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Your Religion Stinks

Lots of people seem to think that it's good--or at least possible--to keep religion and politics separate. Trouble is, they're both mostly about how other people should be treated, and they almost always conflict. Maybe people try to keep them separate just so they don't have to come face to face with their own internal contradictions and hypocrisy.

Lots of people consider themselves righteous, moral, devout folks, and take pride in how religious they are. I have one simple question for such people: "Do you advocate my enslavement?" They always say no (which is rarely true), and then they usually wonder why I would ask such a thing.

The reason I ask is because their faith and loyalty to "government" usually completely dwarfs, and renders useless, their belief in what they call their religion. If they piously live by the rule of "thou shalt not steal"--except when they're advocating that the state forcibly confiscate wealth from almost everyone they know (via "taxation")--what good is their "religion"? The fact that they don't commit the robbery themselves, but instead beg to "authority" to do it for them, doesn't make them noble; it makes them thieves and cowards (instead of just thieves).

Let me make this perfectly blunt. (If this doesn't offend most people who read it, they weren't reading carefully enough.) If you advocate that "government" treat your neighbors in a way that you wouldn't treat them yourself, you are what's wrong with the world. If you are a Republican or a Democrat (or anything in between), your "religion" is worthless, empty window-dressing. You advocate theft, assault, harassment, terrorism and murder. Of course, when you support such things, you use euphemisms to describe them, such as "taxation," "regulation," "law" and "war."

Even I have to cringe when I say such things, because the statement applies to most of the people I know, even most of the people I like. But friends don't let friends advocate evil. When statist friends and family express horror at what the federal extortion machine did to me and my wife, I don't usually have the heart to say what I should: "Who do you think put that monster there?" Every Republican and Democrat supports a system of massive, forced extortion, which wears the label of "taxation." They may differ on how much it should steal, and how the stolen loot should be spent, but they all believe that "taxation" can be legitimate. And "taxes" are not a request; they are a threat of violence. Therefore, all statists--even the ones I like personally--advocate widespread forcible robbery of hundreds of millions of people.

My wife and I were wrongfully imprisoned and economically almost wiped out by the system that all statists advocate. So when statist friends express sympathy for what Tessa and I went through, I have to bite my tongue not to say, "Why? It was your belief system that put us there."

(There is one possible philosophical "loophole" in our particular case. We didn't actually break the "law," because by the extortionists' own rules, we didn't "legally" owe the "tax" that we didn't pay. So I suppose a statist could say, "Well, if you had actually owed it, then I would have been glad that you were locked up for not complying, but you didn't actually owe it, so I feel bad that you were imprisoned." In other words, they sympathize with us based on a "technicality," not based on a principle.)

Interestingly, I don't think it would ever occur to any of our statist friends that they should feel the slightest shred of responsibility for what was done to us. Ironically, the Republican voters we know seem happy to blame the "pro-tax" leftists for what happened, even though my wife and I were both robbed and wrongfully imprisoned by a "judge" appointed by George Bush and a prosecutor appointed by Bush, with the help of an IRS Commissioner, a Secretary of the Treasury, an Attorney General, and the local U.S. Attorney, all appointed by Bush. Lots of our friends voted for the very monster that stomped on us, and yet they see no connection whatsoever between their actions and what happened to us.

When I see churches trying to get more followers, or otherwise spreading their message, I think, "What's the point? You still advocate that I (and everyone else) be robbed and controlled, so why should I give a damn [pun intended] about what you call your religion?" To put it as bluntly as I can, if what you call your "religion" doesn't stop you from advocating the theft, assault, harassment, terrorism and/or murder of millions of innocent people, then your religion stinks.


