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Wave of secondary deaths scheduled for right about now in Haiti.

All indications are that water, sanitary and electrical infrastructure in Port Au Prince were taken 100% offline.
At this point, they barely have the runways at the airport open. International crisis teams have managed to organize and begin working in 3 days time which is pretty amazing. It's better then we did with Katrina rights here. However it will be a few more days before aid really starts flowing to the people.
Agencies with real experience in distribution know you can't just show up someplace and start throwing food around. It doesn't get into the hands that need it. It takes some organization to make sure it isn't siphoned off to no good.
So for the many without water to drink in day 4, we're gonna start seeing secondary casualties right about now, starting with the old, the young and the sick.

Next up, in Haiti, come the roving gangs. They will take their toll.
Next, disease due to lack of sanitation.
The butcher's bill is gonna be pretty hellacious. Estimates are around 40-50k killed in the quake. They'll be lucky not to loose the same number again with the after effects. With 3 million hurt or homeless right now, things are off to a bad start.

If you are inclined to donate, pick an organization with boots-on-the-ground distribution and disaster relief experience in Haiti. Two of my favorites are Save The Children

and Doctors Without Borders