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Don't Start the Revolution if Stephen Gordon Knows About It

Of all the things I'd ever imagine coming from the former National Libertarian Party mouthpiece, “as soon as I found this, I notified the FBI,” would have to hang on the lower rung of the totem pole.

My nephew and his wife (who recently got out of the Army) live in the Fort Hood area.  After calling to see if they are all okay, I hit Facebook and Twitter to see if I could obtain some additional information.  That’s when I found this tweet:
    “Fort Hood = Mission Accomplished.”
Here are some others from the same user:
    Another: “Fort Hood, you deserved it. Next time, learn to dodge bullets, nubs.”
    Another: “I’d nuke Fort Hood to clean that mess up.”
    Another: “We were aiming for 9 to 11, apparantly our dear hero Scott has execded our expetations at Fort Hood and certainly over-performed! haha!”
    Finally: “I say they went easy on them. I woulda burned their corpses and cut their head off at Fort Hood.”
The user name is Glenn Yu, he calls himself SpicyHam, and he indicates that he’s from Canada.
As soon as I found this, I notified the FBI
. Shortly thereafter, television news indicated that one of the shooters was an Army major, so it’s unlikely this Twitter user was involved.  Whether he was or wasn’t, he’s certainly a sick s.o.b

Under what circumstances would you talk to the FBI?

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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What a bunch of shizzle that is.  "Never call 9-11.  This means you.  NEVER CALL 9-11!"

Comment by Powell Gammill
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There are many fine people in government.

"Under what circumstances would you talk to the FBI?"

When they are in my cell . . . .  I'd demand my attorney.

There are many fine people in government.  But even more who are not so fine.   Never, ever talk to the government!   Snitch.

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