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Dave Hodges’ Twenty Minutes with President Obama

I recently told the President that I needed several hours in order to discuss a number of topics. President Obama graciously offered me 20 minutes of his time.

I first addressed the topic of healthcare and secondarily asked for some direct answers to the events of 9/11.

Hodges : “Mr. President I believe that we do not need an overhaul of our entire healthcare system asI  believe that we only need to address a few salient issues.  For example, I am concerned by the fact that a citizen of every other country can purchase prescription medications anywhere else in the world for often pennies on the dollar for what Americans are forced to pay because Congress has passed laws preventing Americans from finding the most affordable medicines in the world. Sir, why do you continue to allow Big Pharma to continue to price gouge American citizens through the continuance of this unholy monopoly?

Obama: Support my Government option of health care reform and all questions will be answered  

Hodges:  “President Obama, there are presently over 1300 health insurance companies in the United States. Presently, I take the option I am given, the only option available to me.  Why can’t you use your power to allow Americans to cross state lines to purchase a cheaper option?  Wouldn’t competition lower prices? Once again, Mr. President, this practice has reduced the government to being the pimp for the insurance companies in which competitiveness is conspicuously missing.  I would like something done to increase competition in and among insurance companies. What is your opinion Mr. President?

Obama: Support my Government option of health care reform and all questions will be answered  

Hodges:  Mr. President, many innocent people have died because their health insurance company denied care citing the fact that the patient was suffering from  a pre-existing condition. Many Americans feel that this is immoral and should be illegal. Sir, what are going to do about it?

Obama: Support my Government option of health care reform and all questions will be answered  

Hodges: Finally, Mr. President, it has been eight years since the events September 11, 2001. Like most Americans have many unanswered questions about the events of 911 including the following:

1. Why was the video of the Mineta testimony removed from the 9/11 Commission website?

2. The "coincidence" of Able Danger.

3. The failure of the Government to release the many videotapes of the plane, on approach, that struck the Pentagon is suspect at best.

4. The change in the scramble/intercept procedure three months prior to 911 for jets that are off course accompanied by a change in the shoot down orders.

5.The failure of the government to scramble jets over a period of an hour and twenty eight minutes between the Twin Towers being struck and the crash in Pennsylvania.

6. The linking of the events of 9/11 to Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, which we now know was based on unfounded claims and fraudulent evidence.

7. The well documented (e.g., Kevin Phillips) Bush/Cheney plans to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq within the first 10 days of the Bush Administration. This was well in advance of 911. However, 911 was used as the excuse in the early days of our military action.

8. The well documented engineering and architectural arguments which, in my mind clearly demonstrate that the fire and heat generated by the planes striking the Twin Towers were insufficient to melt the core of the buildings. The evidence just does not support the 911 Commission findings.

9. The almost near free-fall collapse of all three towers which defies the official explanation.

10. Where are the pieces of plane wings that supposedly struck light poles on its approach to the Pentagon?

11. Why does the circumference of the hole in the Pentagon greatly differ from the width of the plane? Why is there an exit hole on the backside of the building since the plane melted upon impact? Where is the debris field that one would expect on the backside of the building? The attack appears to any layman who looks at this evidence to look more like a missile strike than an airplane crash.

12. With all the large buildings that have been struck by planes, why are the Twin Towers the only ones to collapse in a pancake fashion similar to a planned demolition? And, what about the pop outs?

13. Where are the skid marks on the lawn prior to impact at the Pentagon?

14. What about the evidence which strongly suggests that 11 nations warned us about the possibility of such an attack?

Mr. President, will you authorize a legitimate investigation into the events of 911?

Obama: Support my Government option of health care reform and all questions will be answered  

Hodges: I want to thank you Mr. President for being so gracious with your time. I donate the remainder of my time to Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones. 


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