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Meet the New Animal House: Arizona’s Republican Legislators (Part Two)


After my last editorial regarding the legislature’s handling of the funding for public education, those people (e.g., Eric New and Judy Murphy) that would sacrifice the future of our children and the careers of their most experienced teachers have come out of the woodwork to suggest that the radical right wing legislative republicans (i.e., corporate welfare advocating socialists) should indeed cut the state’s budget deficits on the backs of our children along with the poorly paid professionals who selflessly help these children to build a future. I find it amazing that any politically aware citizen with an IQ higher than room temperature would advocate for the continuance of the Arizona corporate welfare state within a state in which Detroit is better off financially than Phoenix and this is occurring as Arizona leads the country in per capita state budget deficits! And where will the hundreds of millions of dollars cut from K-12 education end up? Are you educational detractors expecting a tax rebate, street improvements or even help your with your underwater mortgages? It’s too early for Santa and the Tooth Fairy is not coming.

The Arizona State Legislature and the rest of the state’s republicans are the best friends of the state’s corporate welfare state and in first place among this group are the developers (e.g., The 49’s and the Phoenix Forty and Westmarc). Whether it is the free enterprise zones courtesy of the socialist tax breaks for the real estate developers, courtesy of Westmarc (i.e., Westmarxist), or it is the use of public money to help Fighter Country Partnership wage a massive propaganda program in order that the F-35 will come to Luke Air Force Base. Corporate welfare spending in Arizona is plentiful and growing despite the fiscal condition of Arizona. Meanwhile this brand of corporate welfare, that would bring the ear crushing F-35 to Luke Air Force Base is being done with all the powers-that-be knowing that the plane produces noise levels between 105-130 decibels from which the Center for Disease Control says will cause permanent hearing loss ( at 96 decibels) and neurological damage (at 106 decibels). The City of El Mirage retired Federal Aviation Administration noise consultants state that tens of thousands of West Valley residents will be forced to flee their homes, when the F-35 is deployed to Luke in 2013. See the lawsuits emanating out of Valpariso, Florida (www.valp.org) on the F-35 and one can quickly see the developing fraud and danger to public health ocurring all in the name of government sponsored corporate welfare. This public relations scam and abuse of the public trust is being perpetrated with your tax dollars in order that the corporate fat cats and their republican minions will benefit at the expense of others. Despite these abuses and other abuses (e.g., photo radar, etc.), the Arizona corporate welfare state rolls on and we actually still have adults who think that stealing from our kids’ futures is a good idea.

By the way, a few years ago, John Nelson (R-District 12) killed a bill which would have disallowed all corporate welfare, in his committee, as Nelson stated “I think government has learned its lesson.” Really, John? During the next year, Phoenix offered Citynorth $100 million dollars to build a parking garage at a local mall while cutting back on police and fire services. Did you know that the Arizona Legislature, by a vote of 53-1 is embarking on a path of implementing tolls on roads that Arizonans have already paid for with their hard earned tax dollars? If we follow the lead set forth in the implementation of toll roads, in Texas, some foreign king, or some gigantic global corporation will reap the benefits by making Arizona’s citizens pay through the nose to travel on roads that we have already paid for with our tax dollars.

So, let’s greatly reduce the only valuable form of public welfare, the education of Arizona’s children, so that these violations of the public trust can continue unabated.

Arizona is not only near the top in government sponsored corporate welfare,  Arizona lead the nation in the social misery index for its citizens. For example, Arizona has the dubious distinction of leading the country, and at times, even the world in teen suicide rates. Also, Arizona is dead last in mental health care spending as our indigent mentally ill would be better off becoming delusional in Puerto Rico than in the streets of Phoenix as our mental illness rates lead the country. Further, our divorce rate is among the highest in the country. Additionally, our childhood poverty rate is among the highest in the country. Sadly, our educational achievement is the lowest in the country as we can no longer proclaim “Thank goodness for Mississippi.” In short, our social misery rates lead the country as we are still waiting for Darwin to first appear and convince the knuckle dragging republicans that quality education and the elimination of the corporate welfare state are part of the way out of the abyss of these and other social miseries. Does anyone else see the inverse relationship between government sponsored corporate welfare and social misery? Is creating less education really the way out of this morass of human suffering?

To all who openly advocate for the abandonment of our children before first cleaning up Arizona’s massive socialist corporate welfare state, I would like to let you know that I am reading your words of discouragement while sitting in the smallest room of my house. Soon, your words will be behind me.


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Comment by Dave Kopp
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Now that we've covered all the mandatory AEA talking points, would you care to mention exactly what percentage of the state budget is consumed by corporate welfare? Not that anyone outside of the capitol crowd is in favor of it anyway, but why not throw it out there? Especially considering that public education consumes 55% of the discretionary budget?

Inquiring minds and all ...

Comment by Freed Radical
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Don't put words in my mouth, Dave. I never said I was in favor of corporate welfare or subsidizing business at all. I vehemently oppose corporate welfare socialism as much as I oppose educational welfare socialism. As a LIBERTARIAN, I oppose both for the exact same reason--Stealing money at the point of gun (known as "taxation" to you statists) is theft. Just as mall developers and sports team owners should pay 100% of the cost of building their facilities (with no special tax favors thrown in), parents who choose to have children should pay for their education, just as they should pay to feed, clothe, and house their children. Or are you suggesting that the taxpayer should cover all these expenses too? I've liked some of your other columns (20 minutes with Obama was great!), but on the education issue you are take the socialist position. Your continued bleating, "IT'S FOR THE CHIILLLLLLDREN" would be much more relevant in the Arizona Repugnant than on a Libertarian website.. I'll take care of my children, Dave, and I expect everyone else to do them same. If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em! Government indoctrination camps are designed to make children ignorant, compliant drones for the corporate state you claim to abhor. They have been very successful in achieving their goal. No more money is needed for "education," but the unionized teachers and "administrators" scamming the taxpayers will never admit it because that would be the end of their free ride on the gravy train. I'd lay even odds you may be a member of the educrat class. Actually, I just checked your bio, and it appears you are an educrat who suckles on the government teat. It all depends on whose ox gets gored... Eric New

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