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Like a Treadmill

I am so tired of this treadmill !
I am so tired of this treadmill !


For years now I have seen the same people doing the same thing over and over, talk talk talk.. Nothing more than a lot of words on paper. I feel like I am on a treadmill like a hamster in a wheel. Going round and round, no matter what we do or plan people are either too scared, lazy or stupid to realize our time is nearing the end.

The end of this country we all claim to love and respect, vow to protect and defend, well folks it is time to stop with the words and start with some activity. Anything would be better than what we have now. Just forget your possessions, your money, your job, everything. None of these things are permanent especially now.. How long do you think you will be warm and cozy in your little computer room banging out all of those patriotic posts, forwarding all those inane messages to people who simply delete most of them anyway if the Government is allowed to continue on in the way it is now?

Daily we get news of new laws and bills which take us farther and farther down the pit to slavery, poverty and absolute death to most of us.

Can you not see?

If you do see what are you doing to prepare for it? What are you actually doing other than posting on the groups and blogs just passing along more words. Words cannot save us now.

Where are all those militant groups that hated everyone? Where are the militia, where are the National Guardsmen who are supposed to be in our states protecting us from destruction both from the outside and inside? Who will fire the Shot heard round the world this time? Our military is under the control of the UN and the globalists. You don't think so? Bet on it. The fellows that will not obey the orders against the American people are sent overseas, accidentally killed, commit suicide, become ill, they are not allowed to continue to be a threat to the Global Overlords. Look at the military in your area, how many white, American clean shaven faces do you see? How did illegal aliens become members of our military, learning all we can teach about warfare, survival and obedience? Our Military is contaminated and corrupt as our Government is.

There is no unity among the American people, we have been brainwashed into Political Correctness and have no sense of pride in what we are any longer. We are not the proud American Steel Worker, Bridge builder, Construction worker, Mechanic, Farmer, Rancher that we were in the past. We are all under the thumb of the government through either the social services, who control our children with the power they have been given, by us, not the government or the government with the programs they offer and we gladly accept as it is free.

Everyone is regulated in one way or another. We have so many data bases we are all on it instills fear and dread if we think about going outside the line. We have social security numbers, drivers license numbers, credit card numbers, permits to drive, work, live.

With the Cap and Trade bill and Clean Water Acts, we are no longer even in control of our food and water. How much are the American people going to take? Now there is talk of turning our sovereignty over to the world.

I am not sorry, I am not going to ever accept being a third world resident, I will never give up my pride in myself and give up my right to travel freely in my own country, to grow my own food, to drink my own water without their deadly additives which make people stupid and easily controlled.

I think in reality we are lost, too many have been fed the GMO's and Fluoride until their brains simply do not work unless they are told what to do and when. The TV has been the worst invention of the past century giving us Entertainment. That is all this country considers newsworthy now... Nascar, Wrestling, Dancing with the Stars, Football, Base Ball... Remember when Football was a real thing, parents flocked to the fields to watch their children play a game, supported their school teams and had fun with it but it was not a way of life. Now the players are paid more than a King just to sport around on a field or basketball court playing a game. We as Americans cheer on these paid idiots, and pay their salaries with our ticket and collectible buying.

Can you stop? Will you stop?

Parents send their children to a school that teaches babies how to masturbate ? That having two daddy's is normal? That being Gay is good? The Bible is not allowed nor is prayer yet the Muslims can have a moment of silence during the school day for their prayer time? Where is our God in all of this? He is sitting on the side line watching and waiting for someone to stand up and say enough. This is wrong, This is not AMERICAN. This is not Christian.

The white house flies the Chinese flag? Has a Muslim Prayer day? Where is the Christian Prayer day? ( it was cancelled).

We deserve all we get for allowing this country to become what it is today. So sit behind your computer, write another nice politically correct message and send it out into cyber space, it won't last long, it will soon be so regulated you will not be able to forward all those posts and chain letters without a special permit. That may be one of the good things that is happening. Perhaps more people will spend more time actually thinking and realize what is going on and maybe just maybe get off their chairs and stand up and do something. Anything,

We have become a society of robots. Doing what someone says is correct and allowing our own judgement to be suppressed into oblivion.

I hope some of you are waking up and turning off the TV, thinking, wondering what it used to be like to be a Proud American, what was it like to be in charge of your lives and children. If you are you need to start a movement even in just your neighborhood, Join with others and make a group that will work together and start preparing for the real onslaught which is about to take place. Food will become a major force in the control of the nation, store up enough food to last for a couple of years, make sure you have water without the chemicals which keep you under control. Drill a community well, don't drink the city or county water. Don't obey the orders, simply say NO. Be prepared to educate your own children, Take control of their lives and yours.

Find old books, ones that have not been gutted to fit the new awareness, see what has been taken out of the history books, Read and learn, see what you have allowed to happen in your world while you were so engrossed in making more money, getting a bigger home, fancy car, stylish clothing, your little electronic devices... All the energy you have expended and all of the liberties you have allowed to evaporate during your mission to keep up with the Jone's are simply a waste of your life and time as they will not last, nothing will last that is so blatantly false.

What will last?

The only lasting item is FREEDOM. Our ancestors died for it for us. Our Father let his Son die for the freedom for us to practice the religion of our choice and be free from the world of sin and debauchery.

Will you die for your children? Would you die for your spouse? Think about it. I bet you would take the chance of dying if someone broke into your home and was stealing your big Screen TV or other precious item, but you sit there posting and allow your children and spouse slowly die with all the poisons being eaten, medication being doled out for diseases that are man made and mostly fiction, But... after all there is Viagra and Cialis so your fun time is expanded no matter how tired or worn out your body is from all the phony medications and treatments given by those life saving members of the Medical profession... After all Sex, Football and Nascar are so important, especially in the lives of those that are mentally aberated by the new world organizers.

Please start forming your groups, this is your only chance to survive and to allow your children to live a relatively free life. Store your supplies, arm yourself and be ready to fight for our Country.

Find groups that will work together and stand tall against tyranny and deceit. This is our only way to survive and live to build America back to what our ancestors set up for all of us to enjoy.

Build Intentional communities or join one. We have one in Texas, there should be some in every state. We have 500 acres where people can live and work towards a clean life that is healthy and honest. We will be growing everything we eat, raising our own animals and feeding them with food we raise not the poison feed that is sold for animals now.

We have all we need and will succeed. You can do the same and we will all be able to unite and make this country what is should be not what it is sinking to.

I have no doubt that I will never see the fruit of my labor with this community but the people there will continue on and make it work. I have no desire to live in a world governed by the Elite. I have no desire to see the destruction of my Country and it's morals and Constitution. I have no desire to gather riches or to be famous. If I died today I will have missed nothing. I have lived a very full life and a good one. I was never rich and I was never poor but had all I needed and raised my family with the values that were mine not those of a idiot government.

If I disappear from this earth remember my words. Remember the past. Remember when men were men and women were wives and Mothers. Remember when the Flag was honored and prayers did not have to be hidden. Remember when Santa Claus was good and Christmas was fun. Remember Thanksgiving and what it stands for.

Look forward. Examine the motives of the Congress and Senate. What are they there for? What are they doing? Who is profiting? Why are you paying them to give away your wealth, your country and your freedom?

Who will fire the first shot? Who will stand up behind them? Who will retake Washington? Who will abolish all the laws and perks given to our Representatives by themselves for themselves?

Remember what tar and feathers are for. Remember hanging is for traitors.

Where is the hanging tree on the front lawn of the White house?

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