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Shadow of Homelessness

 Homelessness is a subject that few wish to acknowldge and even fewer wish to talk about it. I myself have been homeless for over a year now and am well acquainted with the stigma placed on the homeless by a society that is for the most part ignorant and apathetic in regards to the issue...untill it happens to them. It's easy for the masses to make excuses about homelessness, that the people who are homeless are crazy, or criminals, or drug addicts, or in some other way the worthless floatasm of society that should be pushed to the edge and out of the sight of "polite society". The homeless are scorned, ridiculed, pitied, taken advantage of in many ways and where can the homeless go for help? Not the police, the police more often than not are given free range to abuse and victimize the most disenfranchised members of society.
In many ways the homeless are the perfect prey for societal predators who sadistically thirst for the thrill of harming one of their own kind. Yet often the homeless are seen as subhuman who neither have nor deserve human rights and basic accruments of "civilized society". More and more people are being forced into homelessness due to the economy, fifty years ago it was easy to find a job to keep a roof over your head and the middle class was fat and juicy like a thanksgiving turkey. Sadly the globalists descended like vultures upon an unsuspecting country and began devouring everything in sight.
At first it was easy for the middle class to ignore homelessness and make excuses, however due to the ravenous appetite of the criminal bankers and their puppets the middle class is thinning out to nothing whilst the masses living either paycheck to paycheck or in outright poverty is growing at a record pace. Yet, the issue is ignored despite the shadowy beast of homelessness breathing down the nations throat even more violently than before. Yes, homelessness is violence, it is violence against the individual and ultimately society.
In the coming months I will wrestle even more violently against this beast and drag it into the light of day whilst it continues to devour human lives at a record pace. Another point that should be made is that when the homelessness in this country outnumber the unhoused the homeless will be put into FEMA camps to keep the homeless from ultimately rioting.
Fear not! For there are ways of killing this dreaded beast of homelessness despite the fact that it is a useful tool of the globalist elite who seek to control every aspect of the life of the individual and the life of the nation. More to come!

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Nice post, man.  Keep up the good work.  Don't EVER quit.