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Thoughts On Alcohol & Marijuana - by Sheryl Jackson

I have been a medical and recreational user for the last forty-five years or so.  
There are many myths and stories around marijuana that are perpetuated by the churches...and the fact that alcohol is legal.    
Alcohol is an instant disinhibitor. It is the only drug on the planet that causes complete moral decay in less than four hours. Heroin, cocaine, ecstacy, meth, crack, and the various derivatives take weeks, months, or even years to create the moral decay that four 80% shots provide in several hours. It is insanity to drink alcohol, now that it is all genetically modified swilll.  
Alcohol is responsible for more stupidity, deaths, violence both publicly and domestically, rape and sexual crimes of heinous and brutality that is not printable. I worked at Atascadero State Hospital for ten years and every patient I interviewed was drinking at the commission of their crimes. Some stupid and some beyond words to express.    
Alcohol is the "shot of courage" that most need to carry out their nefarious plans, and being inebriated makes one incapable of rational thinking or judgement. Playing chicken with deadly weapons such as cars is a "sport" of young drinkers. Most people refuse to allow someone else to drive when they are drunk and stupid. Like Laura Bush at the age of 17 when she killed one of her own friends playing chicken with trucks.  
Alcohol causes more divorces, heartaches and crime than any other drug in this countryl.  
It is mixed with genetically modified ingredients from the Monster of Monsanto, and it is giving people cancer. Cancer is the pandemic, this county has an 85% cancer death rate. I have been watching this for the last five years. Call the county coroner, call the funeral homes, read the obits daily. Healthy fit people all dying of cancer. How healthy and fit is that?  
I stopped drinking in l976, and the entire civilized world is a better place for my having done so. Alcohol allows people to do what they think about. There is very little that I personally will not say or do, so why pour gas on a big fire? I never controled alcohol, it controlled me. Causing me to let my self be mean, hateful and physically assaultive. However, I would point out that back in the day, barfighting was an "indoor sport" that we referred to as Friday and Saturday nite. When cowboys get together and play there are going to be fisticuffs.  
Marijuana is a leaf of a plant that anyone can grow. It does not require anything but water, sun, a little wind and trimming. Marijuana affects one's vision the most. I can see leaves on plants that I can barely see when I am not "stoned". Marijuana does not give one a feeling of being King Kong and omnipotent. It makes you relax, and want to sit and do something creative, or to just lower the stress of one's day, by just relieving one of anxiety and stress. It does not make you want to go hurt people, it does not make you want to have sex with strangers, like alcohol does. It does enhance the sexual response with just plain stress relief. Marijuana is especially good for women, because it is often difficult to relax when you have children around.    
I say that marijuana alters the introccular pressure of the eyes giving one clear vision and clarity of thinking. Alcohol does not. Marijuana does not really contribute to crime because marijuana smokers want to leave important things like robbing banks and killing your neighbors until "tomorrow". Everything is on hold. Most of the people I know will not drive their cars when they are smoking. "No way, am I going to 7/11 in the car, you want pepsis and doritos, take a walk, I am not driving, I am too loaded."    
Marijuana is the big bugaboo of the drug industry. The Big Pharma/Food industrialists do not want marijuana to be legal, because it is knocking the heck out of their cancer treatment drugs. The cure for cancer is worse than the disease.    
For those who say marijuana is a "GATEWAY DRUG", are the ones who did not enjoy the quiet and non mind altering of marijuana. They want to drink until they are stupid and that is the horror of alcohol. Every "stop and rob" at every freeway entrance is a place to procure alcohol and get back on the highway.  
For a focus of "healthy and fit", this country is sure off and to the right when it comes to alcohol. I think that all drugs should be legalized and taxed. I do not believe that any of them should be taxed any more than alcohol, but I believe that alcohol should be taxed by the price. Eighteen dollars for a bottle of genetically modified swill, should have a tax of eighteen dollars. That would certainly get us out of the red and into the black both nationally and statewide. Why should the CIA and the vile and evil drug lords get to have the money?  
Those who do drugs, are going to do drugs. Those who do not do drugs are not going to be standing in line to get their clean needles and little packets of Heroin or whatever.      
Oregon and Alaska both decriminalized marijuana back in the seventies and they finally had to make it a misdemeanor because crime had gone down so much. They needed revenue for their states. Holland and several other Eu countries have had legal hash and marijuana bars for decades. Crime is down in those countries also.  
Quite actually, though since crime is the biggest industry in this country and state, I do not believe that it will be over with the legalization of marijuana. The big Pharma/Food coporations that run this country are not ready to give up too much of their power and do not want it to be legal.      
Crime employs lawyers, doctors, rehab therapists, cops, sheriffs, fireman, nurses, journalists, ancillary staff for all of these groups and their food supplies. Ninety per cent of the crimes are committed by 10% of the criminals. They are the ones who get the plea bargains. So they are back out on the streets doing their thing, which sells alot of security systems.  
Sheryl Jackson    
I am just One Loon Ranting.

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Comment by Gia Cosindas
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I think you're on to something with the medical establishment being opposed to the legalization of marijuana. Not just the benefits that those with cancer receive from the plant, but since stress is the real killer behind most diseases, think of what legalization will do to the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, I think legalization is inevitable.