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Was Major Hasan A "Jolly" Man?


 Major Nidal Hasan, age 39, has a history of well-documented deep rooted psychological problems. He wasn't married, had few friends, his parents died approximately a decade ago, he was estranged from his brothers, he was a self-professed loner and he had experienced psychological problems in his previous psychiatric training programs.

We all know that psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan, as the army major who is responsible for slaughtering 13 unarmed people, and wounding another 31 on November 5th, 2009. And now questions are surfacing about the likelihood that Hasan was his own patient who was treating himself psychotropic drugs, likely of the antidepressant variety. Given his psychological profile, it is very likely that he was indeed self-medicating. This possibility seems raises a whole host of interesting questions which never seems to be asked by the Lame Street Media who are owned and controlled by the military and medical industrial complexes.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have a lot of answers on what we can do to stem this senseless of tide of violent behavior which was almost nonexistent only a generation ago. I do, however, have many questions which need to honestly investigated and answered.  

Why is it that as recently as 30-40 years ago, our children could safely play in the front yards of their American homes and largely be safe from the dangers confronting children today? Why are child abductions, suicides, homicides and other violent enacting behaviors greatly increasing? In a potentially related link, I wonder why is today’s drinking water which has been proven to be laced with Prozac (London Observer | August 8 2004 ) and why is this not being investigated by the media?  Why are not credible government agencies exploring these obvious links between our psychotropically polluted drinking water and the dramatic increase of serial shootings in recent decades? More importantly, why hasn’t the government launched a massive movement to eradicate this unwarranted threat?

Why did the Army originally report that the accused serial killer Major Nidal Malik Hasan was dead? Why did Texas Governor, Rick Perry, clearly state that there were three shooters instead of the now reported one shooter? (Is there a grassy knoll at Ft. Hood?). I’m not sure of the why, but there is much more to the Ft. Hood case than meets the eye.

Why are many dangerous anti-depressants (e.g., Prozac) and various anti-psychotics still dispensed to patients despite the black box warnings related to violent enacting behavioral side-effects?

Why hasn’t there been a public/government outcry since pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly, fully acknowledged a staggering 1200% increase in suicide risk for consumers of the Eli Lilly manufactured Prozac. This stunning revelation came in the wake of findings published in the British Medical Journal  which clearly established the link between violent behavior (i.e., towards self and others) and taking the drug. Why is this dangerous drug still being prescribed while the government sits on its hands? 


 Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 fellow students in a shooting rampage, was taking antidepressant drugs. The infamous Columbine shootings have anti-depressants as a prominent feature in the lives of the two perpetrators.


 Why is it wherever we see school workplace violence,  antidepressant drugs seem to found at the scene of the crime?    

Why wasn’t the link between the late psychiatrist and brainwashing expert, Louis “Jolly” West, and Timothy McVeigh and Sirhan ever been explored? Why hasn’t Dr. West’s Black Ops, mind control work much of it based on drug therapy, ever been explored in relation to the heinous acts of these two notorious figures? Since West was the psychiatrist of record for both McVeigh and Sirhan, why wasn’t West’s ground breaking research on brainwashed American POW’s from the Korean War era ever brought into question in either of these two cases as a possible mitigating factor on why Sirhan cannot remember the details of his actions? Did you know that Dr. West  visited Tim McVeigh 18 times while in prison? Why? Did you know that Dr. West was also the psychiatrist employed by the government to evaluate the “mental condition” of Jack Ruby after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald?  Did you know that West played a prominent role in the CIA’s drug induced mind control experiments? Why weren’t the interconnections between these links ever explored?

Why hasn’t Jason Rodriguez’s, the serial killer who murdered two and wounded six on November 6, 2009, mental state and medication history been a topic of discussion in the Lame Street Media? And now it is confirmed that Rodriguez was on psychiatric medications when he went on the infamous shooting spree in an Orlando office building. Fox News reported that the former mother-in-law of Rodriguez stated that "He was under medication ...for control of the brain."  http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=a_LJM2uCBQQ   

Dr. West’s Black Ops road involving psychotropic drugs and mind control and the causal link between psychotropic drugs and violent behavior may seem to travel two different roads. However, one has to ask why the possible links between these two seemingly unrelated topics are not being fully examined given the fact that the Columbine, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, et al shooters use the same kinds of drugs utilized by the Black Ops MKULTRA mind control crowd . Is it some kind of diversion? After all, the media is talking about Ft. Hood more than we are the potential passage of Pelosicare.

As Rush Limbaugh once put it, why is it we only seem to see serial killings on the eve of important legislation considerations (e.g., gun control, health care)?

One last set of questions: Where have all the investigative journalists gone? Main Stream Media: Are they Watchdogs or Lapdogs?



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Comment by Paul Donovan
Entered on:

 One more comment about the shooting in fort hood. I just commented on the drugs for depression but left out the real reason he is different from the rest.He is a terrorist and had been lying in wait for the right time to perform his duty to the cause of his religion.The muslims are here for one reason only to destroy our great nation.When he yelled alla ackbar before he started shooting he left no doubt. Please read more on the topic.Read THEY MUST BE STOPPED. By Brigette Gabrille and check out actforamerica.org to learn more about how the muslims are going to take us over. Please read if you care about saving our country. Your all great Patriots thanks.

Comment by Paul Donovan
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You might just have something there. Psychotropic drugs seem to be rampant in people these days.Prozac ect in our kids lives is everyday stuff and people are too busy to watch there kids so tv or video games are the norm for the baby sitter.It seems that the latch key kids were the start of our problems.When big government found that if the mom goes to work, they could double the tax base.And presto more money for even bigger government. Funny how things work when you finally wake up and shut off the T.V. media mind control and bad liars in the news. The news seem to be the voice of the big government. Whats with that? 

Comment by tracy brown
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"We all know that psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan, as the army major who is responsible for slaughtering 13 unarmed people, and wounding another 31 on November 5th, 2009."

Uh, not "all" of us "know" this 'fact.'  Hasan had a Belgian semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine that holds 20 bullets. Reports are that 100 shots were fired.  Therefore, Hasan reloaded as many as five times and everyone merely waited around for him to reload each time?  Reports are of two, possibly three, gunmen.  One theory is that these gunmen may have been deployment resisters and that Hasan was negotiating for them and got caught in the crossfire.

The issue of dangerous Rx drugs is an important one.  But don't mix it up with the 'official' story of what supposedly occurred at Fort Hood - the 'official' government story of so many incidents turns up false.  Think 9/11. 

Comment by Mike Bollinger
Entered on:

This is from a friend of mine the does radio in Durango, CO. I think he is exactly right.

as long as american mainstream media makes rock stars out of these mass murdering psychopaths...they will continue to murder & maim us. cover the news...but why must we see the faces and read the inner thoughts of these pathetic crazy loners! silence the buzz on these killers & the next guy won't have a reason to kill anyone! (because his only possible shot at fame has been extinguished forever)

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