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Stunning Brown victory in Mass has libertarians nationwide yawning, channel surfing.

The movement continues to digest it's recent fundamental conflict between the GOP and the rest of the movement tonight as Brown handily took victory over what's-her-name. Croakley or something.
The real Liberty Candidate, Kennedy (Joe Kennedy, the guy nobody heard of) took 1%, continuing our usual capabilty to obtain at least 1% (with a 1% margin of error) in any race in which we seriously field a candidate.

Reactions on various patriot boards are mixed, with about 44% of respondents reporting "yay, I guess" down to "pour me another" and 68% either keyboard bashing or unwilling to come out of the bathroom.

"I'm pretty sure somebody, somewhere has a real reason to celebrate" said one poster. "Isn't it some kind of holiday in Thailand?" he added.

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Comment by David Nolan
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Cheering Brown's victory over Coakley seems roughly akin to cheering the Soviet Army's victory over Hitler in WWII. At the time, it probably felt good - but is the world really better off as a result?


Comment by Don Wills
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My point is that the LP will continue to fail electorally with all the anarchist baggage attached to it. The LP brand may be so damaged as to be unrecoverable, but I'm not willing to admit defeat quite yet. I'm stubborn.

Justen, I think it's great that you're an anarchist who believes that political action is useless. Please help me convince your fellow anarchists of your position, and work with me to get them to quit the LP, leaving it to those of us who believe that political action might eventually have a positive impact to increase liberty.I've always wondered why anarchists, who don't believe in voting or government, even join the LP. It seems to me that anarchists' participation in the LP is remarkably dishonest, a complete abandonment of fundamental anarchist principles.

Comment by Justen Robertson
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Re: anarchists, yep, that's me. Tough. I don't need a "representative" to be an anarchist, and I don't need to compromise my principles or my lifestyle to make my point of view more palatable to the ignorant masses. The thing you minarchists fail to understand is that you cannot work within this system; that's why you're doomed to failure. You're not big government progressive socialists, so you will never be part of the club. Please, by all means, keep trying - as an anarchist and voluntaryist, I wouldn't dream of using force to stop you, but I do sincerely think you're wasting time and emotional investment better spent on other things.

Comment by Don Wills
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Libertarians will continue to be irrelevant if we continue to viewed as crazy radicals (a view that is more often correct than not). There is a real yearning for a party whose principles are based on the Constitution, with particular emphasis on states rights (yes, I know that's a racially loaded phrase). The Tea Party movement is evidence of just such a desire.

The Constitution Party would seem to fit the bill for Tea Partiers, except that they've been taken over by pro-life Christian theocrats in an increasingly pro-choice, secular society. The CP's focus on abortion makes it a one trick pony that won't ever amount to even what the LP has accomplished (very little).

And most unfortunately, the Libertarian Party continues to be inhabited by anarchists who sincerely believe in notions that are completely unacceptable to 99% of the electorate, notions like these: that all taxation is theft, that methamphetamine should be sold on street corners, and that our country's borders should be opened to 100 million Mexicans and 2 billion orientals. Regardless of Joe Kennedy's personal beliefs, it's not at all surprising that he, as a Libertarian, was ignored by Massachusetts voters.