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Picture Worth a Thousand Words...

 Hat tip to Jeff Rense at Rense.com

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Comment by Joseph Klein
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Sure, libs, we do not expect y'all to believe your lyin' eyes. Wasn't Obama your choice?

Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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 The trash in the bottom is primarily the "schedule of events" papers that were handed out by the millions to the people in the mall...it was a long cold day with all sorts of events occuring on a tight time schedule.

They did not  hand out any papers or schedule of events on that scale  for the "Tea Baggers"...but perhaps the lemmings of the sea 'Tea Baggers" will not logically look at these photos and perhaps get what it is your attempting to say here.

Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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 Well here is a picture on the top that reflects what 60 thousand "tea baggers" total for a very few hours on green grass on a Saturday in Sept.

On the bottom we have a picture reflecting what 2 millon people in the middle of winter who had been massing together for over 24 hrs before the inauguration.

So what is this slanted point from a Craker Nation Photo attempting to say..that 2 million people have more trash than 60 thousand...It doesnt take Einstien to figure that one out... 

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