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"The Private CIA" - who/what is KROLL, and why did NYC Mayor Bloomberg hire them to spy on

So as I'm going through my email today, I read a small news notice about the undercover video shot of gunshows in Ohio and elsewhere that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg commissioned to have done. You've heard about these covert video recordings, showing how easily "the gunshow loophole" allows people to buy guns.
You may have assumed that it was NY investigators; either cops or officials in some sort of capacity,...who shot or gathered the video.

But it was a private contractor. As in,...a profit-driven group who had reason to make their employer (Bloomberg) happy.
Now of course, there is nothing wrong with free enterprise and profit-based endeavors, nor with gov't using private contractors where officials or officers might not be best suited to a task.
But look at KROLL International a little more closely, and the hairs start to go up on your neck and your "Spidey-Sense" begins to tingle.
KROLL is a LARGE  supplier of all manner of gear to the law enforcement and prison industries. They also have a private investigations and corporate threat assessment division. (Gee,...if you want to get the contracts for NYC police and jail gear, what better way than to make Bloomberg happy?!) More than that, KROLL supplies the lion's share of prison gear to the US Military. Abu Garib prisoners wear Kroll's orange jumpsuits, as do those in Guantanamo Bay. But it goes deeper. Among the things I have found in just a few minutes of snooping online;.....
1991 kroll hired by kuwait to investigate Saddam's finances;
1992 kroll -advising enron;
97-98 teamsters union elections;
1993-2001 responsible for security at World Trade Center (which ought to concern those who question what REALLY happened)

Due to activities like these, long before 9/11, KROLL earned the moniker of "The Private CIA".
Below is some more info on KROLL.



What does all this mean? Well,...perhaps nothing at all. Perhaps what we saw in those video clips was exactly as it appeared. Perhaps KROLL International really was impartial. Perhaps nobody in the company was obsessed with pleasing the media mogul billionaire mayor of the nation's largest city who controls the purse strings of a very important customer. Perhaps it didn't occur to anyone at KROLL how much money they could lose by not delivering to Bloomberg what he expected and demanded. Perhaps nobody was tempted to stage anything.