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McCain Planned Ambush of AZ State Republican Convention? Anti-McCain Boo-Crew?

This just in.....
According to an anonymous source in the McCain camp, at least one high level staffer is planning and whipping State Committeemen votes in an attempt to hijack the Arizona State Republican Convention and stage a coup d'etat to depose the current state party chairman...
....who is ALSO the RNC Treasurer!
The uproar has caused teaparty activists to organize a "boo-crew" campaign to counter the McCain usurpers, to confront them, up to and including booing them down, with some commenters alluding to more extreme forms of (non-violent) confrontation.
This observer doesn't know what to make of the situation yet as it is developing minute by minute.
Is this a continuation of the convention-busting tactics used by McCain people in other states during the presidential campaign?
Are these the paranoid conspiracy theories of RINOs?  of Conservatives?
Something's really afoot in the Arizona State Republican party. 
The Arizona Republican State Convention will take place on Saturday, January 23rd.