlife, in the afterlife.

I’m not willing to go down for someone else’s foibles, especially for those whose intentions have been obviously mitigated by some ulterior motive.  Like Pontius Pilate said to Jesus, “I may find in you no fault at all” but yet, like Pilate did to Jesus, I will reluctantly wash my hands of you.  But if your motive is freedom for freedom’s sake, I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you all the way - no matter what may come. 

My word is my bond.   


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Comment by Morpheus Titania
Entered on:

Jet you are a gentleman and a scholar, I believe as you do that the R3ovlution has no place for hate and pettiness.   This is exactly the kind of thing the opponent wants us to do:  fight amongst ourselves.  Then they place themselves as the referee.   They win no matter what.  We must learn to rise above, all of us, myself included.   That way we are able to focus our energy at the true cause of all the negativity in the world.   

I marvel at the width, breath and depth of talent that, I am constantly surrounded, by in the R3volution.  I have such wonderful friendships, which I am so grateful to have.  It saddens me, when I my friends, have tension about each other.   We have such larger pictures to paint.  When we expend energy in fighting with each other, we are doing exactly what the opponent wants us to do.  I am not directing this comment to anyone, however when the shoe fits, wear it!

I would like to share with you a quote from the 12 and 12:  A hallmark of 12 step recovery programs is the offer of anonymity to participants, but the principle goes much deeper than just not revealing last names.

In order to keep the focus on principles rather than personalities, personal anonymity should be maintained at all levels of participation in 12 step fellowship -- in meetings, in 12th step work, and even in sponsorship. Anonymity is maintained not so much for the protection of the individual as for the protection of the program.

Tradition 12
Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.

Gentlemen and ladies, we are in a spiritual war make no bones about it.  For us to succeed we must surely stand together, else we shall all hang separately!

Comment by Charles Gillespie
Entered on:

 hee hee...your 'word is your bond'...what kind of bond is that?? Jail Bond?? James Bond?? Gold Bond Lotion, (you know..for your not-so 'private time') or a bond as in debt security. Certainly you don't mean the latter, that would imply you know something about integrity or honesty...LOL

I like that: "My Word Is My Bond" sound so very...original!!

Keep up the good werk, jettster!!

Comment by Paul Zimmerman
Entered on:

 I understand what you're saying, but that's the risk you take when you deal with humans.  

But be that as it may, hang in there. 

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

I appreciate your point FreeDomMonkey but I believe you missed my point. I said that his actions could possibly affect the freedom movement itself.  My opinion regarding what he says is immaterial. 

While acting as an active advocate for liberty, he is also actively spewing his particular brand of hatred to whomever will listen to him, including to those who are quite obviously enemies to the freedom movement.  



Comment by Paul Zimmerman
Entered on:

Since when are libertarians so PC (you're not the first libertarian I've heard talking about 'hate speech' lately)?  You're upset because of the words and beliefs of Chris and the reverend?  They didn't aggress against anyone, just spoke and thought thoughts you don't care for?  What do you think a fundamentalist Baptist preacher believes? 


Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

Thank you all for all the thoughtful and honest feedback. 

This piece was extremely difficult to write, and I've rewritten it almost in its entirety a few times.  I stuck with it because I felt the overall theme was an important albeit an uncomfortable one.

I also related multiple levels of emotion because it is a complicated issue as well.  

However, the feedback is encouraging and I will continue fighting this fight.   

Thanks again.....


Comment by Rainy Day
Entered on:

Great article on the Psychology of Intent. :)

Reminds me of two great quotes: 

 Stacey Charter:

“There comes a time when you have to stand up and shout:

This is me damn it! I look the way I look, think the way I think, feel the way I feel, love the way I love! I am a whole complex package. Take me…or leave me. Accept me or walk away! Do not try to make me feel less a person, just because I don’t fit your idea of who I should be and don’t try to change me to fit your mold. If I need to change, I alone will make that decision. When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good or bad – you will be amazed the opportunities that life presents you.”

Buddy Holiday: “If I am going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all.”   It's the closed door secessions I would question regarding the "Psychology of Intent."   Tribal does not equal Individual  :)
Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

What began as "My intention was to engage in social intercourse with other readers of Freedom’s Phoenix about a topic that I felt was very poignant." developed into "I know at times I am a caustic and confrontational asshole, and I am not known as someone who suffers fools lightly.  I also have the dubious ability to “press just the right button” when I feel the situation calls for it." and then culminated (in my mind) with "a megalomaniac attention-whore that preaches hatred "...

