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Peaceful Pro-lifer Martyred

Jim Pouillon, 63, was shot while protesting across from the Owosso, Michigan High School yesterday as horrified high school students watched. Police said that it was a 33-year-old gunman who fired several shots into the abortion protester’s chest. The gunman also shot and killed a gravel pit owner at another location before being caught by police.
Following are three impressions of the killing of one of God’s great modern day saints by Cal Zastrow, Flip Benham and Pastor Mark Holick.
Now one of the Lord's Martyr's
 Cal Zastrow - Leader Operation Save America (OSA) 
This morning a violent man murdered a peaceful pro-life Christian, Jim Poulion, my close friend.  Jim was completely non-violent and never condoned using violence.   He was praying and holding a poster of a newborn baby outside of Owosso High School.  One of the students in the school was his granddaughter.  His beating heart and measurable brainwaves are stopped.  Also today, 4,000 American preborn children with beating hearts and measurable brainwaves are being murdered with suction "abortion" machines or drugs.  Their beating hearts and measurable brainwaves are stopped.  We condemn both forms of murder.  Don't shoot, stab, smack, slap, or suck the arms and legs off of children with suction machines!  Stop the violence!
The last time I talked to Jim was this week, Monday.  I prayed with him over the phone as he was preparing to go talk about Jesus and show pro-life signs in front of Owosso High School, where he was martyred this morning.
-My kids are really grieving and crying.  They all loved Jim, and he them.   - Cal Zastrow
Flip Benham - Director Operation Save America (OSA)
Jim Pouillon was shot and killed at 7:30 am today, (9-11-2009), while ministering the truth to the children of Owosso High School in Michigan.  A lone gunman shot Jim three times in the chest.  He died at the scene.  The gunman is in custody.  The motive for the shooting has not yet been made public.
Jim was a Godly man, a beloved friend of Operation Save America and a dedicated pro-life sidewalk counselor.
Flip Benham, director of Operation Save America, was overwhelmed at the news of Jim's murder. He said, "We knew Jim as 'Jim for Michigan'.  Jim would often call and say 'Hello Flip, this is Jim from Michigan' and go on to tell of his most recent exploits for Jesus at the school, the abortion mill, the Governor's Mansion or anywhere that he could stand up and be a voice for the babies.  'I'd say, God bless you brother' and Jim always answered, 'He already has, I got to talk to you today, brother'."  - Flip Benham

Obama Makes Statement Concerning Tiller Shooting
(Statement Made the Same Day as the Shooting)
Obama 'Shocked and Outraged' by Tiller Shooting
President Obama issued a statement today condemning the shooting death this morning of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller.
Obama said in a statement, "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."
Will Obama make a statement that he is "Shocked and Outraged" by the shooting of this peaceful prolife Christian Jim Poulion?
Pastor Mark E. Holick
Spirit One Christian Center
Wichita, Kansas

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