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Comment by Curtis Scott
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As others have so eloquently stated here, -I feel that most "religion" is a mindless mantra for many.  And if it wasn't for a great deal of familiarity with Judaism & Christianity -I most likely would be an atheist (or at least a pretty solid agnostic).  I have a background in engineering & computer science; -- & over the last decade -informally the study of law.  I can tell you that I do NOT get along with most "Christians" because I believe that most westernized "Christians" are such by name only -- not in beliefs & certainly not in their deeds.   I believe that Dave Champion shares a similar view.  When I began to follow the tax-honesty movement over a decade ago, I was floored as what I found in fundamental law matched what I had found in the Scriptures & gave such clarification.  As I learned, I was blown away with the number of "Christians" who simply didn't make the connections nor make the right moral choices.  Ironically, Christianity even warns about that very trend!  Furthermore, I found that the Scriptures address the very types of wrongdoing that the IRS (& government in general) routinely engages in.  It seems that there is nothing new under the sun & I can show passages of Scripture written a few thousands years ago that expose the same types of scams being pulled then -that are being pulled today! And government gone-bad (violating basic rights) is always the culprit.  And the commentary from "God's side" when these abuses happen is that "Evil men pervert the spirit of the law".   And the astonishing thing I have found is that the theme of the New Testament is all about having the right attitude & doing the right thing so as not to even need a "law"!  And of course, getting to that point was the very purpose of Messiah & the Spirit of a right-God being placed inside people to reframe new thinking processes & a new nature.  It's so sad that even that simplicity has been ignored & replaced with ignorance & apathy.  I would challenge most Christians to take a close look at the POLITICS in clear operation surrounding the life of Yeshua -- especially what RELIGION & POLITICS COMBINED did to set him up & have him executed -despite complete innocence.  A charge in the Epistles is to EXPOSE the fruitless deeds of darkness.  That's what Jesus was up to in Matt 23 (& elsewhere) & the people he called to the carpet were the RELIGIOUS LEADERS of his day!  Hello!  And then he talks about what they were into ... using the courts to commit fraud & theft ("For you devour widows houses...")! Hello!  Ghandi once said that he'd considered Christianity -had it not been for the Christians he'd met.  Sobering & scathing at the same time! I don't know where men like Larken stand on issues of "God". All I can suggest is that such men let the original texts speak for themselves & not let some huckster in a pointy hat speak for anyone but himself; -& certainly not for ME!  Most of the time, I am embarrassed to be associated with the callous, thoughtless acts of so-called "Christians".  They obviously haven't given enough attention to the "weightier matters of the Torah" like JUSTICE, etc. If there is one thing the life of Larken & Tessa do to "religion" is SHAME IT by living in good faith by the dictates of their own consciences the very examples that the Scriptures extol (yet so few Christians actually obey)!  Thanks LR!     

Comment by Tessa Rose
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To Jim Babb: Jim, you're so wrong. God didn't say "Thou shalt not kill" until long after He flooded the whole planet. You're doing an ex post facto on the guy! :-)

Comment by James Babb
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All religion is based on irrationality and the rejection of logic, reason and evidence. So, who's surprised? If you can except a god that commands "Thou shall not kill!" while flooding the planet, then why not a state that is also above it's own law?

Comment by Denise Bojorquez
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 You're one hundred percent accurate in your assessment Larkin.  There are also many, many so called Christians who will pull out Romans 13 and hide behind it at the mere mention of resistance to government tyranny - What I find amusing about this, is in essence what they are saying is that they care more about their interpretation of the Apostle Paul than they do the direct word of God himself.  They will go on and on about how we must not resist the "proper authority" as that would go against what Paul seems to be saying and completely miss the boat that in doing so they are in direct violation of God's commandments (i.e. thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet they neighbor's goods).  Of course, the apostle Paul never meant that we should adhere to all government edicts, even to the point of disobedience to God, but trying to explain that to most so called Christians today is an exercise in futility. Hiding behind something is so much easier.

However, Larkin, please do not confuse the invalid actions of so many of these "religious" people with a flaw in the religion itself.  True Christianity does not and never will condone the theft of one person's property for the benefit of another.  The problem really lies in the fact that there are very few "true" Christians out there anymore who are truly willing to live up to their stated beliefs...but I guess that that was the point of your article. 

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the sacrifice you and your family made to stand up for the ideals that this country was founded on.  The country would be a much better place if there were more people with your courage and conviction.

Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Excellent article.  Most people's religion does stink.  What I find interesting is we are involved in a spiritual war and the Government / BORG is the Parasite that we are at war with.  The Parasite is very sneaky it must remain undetected else it will be shaken off by the host...US.   I like to think of the government as a religion of the cult of the omnipresent state.  This cults allows other "religions" to exist and the reason they do this is to divert people's attention away from the Cult of the omnipresent state.  As the cults religion is subliminal except when it becomes overt when it brings to bear its mechanisms to bear at you when you cross it.