Follow that with "But I guess it’s to each their own as long as it doesn’t affect me.  I would never tell anyone how to live their lives as they see fit as long as it doesn’t affect me, and I pray that I live to see the day that everyone regains the right to be left alone" and I truly wonder where the title of the article came from.

Jet, my Brother - if you don't want to be 'affected' by the words or actions of others, you had better find you a far-away cave to take up residence in - and leave your computer and TV behind! 

And this journalism thing will just give you ulcers.  If you let it.

BTW - just what is your definition of 'Freedom Fighter'?  My definition of 'Freedom' (be it practical or not) is to believe whatever it is that I believe, right or wrong.  Period.  Does that give me the right to ACT as I please?  HELL NO!  Freedom, like other abstract concepts (you can't carry a 'bucket of Freeedom') ARE IN THE MIND.  We are free to think as we wish, but not to act as we wish.  Why do I say that?  Because we are not alone, silly.  There are others around us, and in order for us to be left alone by them, we in turn have to leave others alone.

Make no mistake, THIS IS MY OPINION.  This is how I feel, and how I conduct myself.  Were it the predominant sentiment on this planet, I wouldn't be where I am now.  I'd probably be at a 9-to-5 job somewhere, just back after a wonderful summer vacation with the family to some wonderful place in America, and back at my wonderful paid-off home, planning the cabin up north I'd be building...

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Interesting how a night's sleep can change perspective. My good-humor truck is full of gas this morning. But I also woke up with Jet on my mind. Perhaps because he is going through an existential crisis, perhaps because he is a bed-hog but the first thing I though of when I awoke was "Jeepers Fleepers Jet, get off my mind you 300 pound teenager".

Just kidding. Let's be serious.

Jet, I read in your piece an apology for being friends with Ernie and it's a mistake many of us have made.

Wait that didn't come out right. I guess you can see why I'm not the most popular counselor. Just listen to Bear Dance. Everybody listen to that song and copy it down, it won't be there for long.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:


KID, take down the mp3 on my last link, it's meant for you too. Serious kid, record it, it's yours now. It's one of the last things we have.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

OK here we go. This is a gift to strengthen you an all people.

Comment by Ben Nichols
Entered on:

I like how you included the Revolution logo in there. Nice touch.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Nice one Jetster. Really nice and melodic. But you are story telling.

I don't mean it as a negative accusation, I mean it with admiration. You truly are gifted bro. As you self-identify as a newb, your words betray you. And I know what you mean.

It's not the first time young man. It actually got way more confusing with Ed and Elaine Brown where half the movement was calling the US Marshalls and telling them "please just give us a chance to handle this before it goes Waco".

Yeah young bro, this stuff just does get pretty wild and it's up to people like us to kind of.....just be ourselves bra.

Yeah, I'm serious. Listen, you are doing fine. You are New R3VOlUTION. You young people are making up a whole new set of rules. I know us elders seem and sound iconographic but we all went through our period of figuring out where we stop and the world begins or vice-versa. And it's not static.

Look at one of our ideological (and beloved) counterparts, Cindy Sheehan. She lost her beloved son, the cost she has paid in revilement from her own "establishment" is so severe that we, WE of all people remain among her best and most consistant friends.

Jet bro, this is not a game to get into to make popularity. I think Ernie would agree, this is not a game to get into to make friends. This is not a social club, this is not a picnic.

The editors of FP have not published my two most recent submissions, I'm not sure why, I'm not sure I care, I don't mind a bit of editorial scrutiny and I tell you in truth, if Ed or Renee came to me with chains and ropes in hand, I would submit to them because these are people whom I trust with my life and beyond. I tell you in truth that if Ed Vallejo told me to walk into fire because he needed me to, that's what I would do.

If this happens, I will naturally have some questions as I walk into a fire. Such as "am I doing this for Ed for for some other team?" but this will be a tactical nuance. Ed and I have rode into battle together before and the sheer joy we have is indescribable.

Jet, I invite you to continue. Ordinarly we do not make such things public and we should soon make this more private but I feel strongly that you are one of us.

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