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Fascism, Boston-Style

I keep wondering, just how stupid are the American people? Pretty dense, apparently, and Massachusetts seems to be well ahead of the curve in boneheadedness.

The Boston fascist brigade is proudly talking about how they're trying out a massive registry and tracking system of people who have received a vaccine. The stated goal, of course, is to protect the public health. If, however, you believe that to actually be the goal, then maybe you should be forced to live in Massachusetts, as punishment for being such a moron.

Whether you approach the thing from practical terms, or from a question of motivations, the stated goal is just plain idiotic, while a more sinister motive is readily apparent.

For starters, if there were actually a dangerous plague spreading around (not the artificially hyped kind, like the swine flu), don't you think everyone in the area would know about it? Of course they would. So if someone was in such an area, and hadn't been vaccinated, it would almost certainly be because he didn't want to be vaccinated, for whatever reason. The database and tracking system would, therefore, serve only one purpose: to help the fascists forcibly vaccinate people (or forcibly imprison people) who didn't want to be vaccinated. If you had a bracelet, the control freaks would know that you're a good little sheep, and would go terrorize someone else.

If people were dropping like flies, from a real epidemic, and if there was a vaccine that would prevent the disease, the public would be lining up for miles to get vaccines for it. You wouldn't need to chase anyone down, or keep massive databases of who had and hadn't received the shot. (There might be a couple dozen people who, on religious grounds, would still refuse to receive shots, but that would hardly require a huge tracking system for the other few million people.)

I recently heard a fascist from the CDC (Collectivist Disease Creators) pitching the vaccine, saying it's safe, and everyone should go get it. So never mind all the doctors who are saying that the vaccine is not only unnecessary, but very dangerous. Why are our loving "protectors" in government trying so hard to sell the vaccine to the masses? If it was actually a cure for a serious disease, it would sell itself. (Do you think that if there was a simple, safe, sure-fire cure to cancer, those in "government" would need to order people to take it?) For any who don't know this (which shouldn't include any readers of FreedomsPhoenix), your standard, garden-variety flu is statistically more lethal than the "swine flu" that we're all supposed to be terrified of. So if you think the Boston fascists, or the federal fascists, are pushing their agenda for your sake, you're a buffoon. This is fear-mongering in its purest form, the goal of which is always to increase authoritarian power. (When's the last time you heard a politician say something like this?: "Wow, this is really serious! We'd better let people be free!")

If there was a benevolent motive behind the scheme, it should be easy to imagine something beneficial about the plan. So, can you? What good would the proposed system do? You'd have a zillion people, some with "obedient slave" bracelets, some without. Unless they're either herding everyone through checkpoints, or doing house to house searches, or using some other form of martial law, how would the control freaks find all the people who don't have the slave bracelets? They couldn't, and wouldn't.

And why track the people who have received the shot? They can't (in theory) get the disease, or give it to anyone else, so who cares where they are? Any moron should begin to realize that the plan has nothing to do with protecting the people from anything; it's about controlling a whole lot of people, Nazi-style, and not for their own good. (As a side not, don't fall for the bullpoop of, "We have the right to forcibly vaccinate you, because if you get the disease you'll pose a risk to everyone else." Nice try, but if they insist that everyone get vaccinated, then no one else could get the disease from an unvaccinated carrier, anyway.)

This is a test of public subservience, to see how easily Americans can be herded around like sheep. If it really got going, you'd have jackboots on every corner, making sure everyone was wearing their little slave bracelet, and arresting anyone who didn't. (It brings to mind a line from the movie, Idiocracy: "Whycome you don't have a tattoo?" Warning: Though that movie is hilarious and painfully accurate, it's also quite rude and vulgar. So kids, you might not want to let your parents watch it.)

When "governments" decide it's time to "manage" populations, whether in a real crisis, or in a made-up one (which is far more common), the results are never pleasant. I, for one, have no intention of being "managed," and I know lots of other people who feel the same. By coincidence, most of those people have guns. If the tyrants are stupid enough to keep pushing this thing, you may start to see a new game becoming popular around the country: "See if you can stick a needle in my child before I blow your damn head off." (I have yet to see a hyperdermic needle that has better long-range accuracy than my Savage .308.)

(P.S. I'm just glad I found a nice route to drive up to New Hampshire from my house without going through Taxachusetts.)

(P.P.S. Anyone who can't see through what the Boston fascists are trying should really read my first book, "How To Be a Successful Tyrant (The Megalomaniac Manifesto).")

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Comment by Joel Turner (15441)
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Boston, Massachusetts..... Not very brite as in light brite stupidity of  1/ 31/ 07 .

Why am I not surprised some state has to be the test bed for this back door entrance to martial law. 

Comment by KdK Klein (24082)
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That poster above me is an ignorant fool.  You are right.  What is the difference between the same individuals crying about the 'holocaust' and being branded by a tatoo (that IBM machines kept track of) and an RFID chip?  Well, for one, it is easier and less of an eyesore... well, one is enough.  Tatooed, branded, slave belt, slave bracelet, implant = totalitarian (or worse) gov. 

Comment by Bruce Leier (15361)
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Great absudist homour!  Very, very funny!