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New Years Blessing From The Camp Ground.

Folks who might have read my last missive know I miss the old, archaic and now vandelous (terrorisitc?) art of carroling.
One of the benefits of living in a camp ground is everybody knows your opinion because we have endless camp fires and everybody gets faced and we talk about whatever.
Wells, so happens I bitched so much 60 that these people had no choice but to start singing and I whipped them into a bit of a spontaneous choir and we sang.
Some of us sang pretty good. Others tried and of course the young people were making fart sounds which made me laugh too much to sing which pissed me off heavily but I couldn't do nothing about it because I was laughing too hard which really made me angry and I wanted to get the guns and kill all the children but I was still laughing too hard.
Good thing too. Some of the children here are over 30 years old and they are big and strong, trust me, I've had to fight them all for one reason  or another over the years. Let's just say that when anybody under 30 is a snot-nosed kid you know you have become old. If not jaded.
Hey kids, want to know something about your Austrian economics theory and your monetary system?
You are all fucked from the start. All of you. Mind-fucked.
I think it was Chief Seattle who said when you have cut down every tree, when you have dammed (damned?) every river, when you have caught the last salmon (yum) only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
Attend the horrible words of Oyate, oyasin, you cannot eat gold or silver and survive, I don't care what the colloidal hippies tell you, you need food to survive.
And I will tell you something else that we know. You can have food, water and shelter but without other humans, you cannot survive.
However unfortunately, one charactaristic of humans is they need each other to survive. Literally. If not on a co-operative level or a material level, you literally need others or otherwise you go bonkers.
I shit you not. It's proven. Give a human food, water and shelter but deprive them of all human contact and they go bonkers. The machine we are breaks. Try it for yourself. Every time, every place, solitary confinement is a punishment and if it goes on too long you break like a rubber band.
So why do I tell you this? To rain on your parade and make you feel the hate in me? Fuck no. Hey.
This is my New Years message and it's full of 3VOl. Now more than ever, it's the 3VOl that's gonna get us through. So I want you all to hug or call or otherwise express love for one another, your whole extended family. Because we're gonna need each other in these coming years.
Kittens, this is a tsunami that we all saw coming so the best thing we can do now is hold onto one another and grit our teeth and say "no matter what, I am holding onto you, the most important thing in my life".
So if I can state this clearly, the most important thing in your life is not you, it's us. It's "we". It's you being together with us, whomever us is. We are what is important to you and for my part, there has never, ever in my life been anybody more important to me than you.
As a long time activist and scholar I have to say this: the fuck if I care anymore, all I care about now is getting as many of us as we can through the shit that is coming. But that's just my attitude. What I want to impart you to libertarian individualist non-collectivist knee-jerks is that you love one another, I know this. All I am saying is it's time to start acting like it. Kittens, the time is now.
Co-habitate with one another, live together to conserve your resources and save, the time is now.
Start acting like you really need one another now.
Start saving money and treating the children like they are all ours now.
Stop acting like you are prepared, start acting like you are prepared now. Did that make any sense?
Stop buying seeds, start planting them. Start harvesting now.
Hey! This is not a dress-rehearsal, this is the real thing. We are live babies.
This is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing.
Now to all you trigger boys, the objective, and I will state this clearly, the top priority is everybody gets out of here alive. All of our armament, all of our training should be to protect ALL of us. Not just some, not just those whom with we agree, but ALL of the people, even those in uniform and our job is to simply preserve peace. In any way we can. But you will find that love is the greatest weapon at our disposal.
With love, with 3VOl, we never run out of ammo.
When we are firing love bullets, we never, ever run out of ammo.
Now let's reason to the converse: without love in this universe, I say fuck it. The universe is just a pretty cosmological picture without you to appreciate it.
In other words, the only reason the universe has any  meaning atall is you.
To my mind, you are the ears, the eyes, the voice and the hands of God. You are what He hears, you are what He speaks, you have hands. To me, you are for all intents and purposes, God. You are here. And you are most palpably visible and understandable thing to our most precios asset: our children.
I would encourage you all to be warriors in this new year. I would encourge you to live for our children, our people. I would discourage you from being selfish and materialistic now because we will surely die and only leave a memory of what of what our values are and if we do not, they will die with us.
Be not afraid. They can only kill our bodies. I am living proof that genocide does not work. We live forever. We are a song. You cannot kill a song.
I wish you health and wealth and well being in this new year, just be ready to adjust your definition of well being.
Oyate Miyelo