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Swine song: Phoenix's police problem.

A local radio station who is known for its blind support of the local police state had police chief Jack Harris on so that he could snivel and cry about the fact that Phoenix is going to be laying off 350 police due to the mismanagement of state funds on the part of the state.
One interesting fact is that just to run normal day to day functions of the Phoenix police department it takes 1.5 million dollars. One thing that Jackie boy blubbered was that in order to keep enough police on the streets for the purposes of generating revenue from traffic stops 350 older police will be pulled from their desk jobs.
This may or may not be a good thing. Most of the younger police tend to have a jackboot thug mentality, they of course were either too cowardly or unstable to go fight in a war but when it comes to vein popping roid rage whilst harassing some little old lady or an unarmed teenager they excel at sociopathic behavior. Older police tend to be more rational and do not see the citizenry as prey for their salivating egos. This of course could lead one to speak about the development of various positive character traits which are lacking in society, especially among those in a position of power.
Jackie boy, as well as the radio hosts Mac and Gaydos of KTAR, were calling for higher taxes to keep people "safe". Of course "safe" tends to be no more than a gateway for control. Don't believe me? Just look at the TSA with their body scanners and outright humiliation of people who just want to catch a flight. Taxes of course mean money out of your pocket in an already crumbling economy. Taxes, food out of your childrens mouth to employ some gutless sociopathic thug to write you and your friends and neighbors more traffic tickets. Indeed one could easily call Jackie boy and his crew of pirates predatory parasites, and yes there are some parasites who do kill their host.
I'd have less of a problem with their little tax schemes if it were an issue of needing more police to arrest murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. But their goal is as jackie boy said, to enforce traffic laws. Ultimately the average policeman wants to feel good about himself but put himself in danger as little as possible, thus traffic stops would seem to be the ideal situation for the predatory parasite. Of course not all is as it seems as you'll see in my next column.

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Comment by Michele Power (13221)
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 Great article....well said!  Get 'em Nick!  When I saw the article in the paper that talked about laying off police officers I made a comment to a co-worker in the immediate vacinity about how laying off 350 officers would be a start in the right direction.  I went on to say how I'd like to see all the laws that don't directly affect another person or their property off the books and just have the police enforce the laws like murder, robbery, and asault.  The drug laws need to go along with all those other laws meaningless laws.  At first she disagreed, but then I got her to think about what police officers really do these days and she changed her mind.

Comment by Morpheus Titania (1068)
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great article keep banging them out. Winners never quit, quitters never win!

Get out there and Rock and Roll the bones!  Get Busy!

Comment by Jet Lacey (17811)
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Seriously, this column kicks ass! 

I love the pseudo-Larry King "paragraphs be damned" style.  It suits you; more than you know.  Spike, you're taking steps in the right direction and, if you don't say "fuck it" and give up, I believe that you can become whatever you sincerely aspire to be.  In my experience, and especially in your particular set of circumstances, perseverence will be the key to your ultimate success. 

Like many of us, myself certainly included, our own preconceived notions about the world are our own "problemo numero uno."  Crack that muthaf*cka and I assure you, you're home free. 




Comment by Gene Kernan (2917)
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 Highwaymen are highwaymen.