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Fascist Pigs AND Cowardly Wimps

A while ago I posted a series of articles titled "Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs?" Here are all seven parts:

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And the conclusion, as demonstrated by various examples, was that those who act as mercenaries for the politicians (while pretending to be "protectors") are not our friends, care nothing about individual rights, and make society more dangerous, not safer. Well, now I'd like to add something to that. Not only are American "police" fascist pigs, they're also wimps. These days more and more "law enforcers" are nothing more than thugs on a power trip--and several former police officers have agreed with me on this. Like most bullies, cops tend to be total cowards.

Why do uneducated, relatively stupid young men join street gangs? Because the pack gives them a feeling of power--something they didn't have on their own. If you're in the biggest, toughest, baddest gang, it's easy to hide your personal cowardice. And that's exactly why a lot of people become "law enforcers" these days: because it's the biggest street gang around, and they know that whatever they do, the rest of the gang will "have their backs." If you have any doubts about this, you can watch the following series of videos:

The Largest Street Gang in America

But I've talked plenty about police thuggery before. This time, the topic is police cowardice. To me, the phrase that really sums up what a bunch of wimpy pansies the cops really are is "assaulting an officer." You see, after they beat you up, they run crying home to mommy--"the government"--to say you started it, and to ask mommy to beat you up some more. What bravery! What courage!

These days, what "assaulting an officer" usually means is, "We stopped you without a good reason, interrogated you without justification, searched your stuff without a warrant or probable cause, and then beat the hell out of you when you didn't happily lick our boots ... and that makes you a criminal."  If you look at all the police abuse videos on the internet, in most cases the victim gets charged with "assaulting an officer." And over and over again, our noble public protector (fascist pig) police are so busy "protecting and serving" that they fail to notice the guy with the camcorder, filming them assaulting unarmed, unresisting innocent citizens. Then they lie in court ... until the defense shows the video. Oops! So the guy who got beat up by the fascist is sometimes let go ... and usually nothing happens to the Nazi thugs (except they get a paid holiday, called "paid administrative leave"). Here's another article to show you how brave and noble the cops are:

The Thin Blue Whine

And that article ends with something I've said before: if cops are mostly good, but with a few bad apples, where are the  good cops speaking out against all the abuse? If there are only a few bad apples, why will a dozen cops stand around watching while a couple "bad apples" beat the tar out of some innocent victim? The answer should be obvious: there aren't good cops. Every last one of them cares more about the gang he is in than they do about the people they claim to be "protecting" and "serving."

(See if you think these guys are protectors or control freaks.)

But back to the issue of cowardice, imagine the following scenario. YOU are a border crossing guard (maybe at the border, maybe not). You stop everyone passing through, sometimes asking a couple questions, sometimes asking to search through their stuff. Then along comes someone who doesn't want to be interrogated, and doesn't want to have his stuff searched, since you don't have the slightest shred of probable cause to think he didn't anything "illegal" (much less anything wrong).

So there you are, with your mace, your taser, your gun, and lots of similarly armed members of your gang in the immediate area. The guy is alone and unarmed. It's hard to think of a more lop-sided mismatch. What would the guy have to do for you to want him prosecuted for "assaulting" you? What, you and your gang of heavily armed mercenaries couldn't handle one little unarmed guy? You have to go crying to Big Brother that the peasant struck you? Boo hoo, you wuss. (I'm still waiting to see the pictures of a bruised and bleeding state mercenary after such an alleged "assault" has occurred; but I've seen plenty of pictures of bruised and bleeding citizens after our wonderful "public servants" were done with them.)

When there is a scuffle between the fascists and citizens, and the only charges afterwards are "resisting arrest" and/or "assaulting an officer," it's a safe assumption that the fascists are lying. As a mental exercise, see if you can think of a scenario in which one's only crime can be "resisting arrest." (Hint: If that was your only crime, what were they arresting you for in the first place?) And how many people do you actually think would, when surrounded by cops, decide to attack one of them without provocation? And if the cops didn't charge him with something else, what were they doing surrounding him in the first place?

Aside from the fact that cops keep getting caught falsely claiming that someone attacked them, or at least resisted the fascists' attacks, even if someone does forcibly resist their fascist thuggery, why couldn't a gang of heavily armed, combat-trained tough guys handle one unruly guy without having to whine to mommy to prosecute him? I don't know the exact statistics, but there are lots of fist-fights in the world every day, and only in a small percentage of cases does anyone try to have the other guy prosecuted for it ... except when one side works for "government." So why are cops such thin-skinned pansies? I suspect it's the other way around: they became cops because they already were insecure, whiny wusses. The need the badge to feel important and powerful. And when someone doesn't unquestioningly bow before them, their gang of cowards reverts to outright thuggery.

Make no mistake: the job of the state mercenaries is to protect and serve the politicians. And that's all. When the tyrants say that YOU should be robbed, assaulted, silenced, controlled or imprisoned, it's the "law enforcers" who make it happen. In the past, they used to put on a show of "protecting" the public, but these days that charade is all but gone. The police are the shepherds of the human livestock, and that's all. Try to step out of the sheering line, and you'll quickly learn what the jackboots are there for.

The fascists, in a feeble attempt to cling to their "good guy" image, sometimes use the saying, "You hate us, until you need us." I don't know about you, but I've never called a cop to protect me, and highly doubt I ever will. I have some friends nearby--Mr. Glock and Mr. Mossberg, among others--who are far more reliable. On the other hand, the only time I've ever been robbed, the cops were there assisting in the robbery--which made them about the only robbers I couldn't successfully resist by force by myself. And for those who have been robbed by non-government thieves, you might want to keep in mind that: 1) the cops hardly ever show up in time to stop a crime--they just write a report about it after the fact, and 2) the cops don't even have a legal obligation to protect you. And there is hardly anyone who has been deprived of more property by private crooks than they have by "government" mercenaries.

But what's really sad is how often the victims of statism support their oppressors, and are quick to condemn their fellow oppressed. "Well, if you just do whatever the cops tell you to...." Yes, you can choose to be a compliant slave, never lifting a finger to defend your rights, your property, or your human dignity. Some of us are trying for something better than that. And we know that the police are not our friends.


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Comment by Duane Qu
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Hey Larken..

 You're giving Nazis and Fascists a bad name in this article...

Comment by Michael Haggard
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 Check out http://billstclair.com/lodge/F_HaggardBlueHood.shtml

Comment by Richard Stone
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 The New Blue Mafia, they have become a new category of thugs, bullies and criminals. The only time that I need a cop is when I am about to run out of ammo and I need a back up.