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Brock's Corollary and the Dumpster Torpedo

I have developed a corollary based on my personal observations. It's a simple equation to determine how much security is needed for a particular person.

Sreq = AC + C where:

Sreq = the security required
C = the level of celebrity involved
A = the level of asshattery attributable to the celebrity

As you can see, security requirements increase with both the celebrity and asshattery of the celebrity.

There's a lot of security in Pittsburgh right now, and not much celebrity. Make of that what you will.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the dumpster torpedo:

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Comment by Found Zero
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I'm looking at all the footage I can find and I'm rather proud of the fact that I don't see a single Gadsden flag. Somehow we just know to stay out of violent confrontations. In high school we would have called it a "total heat score".

Comment by Found Zero
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Um....that dumpster was a pretty indiscriminate weapon. That could have really injured somebody. I always thought the primary objective for hippies was getting media attention on the message not hurting people. What I'm seeing looks more like a miltary confrontation.

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