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Scott Decker

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The Economics and Politics of Health Care Reform

I watched this mildly informative, but very entertaining debate on the healthcare issue held at Duke University Law School on September 17, 2009 between Professors Barak Richman and Guy-Uriel Charles.  We are to assume the speakers are authorities in the subject matter because they are members of academia and have lots of letters after their names.  Personally, I found both men bright and entertaining enough to hold my interest for the 45 minute presentation.
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Comment by Jim Bennett
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            There was an era before the high cost of medical education, when doctors out of a sense of sworn duty and Christian charity, unprogramed, charged patients what the felt they could afford to pay. (making health care affordable – before the era of preservatives and hormones additives in foods, the cause of most ailments.)


            Today Doctors coming out of internship are in debt up to $150,000 and have to charge high prices for medical care to pay off their education debts.  After the debts are paid, it goes for easy living with high fees for specialization  and hi-tech equipment, not the simply doctors office, but a factory assembly-line processing. In truth, each patient becomes an “account” a life long guaranteed income.


            Enter the concept of  free education to eliminate the education debts.  The federal government’s only role is to stop all FOREIGN AID;  stop all FOREIGN WARS (PROTECT OF SHORES ONLY); reduce MILITARY SPENDING; DOWNSIZE GOVERNMETN OPERATIONS IN ALL DEPARTMENT.


            Using these savings funds, all medical education is free to relieve medical students the burden of medical education.   Upon becoming doctors and choosing they locations, they are to band together to organize in their home districts all  citizens and classify them by their family incomes. (income tax returns)(empoyers payroll records)(economic status of self declared incomes and expenses per year.)


            The doctors will then charge for each visit according to ability to pay based on this established scale.  Viola! Automatic universal health care at affordable prices.  No government/socialist schemes involved.



Comment by Jim Bennett
Entered on:


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    For the socialists government to provide at all levels services for the even
    increasing numbers of Americans (and illegal immigrants) who have been left
    behind as their employers restructure and reduce the work force. This drives
    manufacturing jobs overseas, "outsourcing" to both produces marketable goods and
    protects their capital investments. The goal of NWO is to bankrupt the USA, and
    these business men see the writing on the wall.
    In the end, something more important than the success or failure of specific
    legislative, economic or political proposals in Washington is at stake. Adequate
    response to the deep underlying structural problem of American society must come
    from the people themselves, from outside Washington. The problem is not the
    government, the government is the problem. It needs back to grassroots
    participation, we need a strong leader to revive the real movers and shakers,
    Ross Perot's old grassroots organization, UNITED WE STAND before NWO people
    instituted disruption and dissent.
    The big factor in economics during a depression (or even a recession) is the
    loss of jobs. Throughout the nation the cut back after the cold war in the space
    and defense industries. The for instance is California and New England. (1.5
    for California, 2.2 for New England)(Times the unemployment of other sections)
    Defense cuts in the early 1990's were expected to continue for the next ten
    years. An estimated 2-1/2 million workers will have lost their jobs. The
    inherent fault here is the globalist. George Washington recommended "No foreign
    entanglements" and it was those war years of "entanglements" in Korea, Nam, the
    Balkans, Iraq and the Middle East, financial and arms support for Israel and now
    the Muslim war, all really no business of the United States. We have two vast
    oceans to help protect our shores, technology to protect our welfare, we need
    policy to stay at home and mind our own business. If we protected American
    businesses they would not move off shore and all those jobs would be protected
    with high tariffs to protect American products, goods and services. Our elected
    officials are unknowingly being manipulated by outside forces and it is the
    American taxpayer who suffers with out-of-control national debt and
    insurmountable trade deficits and a socialist government that borrows-and-spends
    without heed of budgets, every increasing federal payroll (the size of
    government) and galloping inflation, all the proscribed program to bankrupt
    That is indeed an entire full book on what foreign adventures are proscribed by
    the globalist. They are all taught that in the college years by the
    democrat/liberal/socialist professors and that carry over into a way of life in
    ONE HAS TO GO ALONG. To get along means jobs and careers, political and power
    stature such as McNamara and Kissinger, Atkinson and Bernard Beruck but most of
    all the Jewish lobby and population that supports Zionism and Israel. THE
    OVERSEAS. All the money spend on military since 1945 could well have been
    spent on technological developments for alternative energy so USA will not
    depended on
    The clutches of OPEC and the requirements for oil. There are such things as
    home electric generating systems, wind and solar power, thermal power, sea power
    and the never ending fuel Hydrogen.
    Two examples: The Nuclear Family concept of social welfare and management, not
    from the top down, but from the bottom up. Each county in the country is
    designated "Nuclear Family" to manage and administer all social needs,
    unemployment insurance, crime and prisons (with 90% home arrest instead of the
    institutional prisons); welfare and entitlements, social security and Health
    care* (see below) this is downsizing government and giving it back to the people
    at the grass roots level, mostly staffed with volunteers (the qualified
    "retired") this not massive civil service contingent that amounts to a huge cya
    voting bloc.
    (1) Forego all foreign entanglements, foreign wars, foreign assistance
    (2) Use that military expendature money to pay medical students tuition to
    medical school so doctors will not be indebted. No free education, but minimal
    costs. Next to nothing. Highly screened applicants.
    (3) All graduating Doctors are honor bound to treat all patients in their area
    of residence according to ability to pay.
    (4) Human services will screen all residence to establish ability to pay based
    on income and wealth status.
    (5) Severe penalties for failure of doctors to honor and participate unless they
    pay for their own education.
    (6) Wake up America, take back your country before it is too late!
    An example of Federal spending(an example for all departments): In 1965, the
    budget for health care was 4.2 precent of the total budget. In 1990 it was up to
    17.9 percent. By the year 2000 it is expected to be 30 percent. Add to this the
    soaring interest on the national debt (2009) at 2-billion dollars a day!, the
    national defense and there will not be much left for other quality of life
    items. Unless of course, taxes are increased.

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